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I am really 65

30 Jan

I am really 65!! Wow. What a life I have lived. As always, I am always on some type of journey. My journey right now is facing some issues and letting go, understanding, and dealing with them head on. Why? Because I don’t want to continue on with stomach issues and emotional set backs.  When I went to the Carolyn Braddock retreat in November, I found out that many of my Irritable Bowel Issues could be from some emotional garbage I have had for over 55 years. I know that this is true because my stomach is finally beginning to heal. While I was on the cruise last week, I began to read Carolyn’s book “Body Voices”. IF YOU FEEL YOU HAVE ISSUES WITH BODY PAINS, STOMACH PAIN, HEADACHES, ANXIETY, PANIC ATTACKS;  PLEASE GET THIS BOOK. IT COULD HELP YOU TRULY ADDRESS ISSUES THAT MAY BE HOLDING YOU BACK FROM A HAPPIER AND CALMER PLACE. I am looking forward to a healthier year. February 1st I will begin my Miracle Morning program again. Meditating, writing, reading, exercising and being silent the first hour of everyday.

I totally screwed up my first month of Medicare. Just some tips from someone who did not listen, read or pay attention to what all needed to be done to be completely covered by Medicare and the supplemental plan. As you know I had to go to the doctor before my cruise. It was discovered that I had pneumonia. I had to have chest xray, blood drawn, 2 shots plus the doctor visit. Unfortunately I discovered that I had not completed my supplemental form and was not covered 100% for that doctor visit. I don’t know how much that visit will cost me, but it will be much more than I anticipated. I am now good to go and will be covered fully as of February 1.

Lesson #1: Open all of your mail that says Medicare, United Health Care or whatever your insurance might be. That is how I missed the form I needed to fill out.  I talked to an AARP representative and thought I had completed everything, but that was not true.

Lesson #2: If you go to the doctor and have to get prescriptions filled and something is expensive, leave it at the pharmacy and make phone calls to insurance and doctor’s office to see if you can get something else that is covered. Denny has Blue Cross and I have United Health, neither one covered Advair inhalers and we had a $800 payout which was very shocking for both of us. I also have the Walgreen Pharmacy Program

Lesson #3: I know I will sound like an idiot but I thought Medicare was free. It is not. I have $134 taken out of my $904 Social Security check. I will also have my $126 supplemental taken out of my check I think? Waiting on paper work to see how that works. I also pay $26 a month for Prescriptions. TOTAL: $286  a month. A part time job to help cover that amount a month would help me feel better financially. I now understand those social security stories of how hard it is to live on that and you must have other incomes. It’s scary instead of liberating to me as I enter this new stage of my life. (I’m trying not sound whiny, just trying to be realistic. We are not broke by any means but I also know how fast money can disappear and how many can lose everything with a major sickness or injury.)

Okay, I’m off my soap box. We are just home from golfing with Mike and Steph. Finally a sunny day. Busy week ahead.

Peace everyone



Quilt Cruise

20 Jan

I think I am packed and ready for my quilting cruise through Stitchin’ Heaven in Mineola, TX.  My friend Alicia and I are roomies. We are both excited and I think we will both be glad when we are finally on the ship!. She is flying out of KC and me out of Harlingen so I’m not sure when we will actually see each other. This is the trip that I booked a flight that would have arrived to late for me to get to the ship. Even though I hate losing the money I am glad I checked on it before right now. It’s been hard trying to get my brain back to work but I think I figured out the ship luggage tag and all the items needed for the quilting class. Thanks to Robin and Alicia who had some items I needed.

Denny and  I are feeling better but not very well yet.  Denny has the coughing cold bronchitis yucky stuff. If you are wondering why I am going on a cruise with pneumonia, it’s because the pneumonia was caused from a coughing/choking episode in Mexico when I aspirated some food. All I was trying to do was take a stupid pill. I have a cold with the icky cough but not contagious and neither of us have the flu. Now what really made us sick was that we both were prescribed inhalers-Advair and neither insurance covered it. $800. Oh my God…what is wrong with our health care. What good is insurance when they will not cover a very important medicine for the older generation!!!! Denny has Blue Cross Supplemental and I have United Health Care. Denny tried to return his inhaler but they would not take it back. Assholes. We now know we can get the same inhalers in Mexico for $75. Thank you Progresso. Too late now but lesson learned. It’s very upsetting. I’ll be taking a big baggie full of meds but glad I can go and the doctor thought the sea air might feel really good.

