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22 Feb

Watched “Easy Rider” the other night. It was out in 1969. I remember watching it and getting these meanings out of it.
1. I wanted a buckskin fringed jacket. Check, my grandmother Betty bought it for me that Christmas from Roy Freys
2. I wanted to go down the highway on a Harley Davidson motorcycle. Check, 1978 and years after
3. I wanted to smoke pot. Check
4. I wanted to do some acid. Check
For lent, I gave up swearing which I hope to continue from now on except in extreme emergencies that deserve the “F” word. I slipped 4 times this last week, totally by accident and it made me realize how much I do cuss. Duh!!!!!
I weighed in at 149 lbs this morning. That is my “nekkid” weight. Still have the goal of 145 to try and get a little more weight off of my stomach area. Feeling pretty uncomfortable in that area still. I did see that Prilosec can cause side effects of headaches and discomfort in that area. Will check tomorrow if I can lower the dose I am taking. Very tired of feeling every single little thing that goes on in my stomach.
Denny just left for Brownsville with Robin and Dean. They are friends here at Holiday Island. We told them about the RV resort in Brownsville and they were very excited so off they went to check it out. I like our friends that just do that. No long debates, thinking it over, questioning everything, we just up and go and check things out. Another couple we know just purchased a 5th wheel lot there and got an extremely great deal. It is a very affordable park, you can just buy a pad and put your rv on it. There is golf, swimming, pickle ball, quilting, bicycling, a big town nearby, like minded people, and it is also pretty. I remember golfing back in the 80’s with ladies who wintered there. So…we’ll see if this may be our new winter spot. At least it is warm there and not getting snow and possible ice like we are here right now in Arkansas. It’s very hard to find a warm spot in the winter anymore.
“Let it Go, Let it Go….” I heard that song so many times while staying with Billie. I am taking it to heart today. This week I have been sooooo edgy and easily set off with just a few key words. Hearing Aids, Video Games, Weight, Money, Race etc…I seem to have an opinion on everything and I seem to have to talk very loudly about them all. Bottom line and something I heard in church today. I can change my attitude; I can realize that I can’t change anybody and what they are doing or feeling; I can’t change how people handle their lifestyles; I can’t change people who just want to stay in the emotional place they are no matter how painful it is; I need to let everyone have their own say on race, politics, homosexuality, raising children; I need to let everyone regarding alcohol consumption and the importance it has in their life and not judge. What I do know, especially from these last 2 years, is that life is short. I don’t want to hang on to yucky feelings and past history. I want to enjoy and embrace and learn new things about life everyday. I don’t want be anxious and afraid to move on and tackle what needs to be worked on and help when I can. Lessons have been learned with the passing of my niece Juli, my son-law Justin, our good friends Matt and Dave. We went through the process with Juli, Matt and Dave but Justin was a shocker being so sudden. But…..lessons learned from his passing also. Denny and I are blessed because we do have families and friends and the ability to still work and play hard. (Well, maybe not play as hard as we did) Bottom line, on top of changing my eating habits, not cussin’ and letting go of what I can’t do anything about, I’m going to the store to buy food for a healthy stew and them come home and sew for hours and pet Jumper and Meeko.

