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Day 17, new adventure

30 Apr

Another paperwork day for me, another building the deck for Denny. I started trying to get our EIN number at 7:30 this morning. I had the number at 9:40. Turns out the work I did yesterday actually worked but they lead me to believe that I had to reply. The morning ended up with me needing to call the IRS. After a long wait, 30 minutes, Mr. Garcia answered the phone. He was so great and helped me so much I wasn’t even grouchy to him. Next, Mitzi, Jumper and I took off for Pueblo. First stop to PetSmart for Jumper grooming. Then to the Dept of Revenue. I had everything I needed for Sales Tax number except a check or money order. Off we went to lunch first, then to find a money order place. AFter going to 2 banks who said no, we found a Loaf and Jug who had the money orders. We got the tax number and Jumper and headed home. Mitzi and I can talk nonstop from the minute we get in a car until we get out of the car and all the time in between!. Trips to Pueblo just zoom by. After I got home it was more time on the computer to get my surgery info setup online. How much do you bet when I get to the hospital I’ll have to fill out all the same info again.
Tomorrow is the big day. 2:00 pm we’ll sign papers. Then it’s off to the train in Trinidad. In the morning I hope to wax the floors in the shower building. Maybe a few other things to feel a little more helpful on the physical end.
Please look up at Juli’s page. There is a new post about her change of treatment. She is going to Sarasota to a place for 3 1/2 weeks for a holistic approach to her cancer treatment. It sounds positive and she feels really good about her decision.
We have actually tent campers in our campground tonight. Also have heard the bears are waking up and people are beginning to see them.

Day 16. Paperwork Day

29 Apr

The deer are our first campers. They’ve taken up several sites.
As Denny slaved away on the deck, I had the cushy job of computer work. The deck is looking very nice and I think he is close to done.
I was able to install the little square credit card swiper. That is one sweet app. Next was for us to get our EIN number. It was pretty painless except….I didn’t know tha you had to save it or print it out within 15 minutes which I didn’t do. And….they will only let you apply for the number once a day. So back to the drawing board tomorrow. Next I went into the office and loaded up all the reservations so far. Quite a few already clear into September. Then it was time for my massage with my favorite masseuse in the world, Diana. Unfortunately, the massage made me rather useless the rest of the day. I did muster enough energy to make us some tuna salad for supper.
Tomorrow will be the big day to get our tax number. Also need to purchase another lap top for the office and the Quickbooks program. (Quickbooks scares me). It will be a fun day no matter what because Mitzi and Jumper are going. Jumper is getting groomed.
Beautiful weather today. sunny and warm. Tomorrow the same but windier.
Torrie emailed me this bible passage to help steady my nerves.

Philippians 4:6-8

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, shall guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, let your mind dwell on these things.
Very appropriate for the times.image

Day 15 & 16

29 Apr


We have traveled back to La Veta today. Kind of a long drive since we were pulling our little trailer. Also used a lot more gas. Could not believe how hot it was in western KS and into CO. In the 80’s. Pretty tired tonight. Had a full day yesterday of driving to Kansas City and playing golf at the Creekmore in Raymore, MO. What was supposed to be a day of sunshine and in the 60’s turned out to be cloudy, rainy and low 50’s. but..we ladies persevered and played all 18. It was very wet and smushy. We had to use cart path only which can be very tiring, especially with a sore foot. After we played, we had dinner at Appleby’s and then home at 9:30. Cindy, Betty, Gayle and I met up with Julie, Myra and Pat at the course. It’s a fun outing they do once a month. Will miss joining them, but maybe they’ll come out to CO and play sometime.
We left around 9 this morning. We were a little delayed because we had to make sure the house looked extra nice because there was a showing today. Now all I have to do when I get back is keep it tidy and make the bed. We arrived in La Veta,(I’m trying to not say “when we got to La Veta”)around 6:30. Luckily there was a place open to eat since we were famished.
Tomorrow I’ll be working with Tom on reservations. He says there are many to enter. Also hope to have website updates worked in also. Will make a trip to Pueblo to get our sales tax number. Lots to do. Trying not to feel too overwhelmed. When I do I say a little prayer and it seems to be working. That’s it for now.

