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Thursday morning Ramblings

28 Sep

September has been one of the strangest months I have ever had. It started out on a high note. Labor Day weekend. We introduced the new owners to the campers in the park. We raffled off the Childrens Library quilt. We had a musical concert. The park was full. Really great all the way around.

Then, the seasonals began grumbling. They don’t like what is happening with the park. They  are going somewhere else. This is fine until I find out that they are talking to people in the town about this. Anyone who knows about small town life, this is a huge mistake. I have been guilty about talking about business rumors and will not do it anymore. Just the other day a camper came in and told me she had heard that the new owners were raising the prices so much that all the seasonals were leaving. (So not true) This man who was telling the story was from Texas and this camper heard him talking about it in a local store. You can imagine how mad I was when I heard this. But, it was also a turning point for me. It’s time to let go of the park. We had to deal with rumors and seasonals when we bought the park and deal with a severe drought and the West Peak fire. The new owners will be able to handle all of this too.

I also started going to Nail Tech school in August 4 days a week in Pueblo. Getting up at 5 am and home around 1, a quick nap then working in the office. I so enjoyed doing this. #1 It was an escape for me from all the park nonsense. #2 I loved the students. Beautiful high school girls and 1 guy who walked an hour a day just to get to school. I enjoyed listening to their lives as we practiced on each others nails and toenails. And…it was going to be great little career in La Veta and Texas. The only issue was the instructor who was passive/aggressive and very short with us when it came to asking questions or asking for help. I was a big girl and tried to not let it get to me but it certainly pushed a lot of buttons. Two weeks ago, I woke up with a hemmorhaged eye. After a trip to the ER Denny drove me to school because I had 2 appointments at 8 and 9. During the 9 am manicure, I was shaking a bottle of polish and it flew out of my hand and spilled all over the floor. Normally, I would have laughed and took care of it. But..when I told the instructor what happend, “hoping there was a mop or something”, she yelled “you better get it cleaned up”. I asked how and again she yelled “a rag and polish remover”. Now I’m on my hands and knees scrubbing th floor for 10 minutes while my client is waiting for her manicure. I was mortified and embarrassed. The room was full of clients and the instructor sat at her desk rather than help me with this mess. After I went home I began thinking about the whole episode and really got upset. Denny and I talked and thought the best thing to do was to drop the class because it was not worth this type of treatment. (I was not the only one being treated this way.) I went to the college and talked to numerous staff including the Dean. I did all that was asked of me and yesterday I was told I would receive a total refund. I’m glad I stayed with it because I went through so many emotions after emailing the instructor and trying not to think that they were all making fun of me or that I was making something out of nothing. That’s how one is made to feel when they have been humilitated and the stand up for themselves.

Next incident was that the sale of the park fell through. Oh my God.  This happens 2 days after the school incident. Denny and I just looked at each other and said, “well I guess we are working next year!” Thankfully the sale of the park was back on that next Thursday, but another emotional week. We are now busy with the last few weeks of the park which is surprisingly our busiest. Looking forward to my quilt retreat next week and Oktoberfest.

Now comes the special parts of these last few weeks. Coming into the office and finding painted rocks with Love, Hope Courage painted by a friend who had stayed with us all summer. Coming into the office and a camper who I didn’t know leaving me a bracelet made out of dried potatoes. Very cool. Hearing from my classmates on a day that I was actually crying over what had happened at school and them telling me how much they missed me and wanted me to come back. Going to church and feeling desperate and leaving feeling strong. The message was “be still, I am with you”. The presence of God in my life this entire season has been the strongest I have ever felt but more so in September. There was a lady who I called to talk about these park issues and she told me her story and then said she would be on her knees for me that night. The next day another scary issue we had happened was resolved. We have received so may nice cards, comments and kind goodbyes that it can be overwhelming.

Be still, let go of the park, enjoy life, love each other, respect each other, be kind to each other. In a few weeks we are driving to California. I will be attending a spiritual retreat to soothe my soul and heart and brain. I can’t wait. Denny will be treating his golf game and reading. We don’t close until Dec. 7 and off to Texas we will go. We really like the new owners and it will be exciting to see their new adventure happen.

I also really want to go to Puerto Rico and help rebuild in the future. I am so sad about what has happened and the lack of transportation to get supplies. When I was first in Junior College I was going to be a spanish speaking nurse and move to Puerto Rico. Unfortunately alcohol, drugs and boys detered from that dream, but maybe I can go and be helpful.