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Jbird65 Tour Comes to a End

16 Jun

Oh my goodness. What a fun day to end our 33 day journey of bed surfing. Today we played golf with Chuck and Cindy at Lake Wabaunsee. It was great to see some old friends and see all the updates at the course. Course was beautiful, greens were beautiful. It was in the low 90’s, but a strong wind which kept us from sweating too much. We came in 2nd and won a round for 4 at the Manhattan Country Club. We hope to play that in July. Definitely may be a little sunburned but did reapply sunscreen.

Billie and kids have landed safely in Atlanta and are on their way to Lake Lanier to see their Uncle Grant and Aunt Sandi. Then they will all travel to Amelia Island. Very proud of Billie putting this trip together.

We had such a great time on this trip visiting our friends who are located all over this country. Visited places we’ve never been to like Cape Charles, VA; Joelton, TN; Milford, MI; Green Lake, WI and Currie, MN. We were treated like royalty and we were very thankful that Bendi and Jumper could travel with us. We only stayed in motels twice.


Get out there and travel. I promise the grandkids, your home, your plants, your pets will be okay. Call the pet sitter, call a neighbor to get your mail, water the plants and check on the house. Send the Gkids postcards. Life is getting short.

I know I don’t want to live where there is big city traffic. It’s too much to deal with and I don’t know how people deal with it on a daily basis.

I did like being in downtown Chicago and using the mass transit and see what it is like to live in the city. It is funny how loud the sirens are even though you are on the 25th floor!

Everyone must go to a game at Wrigley Field. It is iconic, and original and fun. Do it even if you don’t like baseball. Highlights of game: Homerun by Rizzo, an overturned call and the restroom attendant hollering at the ladies to “Flush your toilet, we are not on the 1st floor with automatic flushers!! Flush your own toilet!!!” Seeing Cracker Jack and Red licorice ropes sold by vendors. Watching the scoreboard be changed by people behind the board. Loved it. Riding the Red Line to see the game.

Cross the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and see the Peninsula where Cape Charles and other towns are. I didn’t even know there was a peninsula that was part of Virginia.

Don’t be afraid of looking up an old friend from high school or college. You will be happy to reconnect and have them back in your life.

Don’t plan every minute of trip. We only had 4 places we HAD to be on a certain day and even then we were flexible with activities; Old Newcastle, De; Old Alexandria; a scenic drive through Virginia Wine country; Eastern Market in Detroit; seeing a beautiful town of Green Lake WI; golfing at a sweet 9 hole course outside of Currie, MN; golfing on an Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus course even if it kicks your ass!
Do fight over the check!! Our friends were soooo generous and many times would not let us pay even though they were letting us stay with them, but we did have some arguments. 🙂

Do buy something that may be extravagent but may be the only time you will ever see a vintage sewing table again or an aerial view of the Chesapeake Bay again.

Realize that you may not be able to do everything there is to do in the area and run yourself down. We had very pleasant day trips and nothing really felt hectic. Denny and I like to just experience the area, the culture, the local stores, visit with the guy sitting on the bench in town or the lady on the subway.

Don’t fret about the weather. Our travels were always showing rain but when we arrived none of our plans were rained out which was really great. Do pack for different temps. We left MN wearing sweat shirts and ended at the end of the day in shorts and summer tops.

Do listen to Audio tapes. We used to do this with the CD’s but now it is very easy to download and were able to hook into Bluetooth. We had great fun with our mysteries and I don’t think we solved any.

Do FB your journey. Your friends will enjoy what your are doing. Don’t be afraid of TMI. I’m known for that and sometimes it can be very funny. (Sometimes too gross??)

I had a little gift for everyone we stayed with as a thank you.

Treasure your friends. People who know me well know I can be overly sensitive about friends, being excluded, losing friends,  etc. But…the new Jbird65 is pushing the negative out of her life and embracing the love. I feel soooooo lucky to still be on this earth at 65 and I don’t want to deal with immature thoughts. I am sooooo lucky to have a husband who loves to travel too and drive for millions of miles and let me and puppies sleep and relax.

Do take alllllll of your medicine with you. You may not need it all but you may for various issues.  l had one of those plastic drawers and it was full. It was easy to carry in and out.

Anxious to see the mountains tomorrow.  Peace