It has been a very strange week with both of us sick. The weather has been cold, damp, windy until today. I kept watching scary and depressing things on TV and on Friday I was actually crying about it all. I think for my mental health I need to stay away from news. I can’t bear the horrible stories that come out everyday-imprisoned families, murders, politics, abused gymnasts, angry news, etc.  My original plan was to start my eliminating Pepsi out of my life once again on Feb. 1. I also had a new exercise routine to begin and several golf outings coming up. Denny and I are also head of our street party which is mid February, so lots to do when I get home from cruise.

That’s it for now. Getting older is not for sissys!!!   Peace

Flu Epidemic 2018

15 Jan

I’m wondering if we are in an epidemic?  If we were would we be told? What did we do back in the day when we couldn’t binge tv during an illness? I do remember soap operas.  I wish I could sleep better when I’m sick.  All the cough syrup says it’s night time but it works opposite on me. I really need some of the ol’ Codeine stuff. Not happening.  The shows I have watched are Black Mirror-totally creepy, Jerry Seinfeld Comedians going for coffee-really great and made me wish I would have tried harder to be a stand up comic, Before I Wake movie, The End of the F#$*+; world-totally weird. Tomorrow I may need to watch something more uplifting.

Puppies came home this afternoon totally out of sorts from being boarded. Daddy and puppies all ready in bed asleep. I guess no cuddles for me.

Read article on a couple and how they reacted to missle  threat in Hawaii. They reacted a lot on how I think I would but not sure.  Wonder if I would have felt paralyzed, or would I have the need to save others, or would I have been calling family members, would I decided this might be a good time to fall off the wagon, would I grab Denny and puppies and find and drive to some famous cave, or would we and meet our demise while playing golf?  I just don’t know.

This is short and sweet just trying to get out of my head. Best advice I am getting is to stay inside.


Let’s talk the flu/cold/pneumonia/what is this but it is kind of scary

14 Jan

Many of you know that I have the crud because I’ve been whining about it on FB. I am home now in my recliner feeling rather gross.

I am someone who hates nasal stuff-people blowing noses, people coughing up stuff-people sniffing-nose picking, etc……..Now I am making all those gross noises and it is making me sick. This may sound weird but if Denny is sick with cold and doing all the gross stuff, I sometimes have to take a valium so I can handle it. I know, I am a bitch but it is one of those sensory things. Sorrrrry. But what else is really gross is the deep cough makes my bladder work when I didn’t know I had to go!!! GROSS. It’s reality I know. The deep coughing also causes another issue at times but I won’t go there because I’m really trying not to but really would like to talk about but I won’t.

I have had a fever a couple of times during the last 4 days and it literally made me delerious.  The first fever we were leaving the motel in Green Valley and I didn’t know where my passport was. Denny says “you put it away” and I start crying and coughing and say “no I didn’t”.  Denny calmly just looks in a couple of bags and finds it and then I’m okay and I go to sleep in the back seat. DO NOT BE SICK AND TRAVELING IN WESTERN TEXAS BECAUSE THERE IS NOTHING OUT THERE. DO NOT GET MAJOR STOMACH CRAMPS IN WESTERN TEXAS BECAUSE YOU WILL END UP ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD CRYING AND DOING WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO AND THEN GETTING IN THE BACKSEAT AND CRYING AND ARE SERIOUSLY PRAYING TO GOD THAT THE HOLIDAY INN IN OZONA IS ON THE HORIZON. The next morning  during another fever I got upset trying to remember if I had bought travel insurance for my upcoming cruise which is January 21.  This was yesterday morning as we were leaving Ozona Texas. I tearfully call my friend Judy to see if she can check on this issue for me because she owns a cruise business. After that Denny comes to the back seat and tells me to please calm down, covers me with blanket and Judy texts me to tell that I do have the insurance and once again I can relax and go to sleep. Denny is also not feeling great yet he is still able to calm me and drive these horrific miles and I’m just a useless human being. Some day I will be able to make up for all of this hell he goes through with me. I will make him a cherry pie!!!!!

My poor Mom with this cough, I don’t know how she hasn’t broken every rib in her little body.  She was in the hospital for 2 days but is back at her place and being taken care of. I did have another weepy moment last night because I was trying to book a flight to see her in February. I knew I had a credit so I had to talk to someone from American Airlines on the phone. She wanted the cancelled flight number, the locator number, I couldn’t find the email with that stupid info and started crying. I said “can’t you just please find the info more, I just cancelled the flight last week, “cough cough, wheeze wheeze” and voila she says “let me see if I can get that info” she got the new flight reserved with my big $75 credit.

Okay, I’m tired, binging Jerry Seinfeld “Comedians having coffee” or something. At least it is cheerful and not the little boy who couldn’t ever sleep because his nightmares killed his loved ones that I watched last night.

