30 Mar

We continue to be on our world wind tour of Arizona. I think we have driven over 2300 miles in 10 days.  we spent Wednesday thru Friday in Green Valley.  Very fun time. 4 girlfriends and I played in a member guest golf tourney for 2 days.  Very fun. With no neck pai going on I am getting a lot more distance.  The weather was perfect and I came home with $95.  Denny was able to play with Doug from the lake and Jim from La Veta so he had fun too.  We were able to spend a coup,e of hours with Jim and Jeannie from La Veta and Doug and Kathy were able to join all of us for dinner Thursday night.  We made the trip back to Naco in time for the 2nd half of the KU game. What a disappointment. But……..Wichita won tonight which is solo exciting.

 Stayed all night with Chuck and Janet in their cute little Naco house.  Saw many friends.  Left early this morning to pick up puppies and get to Goodyear.  We are now settled in here until around the 9th.
As I ramble on about nothing really important, we receive the latest news on Juli. It’s not great news but once again her faith comes through full of courage.  You may read the latest update on her page on the top of may blog on the page called Juli. Strong loud prayers are needed to help her through this next phase.  I feel so lost at the moment when I read her post.  How everything feels so less important when she is literally fighting for her life and all she asks for is our prayers and love.  I want to be able to do so much more. We are able to text back and forth often and I feel very blessed that we have developed such a cool relationship. I have learned so much from her about faith and hope. Her knowledge of the bible is incredible. Bottom line is I love her and I will keep praying for her miracle. I know many of you have her in your prayers also and thank you for doing that.

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