Day 14, Friday, April 26

26 Apr

Finally, today we figured out how we were going to move our stuff to Colorado. I had asked for a quote from U-Pack-It a few weeks ago. Got a quote of $2601 to have a pod dropped off, stored for a month and then moved to Colorado all for that price. Thought it sounded too good to be true. After discussing it, we thought we would give that tactic a try. Talked to a guy today and he confirmed the quote. It’s actually a 28 foot long pod that fits on a truck. They will drop it off in our driveway and it will have a loading ramp. We scheduled it for May 15 and we will have a month to get it moved. Kind of depends on if house sells, how my foot heals up, if we need to hire some help. Speaking of that, you can hire 2 helpers for $500 to load the truck for you. Might even do that since they may know how to pack it better.
After getting that all settled, it was back to house work. Deep cleaned and the kitchen counter, sinks and under the sink. Also ran, for the first time, the little dishwasher that has always been here. It worked, thank goodness. I thought with some of our bad luck this week that it might spew water everywhere. It actually did a nice job and now I wish I would have used it more and saved my dishwater hands.
Denny spent a lot of time in the garage and also moved the boat under the rv port and moved the tiny camper in front of the garage so we can fill it with many items. Now let’s hope it doesn’t get a flat while driving to Colorado on Sunday.
The house looks really nice and I think it will show well.
Met Torrie and Larry at Puffy’s in Maple Hill for dinner tonight. It was fun and the meal was delicious. The last time we ate there was about 15 years ago with them. We had horrible service and a horrible meal and never thought we would ever go back. Glad we did.
Heading to our bathroom to do some cleaning and take a shower and hope once again to get to sleep by midnight. Have a big day of golf tomorrow. I meet at Cindy’s house tomorrow morning at 10:45. From there, we drive to Kansas City to play at Creekmore Golf Club. I think there are 8 of us playing so should be fun. Glad I get a chance to play with them all once before moving.
Prayers please for my niece Juli. She is praying hard for answers for her cancer treatment. She is considering some alternatives to the chemo. I’ve always told her I would back her with whatever decisions she makes. I can’t imagine being in the position that she is in. Going through brutal chemotherapy to try and shrink several liver tumors. She doesn’t feel well and she doesn’t want the chemo to get the best of her. They were only going to do 2 more treatments and if it looked like it wasn’t working, they would stop the treatment. She’s only 42 and has these 2 young children and I can’t imagine what it feels like to have your future looking bleak.
I pray that she comes to a decision that she is comfortable with and can do it and that whatever direction the cancer goes, that she feels like she did her best on how to conquer it.
That’s it for now.
HOuse goes on the market officially tomorrow. Cinday Manz is our realtor and her number is 785-806-788 Open House on May 5, 2013 from 1-3.

Day 13, Started out badly, but ended up nicely

25 Apr

Awoken by Meeko around 7:30 this morning. Hopped out of bed to let dogs out with all the intention of going back to sleep. I was intercepted by an extremely frustrated Denny. He was up early and thought he would get the tire off of the VW and also mow the lawn. First the special tool that is needed to remove the lug nuts broke before he could get them all off. So…he thought he would mow. The lawn mower was seized up. It had been sitting in the back of the truck for the last week and half in rain and snow. He tried pulling the rope and it wouldn’t move. This also hurt his shoulder. All of this happened before 7:30am. Off he went to Topeka to find new lug wrench and by a new lawnmower. I stayed up and began doing some more cleaning and packing up odds and ends. Down to one more day to have house looking all spic and span. Denny was able to get tire off of car and lawn mowed. After cleaning up, off we went back to Topeka for many errands. More boxes picked up, items delivered to Harley store, Denny getting his leg checked by dermatologist, and then I had to face the Motor Vehicle place to get some handicapped cards for the vehicles after my surgery. Got there at 4 and was out of there by 5. No cost for the cards which I was surprised and I get to have them for 3 months. Interstingly, while I was in there one of the clerks’ said “Hey if anyone needs there feet worked on, there is a doctor here who can do it”. I looked over at the man and it was Doctor Galliano who will be doing my surgery. I said “Hi Dr. Galliano, I”m getting my handicap card and you are fixing my foot Friday!”. Small world. Another errand I had to do was get a shoe that had a hight enough heel that will match the height of the boot I will be wearing. Accomplished that at Payless. We also purchased an IPad and a Square for the rv park. The Square is so cool and will enable us to use credit cards. The square is a little plastic thing that has a USB port and it fits on Iphone or Ipad. Now all I have to do is get it all set up. Not sure that will happen tonight. Tomorrow is the day we find out if we are going to use a POD to store our things in. I ‘ll make a few phone calls in the morning. After getting everything done, we headed back to the lake to take care of puppies and then drove over to Manhattan to have dinner with Lawrence. We at the COX BBQ. It was great BBQ and we all had ribs. Lots of meat and juicy and I liked the sauce a lot.
That’s it for now. May actually go to bed before 11. I get so confused of time since the TV is set on Colorado time still.

