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15 Oct

Today was a busy day in Pueblo. Shopped for some feet for an upcoming foot stool that Denny and I are making. Then meeting with Financial Advisor. Love having a financial advisor!! We are using Edward Jones in Pueblo and Tina White is our person. Then to the Sleep Doctor. How frustrating that my blood work or my last sleep study was not there yet. I get so sick of all the snafus that happen everytime there is an apppointment . He is ordering me a CPAP machine which I may start in about a week and a half when whoever delivers it here. I’m okay using one and it may really help with squirmy legs. Bad news  is now we have to delay our trip to Brownsville even longer now because I have to see him in person after 30 days. UGH!!! Denny is being patient but between this and my surgery life is getting a little complicated but all will be fine. We always like to drive through Ice and Snow anyway. Will now leave for BVille after Dec. 17th.

Still feeling energetic and getting many things done. Just finished booking a flight to Orlando where 6 of us high school girlfriends are going to invade our friend Judi! It really has been fun reconnecting and how easy it has been to become friends again. She moved from KC to Orlando this summer.

I’m pretty wound up about Hurrican Michael. One of our friend’s, Marilyn lost her home in the Spring Fire and lived in the area that was hit by the hurricane. That is tooo much. I told Pastor Janine that I am not letting this disaster go by without helping. Marilyn’s husband Bob helped so many and we can do a trip in his honor.  I hope she can keep us informed on when that can happen. It looks horrific. Trip may happen in the spring but we will work through UMCOR and they can tell us the best time to go.

Enjoying doing my training for becoming a travel agent!  Right now I am learning the Royal Caribbean information. They have these courses and as you pass them you move up. Trying to spend an hour each day training. Will go to Topeka and train on booking trips etc. in November. I really have some fun ideas for other kinds of trips too. Cruise Holidays does it all-Cruises, River Cruises, Trains, Busses.

I am going back on CBD oils. My friend Linda was over the other day and replenished me. Hopefully it will get me through my discomfort these few weeks before my surgery. I’m anxious to find out the details regarding the surgery on the 24th.

Wednesday we leave for Amarillo for a couple of days so my quilting instructor friend Cindy can guide me through a paper piecing quilt I started 2 years ago! Should be able to get the top done hopefully. We’ll also get to see their ranch which will be fun. Puppies can go too because La Quinta lets them stay for free.

Time to study.  Peace



Back in Business

11 Oct

As I have mentioned before, our trip to Europe really inspired me and all my creative energy is racing around in my brain.

Tonight was a really fun painting class of a barn. There were about 20 of us at the Funky Monkey. What was cool about the class was the technique of using painted dots of several colors and then just using a brush and painting downward. It was fun to see friends I haven’t seen for years. It’s one of those wine and paint classes. To begin the class everyone clinked their glasses to say cheers. I had my Pepsi bottle and managed to spill it all over the table during the cheers. What a sticky mess but it was funny.

For the last 3 days I have been in pj’s all day working in the studio. I have made some prototypes of items to sell. I’m really excited about personalizing pieces by embroidering family names, etc. I made a table runner and a wine bottle holder. The special thing about the wine bag is that you can put the grommets around the top of the bottle and pour without taking the bottle out of the bag. I can also embroider names, cute wine sayings etc.  Great for gifts. I am taking orders so just contact me with your ideas and we’ll get them done. I’ll be making other items also and will show them as I go. I’m looking forward to having 2 sewing buddies coming over this week. Deb on Friday and Linda on Saturday. I now have a space set up for company so it works out well.

Tomorrow is a big Mahjong day. My first tournament being held in Pueblo. I have to get up early  to be there by 8:30. It will be fun but serious. Fifteen minutes per game and we play 4 games in an hour. No talking or taking too long when it is your turn. Should be interesting and looking forward to playing. We had horrible fog, mist, snow and cold today so I hope it isn’t that bad tomorrow. Hopefully it won’t be a drowsy drive.

Speaking of drowsy drive, I am doing another sleep study on Friday night with a CPAP machine. Even though I’m not crazy about the machine, I hear enough good things about them that it will be interesting if my brain and energy does feel better.

More exciting news. I’m beginning training to be an Independent consultant for Cruise Holidays of Topeka. I did my first lesson today. I’m looking forward to doing this and hopefully I can help travelers locally and also try putting together some trips. Wish me luck. It’s a 2 month or so training program so won’t in business til after January.

