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Back in La Veta

26 Apr

Thank you Denny for driving for 2 days so we were home by 6 tonight. Nothing too exciting about the trip but one blown over motorhome from strong winds. That has to feel so scary. We’ve already unloaded the jeep and can relax. It’s a beautiful sunny evening with meadowlarks and other birds singing away. Totally different songs than the tropical birds in Brownsville. The most exciting event was stopping at one quilt shop that had everything on sale for 50% – 70% off!!. I bought several items and was very excited. Tomorrow is my day to really organize my sewing room I am only here until Tuesday evening. I will leave on the train for Topeka on May 1st and get an injection for my back on the 2nd. I am desperate for it. Then, Jbird65 Girlfriend party begins. Becky, Mary, Judi and Jacque and I are meeting at Jacques for 3 days for major slumber party. There will be crafts, pedicures, yakking, movies, eating and drinking. Jacque has the perfect place for this adventure.

Had so much fun last weekend with Cindy and Juli when they came to Bville for 4 days. We did so much with the major activity being golf. They appreciated the warm weather and it really cooperated the whole time.

It was a rather odd winter in Bville with our illnesses and Mom passing away but being able to not rush back to open the rv park and staying into April was great fun. I also am for the first time totally free of anything pressing to do. I talked to Becky, th new owner of Circle the Wagons and told her that I wouldn’t be able to make items for the shop. I couldn’t believe the freedom I felt for the first time in years of not having some project looming over me. It’s wonderful.

Now I do have to worry somewhat about our lack of moisture this winter in La Veta. The mountains should be packed with snow. Let’s hope and pray some big spring wet snows come soon.

Excited for what we have coming up in the next several weeks. Hopefully trading in the jeep and motorhome for SUV and small camper. We’ll try doing that weekend after next. Then after quick trip to Holiday Island and Manhattan, Ks and Topeka, we’ll head out on our couch surfing trip. We will be visiting friends in Nashville, Indianapolis, Cape Charles, Manassass, Michigan, Wisconsin. This is puppy friendly trip so Bendi and Jumper will be with us. Denny will be attending the Indianapolis 500!!!!! We’ll be out about 5 weeks.

Thats it for now, just wanted to get a little caught up. Hope everyone is ready for a great summer and hopefully all the snows are over for those up north. Peace