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Back home

28 Mar

We are home!! I’m so happy. Sitting in my recliner with the cozy pellet stove going. The house is a wreck with tubs, boxes, bags, paint cans, etc., etc. but that’s okay because we’ll start getting situated tomorrow. Of course, not before we pick up the puppies!!! Can’t wait to see them. They have been boarded for a week.
We had a busy week after we left Holiday Island with a packed truck and a loaded trailer. On the drive to Topeka we stopped at 3, count them 3, quilt shops. One in Lamar, MO, one in Hamilton, MO and one in Holton, MO. The shop in Holton almost made me cry because of all the beautiful quilts they had hanging. Very bright and colorful and wonderful designs. We spent time Monday night with Billie and the kids. She is recovering from her major foot surgery-double bunionectomy and had her foot rebuilt with 3 screws. She cannot put any weight on her foot for 4 more weeks. Luckily she can drive since it is her left foot but she is very tired at the end of the day after work because of all the hopping around. After that we drove out to Torrie and Larry’s where we stayed for 3 nights. They have plenty of parking for our trailer. Tuesday we drove out to the lake and checked on the house. We made the decision to do some cleaning on it on Wednesday. Had dinner with Chuck and Cindy at the Longhorn restaurant that night. They have a yummmmy lamb chop dinner that they serve on top of spinach and mashed potatoes. I actually had that twice because we went to dinner there the next night Torrie and Larry. Back to the lake on Wednesday where we vacuumed, mopped, and dusted. We also signed new realtor agreement and the house is back on the market and an open house on April 5 from 1-3. Please wish us luck. We need to sell. We have a good appraisal and a good price on it this year.
We also visited Dave and Matt who are both being treated for cancer. It was good to see them both.
Thursday morning we took KC to the doctor for an endoscopy. He is having so much trouble with his tummy. Thanks to Obamacare he now has insurance for the first time. Hopefully they’ll find out what is going on. It was nice to see him. We spent rest of the day doing laundry and I had to finish up a quilt. Then we drove to Lawrence and Cinda’s and spent the night with them on Thursday night.
It was a very hectic trip and I feel pretty tired.
full quilt
I designed this quilt using some material from Ricky Tims. It was a contest where you used some of his hand dyed material as the focus material in the design. I had to do everything myself including the quilting. It’s not great but I think it is pretty and will be pretty on one of our walls. I had to have photos entered in by midnight tonight and I just entered them.
We have purchased lots of materials for projects I need to sew. Denny has been a real trooper going to the quilt shops with me. He actually picks out quite a few pieces. He looks for golf stuff, bears, and he even came across some dirt bike material. He’s not too crazy about my cowboy material where they have on their jeans and cowboy hats but no shirts. The women who have seen it love it.
First project for me is to get my office in order which will take me most of the day and then we will work on something everyday to get ready for May 1. We are going to go to our first campground owner convention in Estes Park next weekend. We couldn’t afford it but another owner said he would sponsor some campground owners and pay their way. Wow, how generous is that. Denny met a couple in Llano who owns the campground in Gunnison and we’ll see them there. I think we’ll learn a lot.
I so hope they find out where that plane went down and I hope they find some more people who are missing in that awful mudslide. I don’t want those families to not know where their loved ones are.
That’s it for now. Catching up on my tv shows.

Packing up

21 Mar

Denny has left Colorado this morning and is heading this way to pick me up. He should arrive tomorrow morning. Can’t wait to see him. He boarded the puppies so I won’t see them until I get home. Judy and Marvin come home today. I have cleaned the upstairs and have moved my upstairs crap to the downstairs crap. I still have some sewing to finish up but I am done embroidering. Below are a few samples I’ve done for the Bird’s Nest. Scarves and dish towels. I have finally made peace with the embroidery machine and was able to get a lot done this week. Also have my sweatshirts done.

