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Day 6 of Chapter 1

3 Nov

First day of retreat. We began at 9 am and there are 15 of us. We are lucky that we have a harpist and a musician who can play many instruments. Music and movements were a big part of our work today. Of course relaxing our bodies, breathing, loosening up some tai chi moves and learning about different ways to walk and also chase away our demons!!

Of course I had to start the day on a difficult note. All I had to do was write my name on a label to put on my shirt. First I took it off of the paper so when I laid it on the container to write my name, it stuck to the container. I thought I could still salvage it but to no avail so my name tag went all around the room stuck on the box. But the good thing is everyone knew my name easily!

After the meet and greet we went up to the OJai Retreat which is up the mountain and is a very beautiful and peaceful place. We gathered around in a big circle and began practicing different ways to face our issues. We did dance moves which was uncomfortable for me at first but then I became less self conscious. We had different partners for exercises so it was a good way to get to know each other.

One funny thing happened. I was telling a Bendi story about how I have to carry her around like a baby when she gets scared. When I was done talking the group told me my toes were talking with me!! Never knew my toes moved when I talked like my arms do. We always have our shoes off.

We also did an exercise where we are blindfolded for 20 minutes. That was kind of weird at first but we were to test our senses. At first I was very anxious and breathing fast, then I had a humongous hot flash and couldn’t get my scarf, blanket and hoodie off fast enough, then I had to pee and fart. So that was the extent of my exercise. Not sure if I learned anything from that.

Had a wonderful massage with Autumn who is also from Colorado. She showed me how to gently place my hands on my tummy and breathe into my organs to help these IBS issues. I am to place my hands on my tummy in the morning and breathe and think positive about my organs. Right now tummy feels pretty good which makes me happy. I am drinking water and eating veggies and fruit today.

Tomorrow is beach day. It will be very chilly so I have about 6 things of clothing to take so I’m not cold. Apparently the water is cold and there is an undertow so we don’t get in. We’ll spend about 6 hours there. I do hope the sun will be out so at least there might be some warmth. This is a weird chill here, the kind that just keeps you feeling chilly no matter what.

Denny had a good day of roaming around the area, played golf and laundry. Tomorrow he is going to the gym and check out some other activities.

That’s it for now. Peace and Namaste¬† A year ago Judy and I were heading to India on our great adventure!

I’ll try to have more photos tomorrow, my silly phone ran out of juice quickly today.



Day 5 of Chapter 1

1 Nov

All snuggled into our Casa Ojai Inn for 5 nights. I love this Ojai area. Mountainy, rural, but chic and they are having a film festival here this weekend. May have to check one out.

We left Casa Grande at 7 am. I had a horrible night after drinking the laxative mixture they gave me at the ER. I hated needing to go there last night but it all was getting too painful to endure. But the worst part??????? Coming back to hotel with a gigantic diaper on and having to have a hand towel in my pants for traveling today. OMG! I am so turning 65.  But on the good side it was a brilliant idea. Luckily our hospital was just across the street from the motel. Interesting ER. The take your vitals while you are checking in!. You sit at the desk and the nurse is taking your temp, blood pressure, and oxygen while you are giving your information. Then we went back to the beds. They had me drink that stuff, gave me a cat scan and the only reason we were there so long was it took forever for stuff to work. My poor hubby, but he did have his book. He was so sweet because he totally could have made fun of me in the diaper which was so weird looking.

Traveling went pretty well today, one screwy stop when we didn’t find a gas station and then when we turned around the entrance ramp to the interstate was closed, but gps figured it out.

We had such a good time in Naco. Loved staying at the Copper Queen. A grand old hotel and right in the middle of Bisbee. Great visit with Laura and then dinner with them Sunday night. Also watched the exciting world series game with them. Golf at 10 with the girls, Janet, Nan and Laura and Denny played with a foursome. My game was not at it’s best but was still fun. Crazy grasshopper plague going on. I must study up on what kind of hoppers they were. After lunch with them all, we headed toward Casa Grande. If I had felt better I definitely would stopped at a casino. We were going to head toward California on Tuesday but decided it was best I stay in place another day to get stomach issues taken care of. Booooo Hisss

Once we arrived at Ojai, we cleaned up and unpacked. We had worn the same clothes for 2 days. Yuck. We were smart packers this trip and each had a little bag to bring into the stops so we didn’t have to bring in big bags. This is the first time that plan has actually worked for us because I generally always need something out of the big suitcases. So now we just came home from dinner at a Thai place that was sooooo yummy. After not eating since Monday I was really hungry and ate too much but it was veggies, shrimp. My new diet must have limited meat and tons of veggies and fruits and water. Maybe this last ER visit will be my wake up call. One can hope. We met most of the ladies involved with the retreat. Several from Colorado, one from Texas and the others from California. We start tomorrow at 9 am and there is an actual Ojai retreat center. Should be very interesting and I hope helpful for my mental state and sense of well being.

I so miss Jumper and Bendi!!! I really miss Bendi’s energy. Auntie Ruth is enjoying them.

That’s it for now. I love Pacific time zone. The weather is mild. Denny has scouted out a golf course. Plenty of walking paths for him plus he’ll hang out and read and just chill.

Do you ever wonder how you would handle being the last batter at the end of a ball game or the pitcher brought in the last inning? I don’t know how their nerves do it.

I’ll let you know how the retreat goes tomorrow.

Peace to all but not to these predators that continue to crop up.

Did you know that the grandparents of Cody Bellinger used to stay at our park!!