Snow, Ice, trip to Arkansas delayed

16 Feb




Just a few photos from our trip so far. We’ve had so much fun seeing many friends, some we haven’t seen in years. We visited with Becky while we were in Austin. Had dinner with Mark, Amy, John T, and Bloom (the little girl). Mark and I go way back to when Joe, Billie and I lived in the 1954 school bus/camper on the railroad. circa 1979. One of our friends, Dave, made a giant Jenga game which I actually won a few games while playing. We will have one of those at Circle the Wagons this summer.
Thought I would catch up from several days ago.
We had a wonderful time with our nephew Chris, Kathryn, and Cora last Wednesday night in Austin. They have a wonderful home that host some great gatherings. They treated us to a fabulous dinner of Ribeyes, potatoes, salad and asparagus. It was fun to catch up with Chris and meet Kathryn and her children.
On Thursday morning we dropped by Becky’s house for a visit. She and I go way back to our motorcycle days and now our common interest is quilting!
We had a short drive to Fort Worth on Thursday to bed surf with Ron and Linda. They are a great couple who stay with us at Circle the Wagons during the summer. We were able to see how devastating the drought is in the Fort Worth area. They live on a lake and it is down 10 1/2 feet. Many boats are just sitting on dirt that was once water. Very sad and concerning. We bed/surfed with them that evening and left in the morning for Topeka.
The further we drove north the colder it became. Now we have a couple of inches of snow and it is even worse in Holiday Island with ice and snow. We will hopefully head there on Wednesday if Judy’s hills clear off. If you remember last year at this time I was iced in for 5 days twice!
It was good to see Billie and the kids even though it was a tough weekend for her. Valentines day and her anniversary coming up this week. On top of that, she was home last week with Kyler who was sick for 4 days and now she and Cade are in bed with the yucky stuff now. I was able to buy some popsicles, chicken noodle soup and some drinks for them but did not want to be in the house too long. Trying not to bring any sickness while visiting Mom. I had a mammogram this morning and the radiologist could hear me on the phone with Billie as she was telling me what she needed me to bring. The radiologist brought me a notepad and pen. Then she gave me a couple of face masks to wear when I went over to Billie’s. :)) I so hope that Elliott doesn’t get it next.
Elliott had her 5 year birthday party Sunday. She did inform me that it was just a party because her birthday was already over. Alrighty then.
The one good thing that is good about the delay in our trip is that it gave us one more day to pack what we need for the Arkansas leg of the trip. Torrie works out in her basement. She has the whole thing, weights, benches, bands, etc. We have our clothes hanging on the bars and benches. Very tolerant friends Torrie and Larry are.
I’m thinking we need cold weather clothes for Arkansas, 1 sewing machine and fabric, maybe golf clubs for Denny. It is nice to be flexible.
Have another class scheduled at the park. One of our regulars, Carolyn is going to do a class on denim purses. They are really cute.
I hope none of you come down with this illness that is going around. Not sure if it is the flu but it has aches and pains.
That’s it for now.

Heading to Austin

11 Feb

Finally it was a sunny, calm day here in South Padre Island. We had to move to another cabin, so…once again we were loading up the car which continues to get fuller with more purchases. The biggest obstacle is the star shaped pinata we purchased in Mexico. We think we can do without punching too many holes in it. We thought it would be fun to have a Mexican themed party at the rv park this summer.
With a foggy and chilly morning on Tuesday, Dave, Sherry and us? drove to Progresso, Mexico. It was a fun border town with soooooo many Americans crossing walking and driving. Many of the dentist offices were full and also a plastic surgeon office. I don’t think I would have that type of work done right on a crowded and not quite sanitary street. I know many people who go to Mexico for the dentist with pretty good results. We also dropped by Riverbend RV resort which was started by Lou Falley from Topeka in the 70’s. We were impressed with the golf course, clubhouse, pool and the park model homes we visited that were for sale. Very reasonable for furnished places. There were also rv pads available with Texas rooms. Those were really reasonable. Apparently the bottom dropped out a couple of years ago, but a new owner is planning on expanding and bringing the golf course back in shape. The good thing about the area was that it was much warmer than Padre so may be a better winter place.
When we returned back to the rv park we were attacked by mosquitos. Not sure if this is the norm but it was miserable and no one could be outside. It’s like the whole area just exploded with them. Some people are thinking of leaving early because of the problem.
Today we drove out to the beach. I wish we could have driven the jeep but it was full with all of our stuff because we couldn’t move into the other cabin til 2. It would have been fun to drive on the beach with the jeep and there were many vehicles driving up and down and a little too fast. Zillions of sea shells, not a big selection but did find a small conk that was a little damaged, but a damaged conk is better to me than no conk. One of our friends dogs picked up a starfish that was on the dunes. That was a cool thing to see. It was dead and drying out. It was very chilly by the water and I didn’t get in the water. I bet it is great when it begins to get really hot.
I just counted that I think we have totally unpacked the jeep 19 times since we left on our trip. The next 2 nights we are finally organized enough to just take in 2 small suitcases. Yea!! I don’t know why it was so difficult but it just was.
Interesting email and phone call yesterday. They were from the Thunderbirds who hosted the Phoenix Open. They were addressing my email regarding the incident that happened to Mary and Mike and also my concern regarding the selling of the alcohol at the tournament and the hawkers not bringing any sodas up to the stands, only alcohol. The phone call really addressed the alcohol issue and he is chairing the tournament next year. He has a couple of ideas; one being that the hawkers bring soda and water to the stands and one would have to go to the concession to get beer. The other idea is to just sell draft beer and no cans. If any of you watched the tournament you saw Molinari get pelted with beer cans when had his hole in one. I also was told I could attend 1 day next year as the guest of this year’s tournament director. Pretty cool that they responded.
We plan on being on the road to Austin tomorrow by 8:30. We definitely want to get to Chris’s before the traffic gets congested. We’ll spend the night with him and then Thursday morning we’ll visit our friends Becky and Tommy before we head to Fort Worth.
This has been a really fun trip for us. Even though the weather hasn’t always cooperated, it’s been fun seeing friends and family along the way. We like to travel without a lot of structure and that has been fun too.
Today was Elliott’s birthday. I remember spending a couple of nights in the hospital with Billie after she was born. She is now a big 5 year old and will be ready for kindegarten. Some sadness thinking of her and not having Justin there to celebrate her birthday. Anxious to see Billie and the kids in a couple of days.
Dave has made a giant Jenga set and we played it tonight. Very fun. I’m ordering a few for the rv park. I’m thinking the rv clubs that come in might be interested in purchasing them. We’ll see. We will also have one for the park. It might be more entertaining than bingo.
It’s after midnight and I did tell Denny I would fix breakfast for him before we leave in the morning.