That’s it for now.  Peace





8 Oct

I love a rainy, cold day to spend the day in the studio. Debbie came over and we spent several hours working on projects.  Fun fun

Struggling with health care in our area. Our doctor resigned last month with no warning. I’ve had 2 times I have needed to see the doctor, one because of a rash and the other because of injured elbow. The rash I had to go to ER. The elbow I begged to see doctor and it worked out. Now I’m trying to get prescription refilled but it is under the resigned doctor’s name. I’m also trying to make sure I have everything in place for my upcoming surgery. I called the clinic and did I get a call back?  NO. I’m so aggravated. I’ll give them one more day and then I will go in person to get everything back in order. Rural health care in our area is going downhill quickly. What is really sad is we had the same PA since 2000 and we didn’t even get a notice that she resigned.

Regarding surgery. I had some internal injuries from my accidental splits last April. The symptoms have continued to get more painful. My physical therapist suggested that my pain was from my pelvic floor. She was right on. She also recommended a gynecologist in Trinidad who I love! It’s a female doctor and she was able to discover all sorts of issues going and that she will be able to do surgery and fix it all up for me. It will be a several week recovery but I will be comfortable once again. My biggest pain? Sitting. Extremely uncomfortable.

Still reveling in memories of our European trip. I ordered some real Italian 00 flour for pizzas and pasta. Did you know that a real Neapolitan pizza crust takes 2 days to make!!  Will have to try when I have 2 full days to make.

Feeling a little relieved to have some extra time before we head to Texas. I will be able to get some major work done in the studio and some painting, I am going back into business selling my items again. I will be doing it by way of FB and should have some items to show in 2 days. Just in time for the holidays!!

Claire and Carleigh were here for Oktoberfest last weekend. Claire had another great day of sales. So proud of her and how talented she has become making her silver items.

Thursday I play in my first Mahjong tournament. Looking forward to it but a little nervous about only 15 minutes for each game. I think I can do it.

Cannot believe Kavanaugh was approved.

Had a terrific dinner at Aly’s tonight as guests of Blake and Becky, owners of Circle the Wagons. They are such a great couple and so happy they bought the park. Alys spoils me rotten because she makes bread pudding when she knows I am coming for dinner.

Still trying to get some money back from our cancelled flight in Paris. Not sure if I am involved in a scam, I hope not but hopefully we’ll find out something soon.

Snowing in Cuchara today. Can’t wait to see the mountains after the clouds clear. There was a meeting this week describing the real possibility of major flash flooding in the spring. Apparently after major fires, the ground is unable to absorb water because it becomes like cement. I’m glad we are up high but many of our friends will have to have flood insurance now.

I may become an Independent Travel Consultant for Cruise Holidays of Topeka. I will keep you posted!!! It is a job I can do from home. I will be doing some training soon. Hope my brain will be able to absorb all the information that is required.

Have bought some Ginger Beer and trying to drink just a shot of it after dinner at night to help with digestion. I drank a whole bottle of it a couple of nights ago and that was a HUGE mistake if you get my drift. I definitely digested but it was not a fun night. It’s non alcoholic.

Finally I will be seeing “A Star is Born” on Sunday. I can’t wait. I get all emotional just watching the commercials.

Hopefully Mitzi and I can go see “Halloween” sometime this month. I purchased this little spider costume that velcros on a dog to put on Bendi or Jumper for Halloween.  I hope they will let me put it on them because it is so funny to see dogs in the costume.

Purchased an antique Elgin Sewing machine in Eskridge, KS last week. Circa 1890.  It is in such great shape I may actually be able to sew on it. The designs on it are stunning. Will have to once again move my studio around in order to display it. Also purchased a Nelcro which I don’t know have much info on yet. It’s probably a 1960’s model.

I’m happy because Paradise Coffee makes my café macchiato just like they did in Italy. Just trying to do a shot a day. Probably saves me at least 1 Pepsi. Grazia Sharon and Greg.

That’s it for tidbits for now. I have purchased several notebooks so I can start printing out my blog which will take weeks. Goes all the way back to 2011. My blog actually began in 2006 but I’ve had to change websites 3 times. I have those already printed out and they will be my notes for a possible book one day.