Isn’t life funny

23 Mar

We were pretty bummed for the last couple of days since the sale of our building fell through. Today, while driving my Mom to Rogers, we started talking about other options. One being renting one of my sisters duplexes here in Holiday Island. We actually called her and talked to her about it. Well……after Mom found some shoes, we started heading back home. The first call I received was that the mustang had sold. Good news. Then sister Judy called to say that Juli, with many conversations with her doctors, is going to enter an experimental chemo therapy that has had some success for pancreatic cancer. She is feeling very positive about the decision and should begin fairly soon. Then…..I received an email deform the owner of the RV park with a new proposition regarding financing the RV park which seems Very doable. So once again,we need to decide if it will work out and proceed. Wow. It will be our main topic of conversation as we travel to AZ.

Drove in heavy fog today and now it is beginning to snow. We will probably be driving in snow for awhile in the morning but hope to be out of it by Tulsa how crazy that this cold of weather is causing us problems now.

Watching a lot of basketball. How sad about Kstate but GO HAWKS! That was a stressful game.

Watched an old scary movie this morning called “Hypnotic Eye” I bet I haven’t seen it since I was little and remember it scaring the crap out if me then. I knew from then on I never wanted to be hypnotized!

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