I need to quilt a small piece I made that I am entering into a contest that Ricky Tims is doing. The goal was to use his material as a highlight piece in the quilt. The light pieces are his material. I was nervous about quilting it but I have to do everything myself so I am using invisible thread to quilt it. For a small spool it cost $10!!!!! For something that you won’t see. Whoa. Anyway my mistakes won’t show up either.
pinned quilt
Yesterday my friend Jacque and I had fun looking at old photos of us she was texting me. She and I go back to 7th grade and were best friends. We had so much fun. The santa photo is when we were in 9th grade. The wedding photo is 1970. Loving the bow. Although there have been times we weren’t in contact we always knew where we were. She was my savior in my 2nd marriage when I would be jumping out of cars and running out of my house and I would call her and say “come and get me please!!!” and she would. She also held my hand when I thought I was going to die one night and got me through it. True friends are forever.


Mom and I had a fun afternoon yesterday. We went to dinner at a Mexican restaurant where she could have some soft food which is easier for her to eat. Then we went to the grocery store where she shopped. Quite a difference from October 28th when I received a phone call from my sister saying “Mom has had a heart attack and the doctor doesn’t think she’ll make it through the night! Please come!”. She made it to 94. She’s reading again, “Twelve Years a Slave”, emailing, paying her bills and her vitals are better than before the heart attack. Wow. You go Mom.
Now it’s time to head back to the RV park and get to work to be able to open on May 1. The phones are back on so now I answer the cell phone “Circle the Wagons RV Park”. Averaging at least 1 reservation a day already. Denny has fixed the plumbing in our guest bathroom so now when we have overnight company they don’t have to go the Bath House to use the bathroom. I’ll never forget when Bonnie and Randall just dropped by on their way to Kansas to say hi and use the bathroom. I sent them to the Bath House because they were cleaner than ours. 🙂 They ended up spending the night.
It’s been a long winter for the Gerdy Birdy. Thankfully I do have the Gerd (does it need to be capitalized?} under control and am thankful there is help for it.
My sister or Denny have not seen me in person yet with my white hair. I am very used to it now and love it. Have dealt with the feeling of looking like all the little ole’ ladies with white hair. My mom gave me this cute little wool hat that has a bill on it and kind of a beret look to it. I put it on for my walk and feeling spiffy. Then, here comes a car with a little ol’ lady with white hair wearing the same hat!!!! Yikes, haven’t worn it since.
Prayers please for our 4 friends that are going through their cancer treatments. Seems like the list just gets bigger each week.

I definitely need to get out more

12 Mar

My life this month basically has consisted of the following: get up, eat, tidy up, go see mom, go to store, come home, sew. Day after day after day. Not that it has been bad, just redundant.
Last night about 6:30 I headed to the basement. Now let’s talk about basement. I don’t like them. I have lived in many houses with scary basements. Dirt floors, scary little rooms, dark and full of spider webs, etc. I have been very brave being in Judy’s basement this month without someone else in the house. Also I feel their house is haunted because there is always some racket going on. Clomping around on the decks, hot tub coming on, creaking floors, all sorts of stuff. But I have become used to them. Soooo, about 10:30 I came upstairs to get something to drink. It was pitch black because it was daylight when I went down. Also, the sliding glass door and screen door to the deck was wide open and the wind was howling!!!!!! Whoa. Is there someone in the house, are they hiding, do I call 911, am I going to have a heart attack because my heart is pounding so hard!!!!! I didn’t know what to do. I turned on some lights and looked around and nothing looked amiss. I am a scary movie person and I knew a few things not to do. #1 don’t look in a closet. #2 don’t look in the shower #3 don’t go back to the basement. OOPs on that one because I left my phone down there. Yikes. I ran down the stairs and ran back up and plugged I the phone so I could call for help. (I forgot there is a landline and I could have called 911 from it and not ventured to the basement.) The one reason I didn’t totally freak out was that I couldn’t feel a presence in the house. I really needed some ice so I was walking to the laundry room and the stupid trash can they have with a sensor that makes the lid open engaged. I THOUGHT I WAS GO TO PEE MY PANTS WHEN IT FLIPPED UP. OMG Okay calm down. I got my ice and decided nobody was going to get me. I finished closing curtains and made sure doors were locked but wasn’t sure if anyone had snuck down to the basement unbeknownst to me. I Turned on the tv and thought about the doors and decided I must have left them open somehow and then was hoping that a raccoon had not come in. About midnight I decided to try and sleep on the divan with all the lights on. (Why do we leave lights on, if its dark the intruder would have to trip over something that would wake me up before they could get to me). I woke up about 4 and decided if I hadn’t met my demise by then that I could probably go to bed. This morning I was talking to Jolene and telling her my scary story. She said “Why don’t you try to retrace your steps and make sure you didn’t go out on the deck. Did you take a picture or something?” I quickly replied “I did take a photo of Judy’s Christmas cactus that is in full bloom! And….my hands were full when I came back in. Mystery solved. Whew. Below is the culprit.
xms cactus
Robin picked me up at noon and off we went on a Quilt Shop Hop. Very fun. We went to 4 towns. You get your pass signed and they give you a block pattern plus 20% off of material. Love quilt shops. While I was in the last shop I used the restroom. After I had dried my hands with the paper towels, I stood over the trash can for a couple of minutes waiting for the lid to open like the one at Judy’s. MLMLML (stands for maniac laugh) After relaying this whole story to Mary she said “girlfriend you need to get out of the house more!” I totally agree.
Time to go to the basement. 🙂