South Padre Island, Texas

8 Feb

Well this is a pretty cool place. We are staying at the South Padre Island KOA. They have the cutest cabins, Not the little wooden cabins, more like a park model. We have a queen bed, 2 bunk beds, bathroom, kitchen, deck and on the water for $89 a night including tax. Had no idea they would be so cute. We arrived yesterday and stayed at a motel before the bridge to Padre. We drove over and checked out the area and had dinner with Dave and Sherry. We are all over eating fresh boiled shrimp. Today we moved into the cabin. We’ll stay here for 2 nights and then move into a studio on Tuesday since we decided we wanted to stay one more day. The weather isn’t ideal but bearable. Today it was too windy to really want to be outside or ride our bicycles. Tomorrow we plan on walking on the beach and shell hunting. Sherry says there are tons of shells. Today we went over to the Farmers market and bought a few veggies. Tonight we were all set to sit outside by the fire but the mosquitos ran us off. Seems weird to have that happen in February. We also visited with a lady who has a place in La Veta. She remembers us way back when we had the gym. Small world. The RV park is about full and there is also a large RV park in the state park. They say it’s cheaper but there are sand fleas on the beach.
We purchased some twirly things to sell at the park this summer. We are trying to have a little more variety of things to purchase this year.
Had an interesting visit with one the workcampers today. He was telling us that the rv park gets really rowdy during the summer. Too many drunks. He said it has gotten worse each year. He said last summer he was threatened. He also said most of Padre Island is owned by the Mexican cartel. It doesn’t feel dangerous here at all but he said the atmosphere changes in the summer.
We are on the last leg of our southwest/Texas couch surfing trip.
We enjoyed staying with cousin Diane and Bernie on Saturday night.They saw on FB we were in the area. They texted us and next think you know we are staying with them. They tooks us Panchitos in San Antonio which had the BEST sopapillas. Diane and I always have a good time yakkin’ and have very similar sweet hubbie’s. On Wednesday we will go to Austin and stay with my nephew Chris. On Thursday we will drive to Fort Worth and stay with friends, then home on Friday. Elliot turns 5 this week and we’ll be able to go to her birthday party on Sunday.
We still can’t seem to have our shit together regarding our packing. We keep bringing all of our bags and suitcases into places and the big suitcases seem quite heavy. We are reorganizing before we head out Wednesday.
I’m done with my no junk food challenge. I feel like I am on the right track. I still want to lose 5 pounds for my goal.
We also visited friends in LLano and one of my favorite quilt shops. I also purchased some more military fabric and I think my Military quilt will happen. Hope to have it done by Memorial Day and begin a raffle that will go through July 4th.
Enjoying a Lifetime Movie tonight.