To everyone who is going through this illness-many blessings, get well soon, rest, fluids, antibiotics, inhalers, cough meds, whatever gives you some peace.


Where is the compassion

11 Jan

As we head out a few days early due to my cough and Mom being in the hospital some thoughts came racing into my head.

Why do airlines, motels, cruise lines, and anything else that says non refundable get away with that?  We asked the hotel yesterday if we could get 3 days return of money due to me being sick. He said of course, but… you booked through I think I still have a chance on a refund but we’ll see on that. Then last week I had to change flight due to my mistake regarding cruise departure time. I lost $200 in that fiasco. Where does an airline have that right?  We all know my seat is going to be filled.  When my brother died last year I had to cancel a $600 flight. I received $400 and thankfully I did get the $200 back but I had to get the ORIGINAL death certificate and mail it to them before I received my $200 loss. I know this place we are staying could care less if I am sick but how is giving me 150 dollars back going to ruin them. When we owned the RV park we would have campers come in, have an illness in the family, they would become ill, RV breakdowns etc. and we would give their money back in a heartbeat. How could you look someone in the eye and say “oops, sorry but no refund for you!”  I understand some things need to have firm requirements regarding deposits. Art classes, quilt retreats, medical appointments, etc. Once we were driving through Alaska in the middle of it burning up and were delayed returning to CO. I had given a $500 deposit for an art class and gave a 7 week notice and totally lost every penny and they required an 8 week refund time.

So what has me riled up is sometimes you can’t help what life is giving you!!!!  There are probably people in California whose homes are ruined and they had a trip planned and they could be out hundreds or thousands of dollars due to these refund restrictions.

Look what happened to stranded travelers during the last horrible snow storm.

Thank you Desert Diamond for giving me a refund with no penalties when I booked a gas station casino.

Okay I’m done ranting. Going to the office to see about refund one more time and if it is “No refund for you,” I’ll just say “Namaste  Bitches” and we’ll be in our way.



New Years Day 2018

1 Jan

To all of you I wish you the best year to come. I know there will be joy, sadness, passings, new babies, scary news, good news.

I always like to reflect on what I learned from the last year.

  1. To have the opportunity to be a business woman. It made me a stonger woman, maybe a little smarter but I am still unable to add. It was fun to have my own little shop and learn to sew items that customers liked. We feel blessed to have sold the park and are happy for them.
  2. To be able to be in business with my husband and succeed. It made us a stonger couple together. We had to learn how to communicate and work through issues together.
  3. I found I am still too sensitive to comments which I take too personally. After my retreat I do feel I am doing better with that.
  4. I do still find the need to have some type of job or opportunity to continue working. Hopefully my sewing ideas will fill this void.

Lastly, I hope I will incorporate meditation techniques, readings, exercise, and eating into my routine. During the retreat a couple of things happened. I found myself being a little angry at my Dad who passed away in 2008.  Nothing serious just sometimes thoughts come through. My friend Ginny was helping pack items in the house in October and we were making a Goodwill pile. I put these 2 hand carved sand piper birds in the pile. They used to be in my parents house and I knew my Dad really liked them. Ginny was about to leave and I decided to take the birds back. Forward to my retreat and Ventura Beach. Our first activity was to go find a place to sit in the sand to meditate and be still. The first 2 things I saw were 2 sand pipers running around in the waves. Then they were gone and I never saw them again in the next 5 hours I was there. I took that as a sign, maybe an apology, maybe that he is watching over me, whatever I no longer have that anger.

Another exercise we had was to bury thoughts of anger, sadness, distrust, etc. in the sand. I dug a hole and used items such as rocks, driftwood, seaweed and buried these thoughts deep. I laid down on the warm sand and closed my eyes. Thinking, praying, breathing, then I opened my eyes and I was looking straight up at the sky. There was a blue that I  had never seen before. Although the day had wispy clouds and a grayish blue, this blue was brilliant, happy, stunning, exciting. I kept blinking and it kept being there. Sadly I had to remove myself from the sand and the beach and when I got up to walk to the group, I looked up at the top of the sky and that blue wasn’t there anymore. I was definitely in some kind of mental euphoria that made me feel very happy. I have continued to have a better peace of the heart and soul.

It’s very cold and blustery here today. We had such a good time at the New Years dance and I so enjoyed being in Denny’s arms for 2 slow dances. I had fun dancing with girlfriends which I never do. Mike and Steph left today to get settled into their place on S Padre. Had so much fun with them as they stayed with us for 2 days.I am nestled in my recliner with blankies and binging on The Crown.  I LOVE IT!!!!