Day 12 I can see the end in site

24 Apr

clean studio

PHotos of loaded up garage and a clean studio.
Denny and puppies just pulled in from driving back from Colorado. We are now both sitting exhausted on the divan. He accomplished so much at the rv park. I can’t wait to see it on Sunday. He also had to deal with frozen pipes in the motorhome each morning, but it does look like it may start warming up. He did get rid of the soap scum in the showers and now everything will be fresh and sanitary for the start of the season.
After my weird issue with the vacuum yesterday, I ended up resting, snoozing and was in bed by midnight. I woke up at 7 and have been in the studio since 8 this morning. Cindy came over and moved several boxes for me which was a godsend. I was able to finish packing everything up except my loom and sewing machine. I hope to be able to do some weaving and sewing after my foot surgery.
Regarding the surgery, I began thinking how I was going to get there and get home and whether to stay in town our now, etc. First I called Judy K who is going to take me to the hospital and bring me back. Then I called Cindy N and told her I was having a major delimma. I told her I needed a place to stay where I didn’t have to use stairs and had a bathroom on main floor. I also told her that they didn’t have to stay and watch me, that I just didn’t want to be at the lake and then have to come back on Monday for post op appt. So. Cindy said they would be glad to put me up, especially after I told that her and Chuck didn’t have to come out and wash windows with me! My last dilemma was getting to Topeka on Friday morning. Diane came by to pick up some things and she said I could ride in with her husband on his way to work. Soooooooo….all dilemma’s taken care of.
Denny and I still have quite a bit to do before we head to CO on Sunday. We are going to load up the little trailer with several things and take it back with us. Also need to pack up his tools and also decide on how we are going to move our things to Colorado. So far, using the Pod system seems to be the most economical, but need to find out what size they are, etc.
A couple of other cool things. Our friends Dave and Sherry called Denny today and told them that they were coming to La Veta on May 5 and stay for a week. They are going to help Denny with several projects. How cool is that. Then I received an email from some rv friends we met in Texas. I replied to them about us buying the rv park and they sent it out to their rv friends and also commented about how the park gets good ratings, etc. That was very cool too. They plan on coming there on their way to Texas next year.
That’s it for now.

Day 12

23 Apr

snow tues
Woke up to a little snowstorm this morning. Very windy and in the 30s most of the day. I think it is gone now since it is evening.
Roger and Cindy were going to come over this morning to help move boxes and change my tire, but we cancelled until tomorrow. Denny is also having cold and snow in La Veta. He thinks it will be gone by morning. His big project today was removing old soap scum out of the showers. At first he was having a hard time getting it scrubbed off but found some cleaner and he had success.
I worked on some packing and then thought I’d clean the windows in the den. When I started to vacuum the window sill with the attachment, it wasn’t working. I then realized I hadn’t even hooked it up to vacuum cleaner. I said, “That’s it. I am taking the afternoon off and chill the hell out. I’ve had too many weird things the last couple of days. I just ate a good dinner and have tried not to drink so much ice tea. I may even take a little snooze and hopefully go into the studio tonight and work on it but I may not. Will be glad when Denny arrive tomorrow night. Looks like some more of the paperwork was done today so it does look like for sure everything will be done by the 30th.
That’s it for now.
Want to thank my BFFFFF Mary for calling me everyday and check on me and we talk and she keeps me encouraged.