11 Mar

GERD is the diagnosis of my stomach issues. What a relief even though it is uncomfortable, painful and feels scary when it is in full bloom and seriously sounds like an old person thing. Prilosec for a month and refine my diet. Now, and I mean it… if after once again limiting my food intake to even a healthier diet and not drinking caffeine and I don’t lose a pound I am going to be PISSSSSSSSSSSSSED! We’ll see how this month goes.
clubhouse banner
Here’s the banner I made for our clubhouse. It will hang up between the flags in the room. project done. Just sent out 4 boxed of micro holders yesterday. But….how many times have I written about how I didn’t count correctly on my orders? So…Sunday night I came upstairs with all the bowls thinking that I had made so many that I even had extra. So I started sorting the orders and low and behold…I was short 3 bowls. Jeez. No biggie but it would have been nice to be done correctly.
fire hydrant
Denny had this made for our dog park at the campground. It is so cute and I can’t wait to put it in there. Denny went to pay for it and they said it was already paid for!! Judy and Susan had spent a few days in Llano with Denny mapping out the bicycle trip. They secretly paid for the fire hydrant as a surprise. I tell you, we have the best friends!!!!!
Some of you may have seen the comment regarding the American who was killed on the Malaysia flight. Our friends live in Texas and know the family of that man, Phillip Wood. It’s one thing to be distanced from tragedies like these but for our friends it really hit home. I still check my computer every few hours to see if they have found any trace of the flight. I so hope they find out what happened because I can’t imagine what it feels for Mr. Wood’s family. He had just been home last week to celebrate his father’s birthday. It’s all so tragic for the passengers and their families.
There is so much sadness. Sometimes when I write I feel like I can’t write about anything trivial or silly because there is so much sadness. But I also realize that as the saying goes “life goes on” and I really don’t like that saying. It seems to minimize an illness, a death, a catastrophe. There were times in my life that I would let these events paralyze me. Fear of flying, fear of driving over bridges, fear of dying. It crippled me for several years in my 30’s . I worried about animal extinctions, recycling to save the earth, oil soaked birds, homeless people, etc. I would join the Sierra Club, volunteer at a halfway house for prisoners, read books to school kids, joined the zoo. I did anything that I thought would do something good for the world. I was also going to therapy weekly, trying to stay sober, raise 2 kids, working 3 jobs,stay out of sick relationships (to no avail), playing tennis and golf several times a week. My therapist said I had “Existential Anxiety”. Wow. I did eventually get a grip on that, but I still can fall back into those feelings. (Not sure what triggered all that.) 🙂
Have a couple of fun days coming up. Going on a Quilt Shop Hop on Wednesday with my friend Robin. Hope to play some golf on Thursday or Friday. I’m also working on a fun quilt. It is made from some really cute camping material. I’m going to display it in my office and raffle it to raise money for my Friends of Namakkal mission. I hope that will be a good thing.
Time to get going with the day. Still need to change some clocks around here because I am still getting confused on time. I don’t know how to change the time on the tv or in the car.

