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Let’s talk medical care

19 May

Before I go into what is happening now, I’m going to preface it something else I have going on.

When someone would mention their dislike of ObamaCare, I would always say “Whoa, I have insurance because of ObamaCare”.  Even if I would have been able to have insurance because of pre existing circumstances, my insurance would have been high with a high deductible.  Just wanted to get that out of the way.

When my friend Judy was here helping us get the books and sales part of the business organized, I decided to add up my medical bills that I had paid out of pocket last year. I was SHOCKED  at the amount. I pay my bills every month, so there is a $400 bill here, a $1200 bill there. I did have insurance last year but nothing I had done in the La Veta area was never covered because I was out of network so I would do major procedures in Topeka. I had to have 2 endoscopies to clear up my esophagus and the 2nd one because I had some irregular cells due to Barrets esophagus.  I also had to have 2 Cat scans and 1 MRI because of back issues. In the late summer I had a “huge arthritic episode of my right hip” and had to have an injection in my hip plus numerous doctor appts so I could have tests set up and for medication. Okay, enough background.  My totally out of pocket was over $13,000!!!!!!!!! Plus my $450.00 premium.  Whoa Nelly, (isn’t that nicer than my usual “what the fuck!!”) I still have one more $500 bill to finish out my 2015 medical bills. The billing system in our area is horrific and when you receive your bill you have absolutely what it was for.(Supposedly they are once again getting a new billing system).

In April I went in for my physical with my little list of issues. Another endoscopy is needed along with the rest of my stomach problems. As I thought about my out of pocket last year I decided to get really aggressive regarding my stomach. I have been seriously addressing the fiber and probiotic and drinking more fiber remedy. Tummy is better. So….I’m eliminating the tummy doctor for now. I now have a physical bill, a doctor bill plus 2 injections bill from today. Speaking of today, it was horrific. Everything was going really nice. Little chores done, washed the kitchen window over the kitchen sink, laundry, town hall to see about having our road graded before Memorial Day. Then I took my 2 morning pills and choked on the water which made me cough which made my back go into such a spasm that I fell to my knees. I had to crawl through the living room and out the front door to get Denny. After calling my massage therapist to come by, and taking some meds and calming down, I was luckily able to get into the doctor. Before the doctor I could barely lift my legs or my arms or move or get out of the chair. After a toradol and steroid injection, more meds and resting, I feel better. I can’t believe how much I cried from the pain.  I’ve already heard lots of “backs going out” stories.  Wish mine was more exciting but I was surprised how common it is from a cough or a sneeze.

A financial lesson learned, another weird injury for my body. I still somewhat heal up but I have a few friends with MS and Parkinson’s. Also have 2 friends going through very serious cancer procedures.  Blessings for them.. aaaaaaaaaaj



Still rambling

14 May

I’ve been blogging in my head all day.  I’ll think about something and then I think I have to write about that, etc. etc.

First off, we just returned home from Colorado Springs. We attended the Pikes Peaks Art Council Art Show. This is where my peacock painting is hanging. It was packed, wonderful food, beautiful art works and Mike and Julie met up with us there. After the show we saw Mike and Julie’s new home and loved it. While we drove there we followed the highway that is next to the Garden of the Gods.  I have not seen them for years, like I was 10. I forgot how stunning that area is and the surrounding mountains. May have to do a day trip there. Photo is of Jan, Carol-my art instructor and friend, and I.

art show

This morning I was fussing with this hairdo and I had a funny thought. If this hair thing is driving me crazy why do I even bother wearing a wig??? Because I don’t want to run around with no hair. I do read articles of people with alopecia who go au natural, but I just don’t go there. Maybe I could have my head tattooed or something. I don’t want to look like I am sick or going through chemo and for it to be the topic of conversation.  When I was growing up, I think I was described as “that bald headed girl” and I don’t want to be described as “that bald headed ol’ lady”. Soooo, I’m going to fuss with this hairpiece that has hair that moves and I’m actually thinking of going longer so I can do a ponytail or braid. I love the older lady look of a braid.  We’ll see!!

I’m really being patient about planting flowers. It was beautiful and warm today, but it is still pretty chilly at night and Denny really thinks we will get one more snow. Have lots of fun ideas for flowers and herbs and veggies.

Put up my hummingbird feeder and actually will feed the birds this summer. Last year the hummingbirds went to everyone’s feeders except mine. We have a wonderful variety of colorful birds.

We do have a trap out to try and catch a skunk. He is hanging around our courtyard and causing some stinky problems.

I have written about this before. I have this friend who doesn’t talk to me any more. I really, really don’t know why and I have fretted about it for years. In the last 2 weeks I have heard his name and I can’t believe how my heart and stomach reacts. I will be digging into my “Untethered Soul” to once again get this nagging pain out of me. Why does this person matter to me? Why am I sad that we are not friends? It’s like that day when everyone compliments you on something and then you hear 1 negative comment and that becomes your new truth. Maybe it’s the not knowing what happened. How come I don’t get to apologize if I did something wrong?  How come I can just not care at this point in my life?  I don’t have the answer and maybe I never will.