Van Horn, TX February 5, 2015

5 Feb

FullSizeRender (3)


We have landed in Van Horn, TX. After meeting author Jinx Schwartz and having some books signed, we were on the road at 1 pm. Jinx writes a series of books in the Janet Evanovich style except they deal with living on the a boat stories. I haven’t read any yet but will start one tomorrow. She was so interesting and has lead an interesting life. They have a home by the Turquoise Valley golf course. Our friend Mona is renting an apartment from them. We stayed with Mona for 3 nights and she was a great hostess. We had so much fun in Naco and Bisbee. Played golf twice, visited with friends and actually rode 14 miles on our bicycles. On Monday night I was able to see several of my fiber arts buddies. They were all decked out in their knitted sweaters, scarves and shawls. Such an interesting group of women. This area has such an eclectic group of people that is impossible to not to have a good time. So enjoyed spending time with Janet, Laura, Mona, Nan, Dale. Chuck, Doug and Kathy. After loading our golf clubs back in the Jeep, I was taking the golf cart back. I didn’t realize I drove it up on the sidewalk by the pro shop. I was frantically trying to back it up when the Manager came rushing out. He was getting ready to holler and then he said “Oh, it’s you” ML ML ML. Denny had to back it up for me because I couldn’t drive it straight.
I ran into one of my friends and was totally surprised that she was still alive. When I saw her I gave her a big hug and asked “Are you still here????” She has also sorts of health issues so that came out wrong.
Tomorrow our goal is San Antonio which just under 500 miles. Driving through Texas is like driving through 3 states it seems. We are venturing into territory that I have never visited, South Padre Island. Our friends Dave and Sherry are camping there and we have rented a KOA cabin for 2 nights beginning Sunday. We are away from bed surfing for the time being but have done really well so far. 12 nights so far we have had beds.
Junk Food Challenge is going well. On Saturday it will be 35 days. I am not even looking at Pepsi’s when we stop at gas stations. Not sure what my weight is. Unfortunately we are eating every meal out right now but no fast food or desserts for me.
I am glad I am traveling with no art supplies and sewing machines so I am totally chilling this trip. It feels weird but kind of nice not thinking I have to do something. Did pick up some cool fabric in Goodyear. It has Snoopy on it along with some soldier sayings. May make a Memorial Day quilt and raffle for Wounded Warriors. We will see.
The Bright Spot in Hereford, AZ is open again and has the best ribs. A sweet rub which has a consistency like creme brulet and was so sweet.
My reservations calls are becoming more frequent. We are actually discussing the possibility of building a pickle ball court at the campground? Just talking but it may be kind of a cool thing. We really enjoy playing it since we were both tennis players.
I have a medical question. Do any of you have the issue of feeling like your stomach goes up under your rib cage when you bend over?? Sometimes something gets stuck under my right rib cage when I bend over to get my golf ball or tee it up. I hate that feeling.
Talked to Billie today and she seems to be doing okay. Has that cruddy cold that must be going around Topeka. Feeling very proud of her. Talked to my friend Jackie and she is doing okay. House feels lonely without Dave. I can’t imagine. I seem to be thinking about people dying a lot and will be glad when those thoughts aren’t so prevalent.
We had such a warm welcome when we came into the Turquoise Valley pro shop and restaurant. Felt very loved. One of my favorite birds, the vermillion fly catcher, actually greeted me on the same tree on hole #4 that it always did several years ago.
That’s it for now. We hope to be on the road by 7 am and through driving by around 2 or 3.

