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Just some fun photos and tidbits

31 Mar

lacey johnathoneaster elliott

Photos of Elliott with her easter basket and Juli’s children Lacey and Jonathon in their Easter finest.
Also, if it works, a video of an upset Jumper. Since we are staying at Aunt Mary’s house, we have to have them on a leash at all times so they don’t pee anywhere. Meeko is fine with it, but Jumper sometimes shows his displeasure.

We tried to go to church this morning, but when we arrived, the services were already over. At least we did try. Had a quiet day. Then about 4 pm, we definitely found out that we are going to buy the rv park. Our brains our boggled at this moment; do we head for home, do we stay and enjoy our little vacation because we are going to be working hard all summer, do we cancel our golf school next weekend, can we just chill and get our brains unboggled, maybe we’ll make that decision tomorrow. All I know for sure is that I don’t want to be in Kansas tomorrow because I heard it could maybe snow but it will definitely be cold. Weather here is sooooo perfect.

Hope everyone had a great day. I had many little texts with family and friends.

Excited about Wichita State. Hated watching the Louisville player go down with a visible compound fracture. Yikes.



30 Mar

We continue to be on our world wind tour of Arizona. I think we have driven over 2300 miles in 10 days.  we spent Wednesday thru Friday in Green Valley.  Very fun time. 4 girlfriends and I played in a member guest golf tourney for 2 days.  Very fun. With no neck pai going on I am getting a lot more distance.  The weather was perfect and I came home with $95.  Denny was able to play with Doug from the lake and Jim from La Veta so he had fun too.  We were able to spend a coup,e of hours with Jim and Jeannie from La Veta and Doug and Kathy were able to join all of us for dinner Thursday night.  We made the trip back to Naco in time for the 2nd half of the KU game. What a disappointment. But……..Wichita won tonight which is solo exciting.

 Stayed all night with Chuck and Janet in their cute little Naco house.  Saw many friends.  Left early this morning to pick up puppies and get to Goodyear.  We are now settled in here until around the 9th.
As I ramble on about nothing really important, we receive the latest news on Juli. It’s not great news but once again her faith comes through full of courage.  You may read the latest update on her page on the top of may blog on the page called Juli. Strong loud prayers are needed to help her through this next phase.  I feel so lost at the moment when I read her post.  How everything feels so less important when she is literally fighting for her life and all she asks for is our prayers and love.  I want to be able to do so much more. We are able to text back and forth often and I feel very blessed that we have developed such a cool relationship. I have learned so much from her about faith and hope. Her knowledge of the bible is incredible. Bottom line is I love her and I will keep praying for her miracle. I know many of you have her in your prayers also and thank you for doing that.

Isn’t life funny

23 Mar

We were pretty bummed for the last couple of days since the sale of our building fell through. Today, while driving my Mom to Rogers, we started talking about other options. One being renting one of my sisters duplexes here in Holiday Island. We actually called her and talked to her about it. Well……after Mom found some shoes, we started heading back home. The first call I received was that the mustang had sold. Good news. Then sister Judy called to say that Juli, with many conversations with her doctors, is going to enter an experimental chemo therapy that has had some success for pancreatic cancer. She is feeling very positive about the decision and should begin fairly soon. Then…..I received an email deform the owner of the RV park with a new proposition regarding financing the RV park which seems Very doable. So once again,we need to decide if it will work out and proceed. Wow. It will be our main topic of conversation as we travel to AZ.

Drove in heavy fog today and now it is beginning to snow. We will probably be driving in snow for awhile in the morning but hope to be out of it by Tulsa how crazy that this cold of weather is causing us problems now.

Watching a lot of basketball. How sad about Kstate but GO HAWKS! That was a stressful game.

Watched an old scary movie this morning called “Hypnotic Eye” I bet I haven’t seen it since I was little and remember it scaring the crap out if me then. I knew from then on I never wanted to be hypnotized!

Totally Bummed

22 Mar

Since November, Denny and I have been working on trying to purchase one of the rv parks in La Veta, CO. At one point it looked like a done deal. Then it didn’t and then it did and now we know that it won’t be happening. Very sad right now. So many emotions, plans, dreams about how we would work it, I could even see myself behind the counter checking in a camper. We are both feeling icky about it right now, but….we will come out of it and come up with a new plan.