Speaking of the Untethered Soul. I had to buy a new book today because I can’t find my other one. I am confessing something that my niece may see. I am missing a tub or box full of fabric, an iron, my book. We have looked everywhere around here. I have called my friend Kathy in Texas to check out our place in Brownsville. No fabric. Tomorrow, our winter neighbor is going to cut the lock off the shed we used and look for the missing tub. If it is found, he will drive it up in another friends’ fifth wheel and then my friend will mail me the fabric. Let’s hope this will all happen because the fabric involved is for my niece’s daughters tee shirt quilt. I’m so missing my cordless iron too. I’ll let you know how this plays out.

Still in a doomsday mode somewhat. 2 friends with scary cancers. So hope for the best for them. Did catch on Parker Loves Life which is about a little girl with DIPG cancer which is incurable at this point. She has made one visit to Germany for immunatherapy. Tonight she was actually performig in a dance show!! She is returning to Germany this month for another treatment. Wow. Wouldn’t this be wonderful if this would be a cure?  It’s a dreadful childhood cancer.

Looking forward to Sunday. Carol is coming down to teach 2 days of painting. I hope to paint all day on Sunday. Have pinned 2 quilts and will quilt them myself this weekend. Nice little quilts, 1 for Yuki, 1 for cabin bed.

Dale and Denny have been so busy sprucing up picnic tables, planting grass in a few sites, mowing, painting. Still have a lot of work on our green house.

Black eye is almost gone. I think I have discovered the original injury and I do believe it is a bite. I have a really tender spot on the soft part of my eyelid. Tummy issues a little better. Have cut way back on sugar and having cramps all over the place. Very weird.Water, water, water.

Actually felt like an rv park today. 3 drop ins plus several reservations including the cabin. Happy to have some weeklies and a full Memorial weekend. I wish you could feel the energy of the area. It’s wonderful and positive.

Played bridge last night with Ginny, Sandy and Tracy. We have had so much fun this month playing. We are kind of a teaching group and we can’t seem to remember what we have learned when we meet again. Thank goodness Tracy is patient with us. Also, big news, I have heard about Mahjong players in Cuchara. Hope to contact them this weekend. I really miss playing.

Okay, I think that is it.

Peace everyone.



Monday, Monday, so bad to me

9 May

black eye
It’s been a very strange day. Yesterday morning I felt like my left eye was getting a hive on it. So..I took a benedryl. A couple of hours later I look in the mirror and see the beginning of a black eye!! Have no idea how. I don’t remember bumping it or Denny hitting me, or my dogs hitting me. I didn’t think about it too much yesterday. Actually had a nice day. My friend Linda came by and we discussed quilt ideas. She has a brain like me and tries to make projects harder than they really need to be. We are both very busy and have busy minds and talk too fast. She owns a toxic free company that sells toxic free products all over. Plus she has many employees, etc. We both decided to calm the hell down and do what we can. If you would like to check out her products search Linda Chae and you’ll see her name and Beyond Natural with it. I use some of her facial products and will carry their bug spray this year. It’s never too late to be as organic and pure as we can. (Yes I know Pepsi isn’t organic or pure!!)
Speaking of Pepsi. I have totally screwed my stomach inside out trying various fiber drinks, probiotic, prebiotics, and the ever popular Squatty Potty. Tummy feels a little better but have quite a way to go. For a month starting today-no sugar.
Doesn’t mean for the rest of my life but for 30 days to see what happens. On top of the stomach I have itchy foot, the black eye, back on estrogen, and new glasses. I wear the trifocals and now that I have smaller lenses, my focals will take me awhile to adjust. Right now when I walk outside, the ground comes up and I feel like a little person. Eye doctor thought my black eye looked okay on the inside but it isn’t focusing correctly. Maybe tomorrow it will be less fuzzy for heaven’s sake.
We have had our front yard and then today our driveway back hoed to fix some water lines. It’s a mess but we won’t have to worry about that issue again. Thankfully there wasn’t a leak in the park. I can’t imagine what it would be like to dig up the whole place. Yikes.
I’m kind of in a doomsday mode. Just read where some islands have disappeared due to climate change. A few days ago there was an article about part of the ocean suffocating. The ever present San Andreas fault was in the news. Back in the day my therapist told me I had “existential anxiety”. I kind of feel that way right now. It’s weird but it will pass. I feel rather secure in our little town of La Veta. No impending doom seems to be lurking around us. Maybe a chance meeting with a bear or mountain lion?? I feel for the Midwest tonight with all the horrible tornadoes. Haven’t read the news tonight to read about damage.
Business will begin picking up in about another week. My friend Carol is doing a Watercolor Batik class this weekend so painting will be a good outlet for a couple of days. I also have 1 tee shirt quilt to sew together for a graduate, 1 twin bed quilt to back and bind for a bed in the cabin, another throw to back and bind to use in one of the campers. Robin and Dean left Saturday after spending a week with us. Dean was a great help to Denny and Robin embroidered all of my in stock sweatshirts. First time in 4 years that I actually have inventory.
Finally it is just about time to start planting flowers, herbs and some veggies. Since part of our front yard is dug up, it will be easy to start a new flower bed. No snow is predicted but it can still get pretty chilly at night. I had pretty good luck last year with deer proof flowers. A big problem that is getting bigger are the bunnies. There are many hopping around.
Jumper and Meeko are in full “mommy’s assistants mode” in the office. They come a running when the entry bell goes off. This morning a customer gave Jumper 2 treats and they were too big for his mouth and she had to dig them out of his mouth! I’ll do a video of them at work one of these days.
That’s it for now from the rambling Jbird.
Peace everybody.