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Saturday, August 18, 2018

18 Aug

Awwww…..a moment to write. After another restless leg night but feeling okay, I was determined to put my Body Groove DVD on and excercise this morning. I really liked to do real agressive exercise that was fast and energetic and real sweaty. A couple of years ago I was able to do Zumba but now it creates issues on my back. My back is so confusing. When we were on our camping trip to Wyoming and Denver, my back was great and I think a lot of it was the bed. It is a solid firm bed. Apparently my back issues are more muscular than skeletel which is really good. Had my physical and I still have Osteopenia and have had that for several years, so osteporosis is not an issue. My bone density didn’t show any changes in my lower back so all in all I’ll stick to my 2 injections a year and…….hopefully continue with some form of exercise. Body Groove is perfect. It’s calm, easy but does have a cardio part. The most important is that it really emphasizes moving the hips, shoulders and legs. Hence, maybe this will help my restless issue. My sleep study will be interesting but I don’t know if I slept long enough to see if a CPAP machine will be needed.

Finally I was able to do some nice housecleaning and have some friends over to play Mahjong. The house is really coming together and I really love it. We are even spending some time on the deck. I did sweep up all the plastic and glass from the broken skylights from the hail storm. What a crazy storm that was. Now we seeem to have a threat of hail everyday. Our truck and VW are trashed but hopefully homeowners will cover it. Our damage was minimal to others. One couple lost 18 windows!! Our friend Carl has been here this week helping other friends who live in Paradise Acres. The issues they have due to the fire are overwhelming but Carl has been able to move around dirt and build berms and redirect water flows. Interesting note about burned trees. Many of the trees up there are hollow from being burned inside out! I think they call it a candle burn.

Longmire Days was a really fun trip. We’ve been in that area before and I forgot the beautiful country of Wyoming. Buffalo was where the festival was. What was really fun was the the actors just show up at unannounced times so you just hop in line and get a photo. We played 9 holes at the Buffalo Golf Club. A great course but it was over 100 degrees. How hot was it?? My butt was so sweaty I slipped off the toilet! Would like to go again next year and do more touring of the back roads.

We are still on a bit of a busy schedule. Upcoming events include a quick trip to Topeka for high school 65 year olds reunion. We are also taking Kyler’s motorcycle to him. He was such a great student with Denny and we are excited for him to be riding. On September 3 the group from the quilt retreat in 2014 are meeting again for Ricky Tims retreat. Debi, Lorchen, Wendy, and Della are coming from England and Germany. Claire, Tammy, Juli are also returning. It will be so fun to see everyone. It’s actually a group that has stayed in touch this whole time.  Then on September 7 we leave for Paris to do a river cruise to Normandy. We will stop at little French towns then a tour of Normandy. Soooo Happy Denny is doing this with me. On September 15th we will fly from Paris to Naples where we will spend a week in a village staying a 900 year old apartment. My friend Alecia owns and she will also help us tour around.Will be so great to be with someone fluent in the language.

Not much else happening. Billie and kids are doing well. Elliott in 3rd grade, Kyler in 8th grade and Cade a sophmore!!

I have been doing some meditating, reading and writing everyday. Incorporating a devotional that uses bible verses and then reading the bible. I didn’t know that when Jesus rose from the tomb that other dead people also rose from their graves!! The bible has always been difficult for me but the one I have shares a story about what each chapter is about in modern language and it is easier to read.

Something I must really really try to do is not stop my daily rituals just because we are traveling.  We’ll see how I do on these next trips.