Thursday March 21, 2012

21 Mar

notecard samplessecuredownload[1]Once again our travel plans have been delayed by this crazy spring weather we are having. We were in Lawrence this morning and it was snowing fairly heavy. Since we are going to Arkansas, a lot of snow is south of us so that is why we will wait until tomorrow. It hasn’t snowed out here at the lake yet but the wind is viciously cold. I’m thinking this is the first day of spring?
Has been a busy few days. The boys were on Spring Break this week so we watched them Monday-Thursday. On Tuesday, Kyler and I drove out west of Salina to the Rolling Hills Zoo. We had heard that it was a nice zoo, so we thought we’d check it out. Their museum is really wonderful. Lots of animal displays with stories about them. A lot of the animals were inside since it was a little cold. What was cool was that a lot of the animals did move around while we watched them. The old orangatan named Clyde took this huge box and moved clear away from the window. The chimpanzees were busy. The Wallabees actually did some hopping around. The python kind of scared Kyler. Saw the Rhinos, bears, the lions were roaring which was cool. All in all in was a good visit. Cade wasn’t able to go because he was sick so Denny stayed home with him.
Finished weaving my 10 placemats for Bernie, just in time for her Easter dinner. I definitely got a little quicker at the warping and weaving. Next weavings will have some fancier weaves to them.
Denny finally received his new golf irons yesterday. Anxious to see how they work out for him. I hope he’ll really like them. I’m anxious to try my new 9 wood, I’m thinking my approach shots will work out much better.
Had dinner with the girls this week at La Rocca’s. It’s a new place where Spanky’s used to be. Not much I could have but did like the La Rocca salad.
My fundraising for Friends of Namakkal continues to increase. I’m at $230 from the sale of my cards and placemats. If any of you are interested I can make you placemats any colors you would like for $4 each and a box of notecards is $10 for a box of 8.
Had many pre cancerous spots frozen off of my face, chest and legs. I hate that freezing. They are just now getting to that gross stage which be lovely I’m sure next week.
I’ve posted a new post from Juli. She did not receive good news from the doctors today. She is now entering a rather scary part of her mighty fight with this bile duct cancer. Please read her post on her page I have called Juli at the top of this post. Huge prayers are needed. She is still so powerful with her words and prayers, I know that God is listening. Very emotional time for the family.

We still are in limbo which is getting very tiring regarding our possible life changing adventure. I’m beginning to give up hope on it and am just about ready to go to Plan B which I’m really not sure what it is.

Friday, March 15

16 Mar

It’s been a good couple of days for the Jbird. #1 I have actually felt good. I’ve been having weird issues, (I know, what’s new), but when I’m having them it is no fun. So..totally appreciate feeling creative, energetic, happy and excited.
We’ve had a fun couple of days. Thursday, we spent the afternoon with Carl and Konnie. We all hopped in the car and went to Lawrence and Kansas City. Carl watches that show “Diners and Dives” or something like that. One of the places on the show was called RJ’s BBQ. It has some interesting meals that make it a little different. Lamb Ribs, which I had; pig twists which was fried pieces of pork tenderloin; gumbo and jalapeno sausage. The owner came out and talked to us and told us that before he was on the show, he had 20 employees. After the show his business doubled and he now has 40 employees. After eating, they took us to Prydes Kitchen Store. Oh my goodness, what a place. It’s a family owned business and it has thousands of items and absolutely anything one might need in the kitches. Really enjoyed and will go back again sometime. We bought some items, the main item being a ceramic knife. We have the dullest knives in the world and this one is supposed to stay sharp.
This morning we went to Topeka to drop the Mustang at a used car place and he will sell it for us. Glad to have that off of our list of things to do. Hopefully it will sell fairly fast. This afternoon, Doc and Linda stopped by. They were out on their motorcycles since it was such warm day. We sat out on our deck and yakked for a couple of hours. It was really good to see them. We don’t see them much since we are out of the motorcycle loop.
It is just after 1 am and I just came in from the studio. I’ve been weaving my order of 10 placemats. I have finished 6 of them, so should finish them tomorrow. I would really like to take them to Bernies and lay them on her table and see how they will work. Really getting into the whole weaving thing. Actually getting pretty fast at warping the loom. I love being in my studio. I’m able to watch movies while working. Tonight I once again watched “Legends of the Fall”. Brad Pitt is so wonderful in it and the tragic love story is heartbreaking. I did not cry this time watching it as I usually do.
KU and Kstate will be meeting for the Big 12 Championship game tomorrow afternoon. Who would of thought that those 2 would be in the finals. I didn’t watch the games tonight but will watch tomorrow. I get to be home all day tomorrow which I’m happy about. I’m trying to get my projects done in the next few days because we hope to head south toward the end of next week. The weather is AWESOME in Arizona right now so looking very forward to getting there.
That’s it for now, should seriously try to get to sleep.

