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October, our last month of the yearg

4 Oct

What a crazy weekend. This will be the last time the park will be full. Oktoberfest seems to be coming a really big event. The weather was wonderful. I didn’t have a chance to go because of sweatshirt orders but I heard it was great. Our friends Rolly and Claire and their kids came in from Indiana so Claire could have a booth. She had a great day selling her beautiful jewelry made from vintage silverware. We also had friends Cindy and Roger from Lake Wabaunsee, Candy and Howard, Bruce and Julie and her kids, Diane and Brian (Dales sister and brother in law from California), Mike and Julie from Colorado Springs all came in for the day, some for a few days. Robin and Dean will be here tomorrow. I am so grateful she is coming in early. Due to my strange September with the back issues and accident, I am way behind in my sweatshirt orders. She is bringing her 6 thread machine embroidery machine so we can knock them out early this week. She was coming up anyway for the quilt retreat next weekend.
I think Denny and I are very ready for a break beginning Nov 1st. We’re going to a couple of hot springs and chill out. I can’t wait. We have been so busy and full this year, it’s almost overwhelming. We have had a great reviews ever since we opened but….I read our first negative one tonight. We have had a horrible issue with dogs that live across the river They are hound dogs and for a few nights they barked all night. We took videos of them and and showed them to the sheriff. Supposedly they talked to them that afternoon and it has been better except for 2 of their puppies were running around and we had to call the marshall to pick them up. Good grief.
Just finished a yummy chili dinner with our friends who are still here. It is so much fun to just sit around a visit. Excited about tomorrow. Some of us are going over to North Lake to watch the golden eagles catch fish!!!!!!! Claire and Rolly saw them today. After we get back Robin and I will begin getting my embroidery orders done. That will be such a relief.
I am binge watching “Call the Midwife”. Also binged “The Affair”. It is juicy.
Busy week ahead. Girlfriend stuff on Tuesday, Robin and I going to Denver Wednesday night so we can do a Ricky Tims Quilt Show taping on Thursday. Then we come back home and get ready for the 3 day quilt retreat. Whew! Tired thinking about it. That’s it for now.