The aftermath of turning 62

1 Feb

photo 2

photo 1

The big birthday was spent at the Phoenix Open on Thursday. We all woke up at 5 am so we could be on the road by 6. We knew there would be traffic. It was bad at times and then not so bad. Denny, Dale, Gayle and I rode in our car and Mary and Mike took his car. He had a handicap card, so they were able to park close. They headed right to the 16th green and saved seats for us which is a huge no no but they were able to pull it off. We almost lost the seats but when the guard was saying you have to give up the seats, they could see us walking up to the stands. We were in the 2nd row from the top at first and then we were able to move to the top row which gave us a view of #16,#10 and #17. We were at the seats at 8:30 and stayed there all day. It was great. #16 is a par 13 and famous for being the party hole. I wore my tiara and was fairly wound up all day. Denny and I began betting on closest to the hole and pretty soon several people were playing within their own groups. I ended up losing $1. Since we decided to stay until it was about over, we of course were stuck in a gridlock of traffic for a couple of hours and made it home by 7 pm. Denny was great about getting us out of the mess. Mike and Mary had serious problems when they tried to drive out. A man came up to their car, (it’s raining and gridlocked) and when Mike rolled down the window, this man began screaming at Mike to move up the line. Mike said he couldn’t go anywhere and then the guy reached in and punched him in the face and then tried to get into the car and hit him again. Mary said it all happened so fast and was so scary. They were able to get a security police to come and check it all out but they didn’t want to do anything because of all the traffic. When Mary came home and told us about the incident, I sent an email to the Thunderbirds, (they host the event), and also called. They did call us back on Friday and hopefully some things might happen. I did say in my email that I couldn’t believe all the drunk people that were leaving the tournament and that I couldn’t believe how they were pushing in the alcohol in the stands. Once again, they would bring up water and beer but wouldn’t put sodas in their coolers. I don’t get that at these fundraising events. They just want people to get drunk, buy more and more beer and they really don’t care about how many drunk drivers they are putting on the highway. I did suggest they quit serving alcohol at 4 pm which I’m sure they tossed into the trash, but at least I put my 2 cents in. Mike is doing okay but his cheek hurts and his neck really hurts from the blow. Unbelievable.
It was a great day and glad I was able to get way out of my comfort zone and go the tournament. 190,000 spectators.
I am still suffering the repercussions from a hot dog and half of a soft pretzel. I hope those symptoms disappear by tomorrow.
Friday was very rainy so was a good day for Denny and I to go to the quilt show. It was gigantic. Three fairground buildings. We only made it up on aisle and we had already purchased too many items. The main item was a Eurosteam iron. It’s very cool and will decrease my fabric ironing time immensely.
This morning I made it to the 8:30 am Zumba class. It was great and very high energy. So far, I think I have done some form of exercise everyday but 1. Mary lives in a very active area. Tomorrow, Gayle, Denny and I are going to try and play some Pickle ball. We haven’t played for a couple of years so looking forward to it. We also need to get organized to head out on Monday morning for Naco. We will be there 3 days. Fiber guild, golf, golf, barbecuing lamb chops are on tap. Going to be great and the weather looks dry. The course has been closed for 2 days due to flooded fairways. We will be couch surfing with Mona on that trip.
Denny spotted a quilt shop today and we picked up some new fabric. Looking forward to sewing in a few weeks but glad I don’t have the machine here. We’ve been active while at Mary’s but also fairly laid back.
No Junk Food challenge update. Just completed 28 days. Did not weigh in yet. Probably tomorrow. Plan on being on it another week and then may continue with my sisters who are doing it until mid February.
Not wound up about the Superbowl but Phoenix is full of famous people this weekend. Lots of big parties but after the big traffic jams on Thursday, I wasn’t into going downtown.
I have really enjoyed reconnecting with old friends on Facebook.
Is it possible for me to keep my nose out others business??
Billie is doing okay.
Glad my shows are back on air.
I wish that the whole hour of Saturday night would be funny.
When I was trying to communicate with some deaf people who sat behind us a that golf tourney I did something really silly. I was trying to use my hands to talk and when one of the couple who could hear said something to me I said . “Si”. Have now idea why I did but they really laughed.
I wish there was something we could do with all the oranges that grow in the yards of homes. So many are wasted. I wish I could fill a pick up with them and take them to the Rescue Missions.
For my gluten free friends: I found a great gluten free Flat Bread. I eating that instead of bread.
I am sad about another beheading. I can’t imagine a more horrifying act. How brave was the friend of the first one captured to go and try to find his friend and get captured himself. Toooooo tragic.
While at the golf tournament, you would not believe how many Lear Jets were landing in Scottsdale. It seemed like 1 every 1/2 hour.
I think that is it for now.