13 Mar

Just in from spending a few hours in the studio. Totally into weaving right now. Photo is my latest creation of placemats. 4 colors in the warp gives the placemat a multi color look. Using 2 types of yarn in weave so it has a nice texture. Doing an order of 10 right now. That’s exciting.
My notecard fundraising is coming right along. Whats really cool is that I delivered some boxes to some friends in Lawrence today. One of the ladies has been to India a couple of times on mission work, so we had a lot to talk about. She ordered 5 of my India Hut notecards to give to others who have been to India. Received orders today for 7 more boxes which brings me to a total order of 14 so far. That’s $140 for Friends of Namakkal so far.
Rented the movie “Sessions” while weaving tonight. Really good movie about man who had polio and had to use an iron lung. While in his 40’s, he hired a sex surrogate. His name was Mark Obrien. Very interesting and touching movie.
Today, I went to Lawrence again to see the Dr. Joe to work on my left foot. It’s a fairly tortuous procedure and actually brought tears to my eyes. I have 3 extreme stretches to do 3 times a day. He thinks I should see results pretty soon. So far, nothing good happening. He is a really good guy to go to for physical therapy issues and I totally trust him, so maybe next week my foot will begin to show improvement.
Denny finished redoing Ruth’s back steps. He even made the landing bigger. The 3 of us were talking today and I had a really nice memory from the early 80’s. Ruth and I were very involved with motorcycle events at that time. I was State Secretary for ABATE. Her husband was always in charge of a motorcycle show or something. I would sell my buttons at the events.I would also take photos of a person and their motorcycle and then put the photo in a button. Denny was involved because of the Harley store. One year, Joe and I and Ruth and Gerry were awarded something from the Harley store for our contributions in motorcycle awareness. When Denny introduced me, he went on and on about all the things I was involved and he said he couldn’t believe how I did it all. Ruth thought then that Denny really really liked me, so did others. Well, look at us now. Little did we know at the time that we would some day be married to each other and he would lead such a busy life. It’s cool that Ruth is still such a good friend of ours.
We are still waiting patiently to see if our new life adventure is going to happen. We thought we would know this week, but now it will be next week. Hopefully by the end of next week we will be on our way to Arizona by way of Arkansas. It will be good to take a break from the waiting and anticipation of wondering what is going to happen.
I did something a little out of the ordinary yesterday. I have always wanted to have a make over done on a tv show. When we were on the cruise, one of the passengers told us how she had been picked to go on Kelly and Regis for a Mothers Day makeover. Long story short, I sent an email to the Rachel Ray show and a photo of me with a kind of pitiful story of why I need a makeover. So….we’ll see. My friend Claire is also going to work on sending some requests to shows too. Maybe if we saturate the networks, one of them will see our letters. My request is to get a look as I go into my 60’s. I would like to have help on wig styles and color and also I would love to see if there is some way I could have really natural looking eyelashes. I don’t think that is too much to ask.
I continue to go without Pepsi, 7 weeks and 1 day. I’m averaging losing a pound a week so I am now at 153.2. I weigh nekked in the morning and that is the number I am going by. Started out at 159.
That’s it for now. Let me know if any of you would like a set of placemats. They are soft, colorful and fun and would go with many colors of dinnerware.