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July 2, 2016

2 Jul

Happy almost 4th of July. What a great weekend it has been. The park is full and overfull. Lots of travelers without reservations driving all around Colorado. We let 2 drop ins last night park in the driveway and 2 tonight. Had big mixup today but that is the only one we have had in all the craziness of moving people around on the reservation sheet.

Today was the parade and it was great fun. For some reason I always feel like crying at the parade because it is so sweet and quaint. We have lots of company. Claire, Carleigh and Karen are staying in the motorhome. Claire is selling her beautiful silverware jewelry and did really well today. John and Bloom are staying with us in the house. John was our gym manager back in the day. We are all enjoying 5 year old Bloom. Cute photo of her and 93 yr old Dick.


Joe and Connie and Carl and Konnie from Topeka are camping with us.  Very fun to have all our friends around. We gather in the evening for dinner which is the only time we can be together.

Trying a new stomach thing tomorrow. Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother-who has heard of that?? It’s the cider made from all the remnants of the apples used for making cider. Anyway tomorrow morning I will drink a tablespoon of the vinegar mixed with raw honey in a cup of hot water. One of my friends, Pokey told me about this and she says she feels fabulous. We will see.

Life is hectic, hectic, hectic. ┬áThe reservations are overwhelming and we hate turning down so many people wanting to come in. Mainly we can’t put any one in a site for more than a couple of days in July. Wow.

Looking forward to a short trip to Taos with Claire and her family. We hope to get inside the Taos Pueblo on Wednesday. It has worked out nicely having Wednesdays off. It does work best if I am out of the park.

Physically feeling better. Haven’t taken any meds for back/neck for 3 days. Actually walked around quite a bit today with no ill effects.

The strange people that I had coming in seems to have slowed down. We’ve also made some policies about car sleepers etc.

That’s it for now. Almost out of battery. Peace everybody.