Saturday night and Daylight Savings

8 Mar

Can you believe that it was Thursday before I was able to get out and about since last Saturday. Jeez. But I guess I am getting to know myself better being alone for that long. Actually didn’t even feel to weird or anxious or get too maudlin or anything. It warmed up on Friday and Mom and I went to the store and to Subway. That was a big outing for her. Today I painted her fingernails. Next Tuesday we are going to fix her up with a table for her computer that has wheels on it. That way she won’t have to scoot the chair to the computer. She gets on the computer now everyday.
Got to remember to set the clocks forward. I never can remember if I get more sleep or less sleep. Doesn’t matter, I need to get up early to have another productive day.
Today I worked on more bowl holders and embroidered 2 sweat shirts and practiced on a scarf. I’m trying to put designs on the scarves. Unfortunately the machine started acting up and the bobbin kept acting up and all hell broke loose so I just shut the whole thing down and will deal with it tomorrow. I am going to go to Walmart again and pick up some more scarves because they have them on sale. I think I have the centering the logo on shirts down finally.
Coming down to the last couple of weeks of my stay here. Denny is going to head to Colorado next Friday or Saturday. I told my sister Judy she had to give me 3 days notice before they get home so I can clean up the basement. It’s crazy down there.
Still dealing with my awful stomach stuff. Today I was sooooooooooooooooooooooo bloated that I could hardly breathe. I took a Zantac and that seemed to help some. Had an ultra sound yesterday on my gall bladder and liver. Whenever I have these episodes they always think it is the gall bladder but it never has been but it sure seems like it is. Should know whatever next week.
Are the reality shows ever going to end. I saw commercials today for another “My 5 wives”, another home improvement called “Flip or Flop”, there’s a cheer dance show, another outdoor show,… I will confess, I’m going to watch the final bachelor on Monday night. My seriously guilty pleasure is still “Dance Moms” which is so disgusting. So glad that there are zillions of Law and Order:SVU.
I wonder if we’ll ever know what happened to that Malaysia flight. I’m going with the conspiracy theory because there was no radio transmission and there were suspicious people on the flight.
That’s it for tonight. One of these days my life will again become more interesting than just sewing. 🙂

Snowed in Day 3

4 Mar

This snowy picture was taken yesterday morning and it hasn’t changed at since then. I did walk out and get the papers and the snow went over my shoes and there was a thick layer of ice under it. The high today is to be 45 but as of noon it is still 33. There has not been a snow plow or anything happening. My car is in the garage which under the house and you have to come up a hill to get to the road. Why am I giving you all this info, because I truly don’t know when I will get out of the house. I do have a friend who can come and get me I think. I always fantasized about being snowed in for days by myself and just being able to work on projects. Well, you know what? I have been doing that but it is really weird how hard it is for me to stay focused. My mind is kind of racy and one minute I’m thinking about a quilt, then I’m thinking about and sewing bowl holders and then I’m thinking about reservations and the rv park and then I’m back upstairs feeding the birds and maybe yakking on the phone and then I’m back downstairs and I just go round and round. Very interesting. Not feeling psychotic or anything thankfully. I still have enough food and I still have a pumpkin cake I can make.
Disappointed that Sandra Bullock didn’t win Oscar.
Glad my Bates Motel is back on.
Anxious to see what happens on the Blacklist next week
Think I finally have my rv park reservations sorted out when I overbooked some groups during the first week of June.
Nervous about the Russia/Ukraine invasion.

That’s it for now. I’ll keep you posted on my predicament.