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Happy Anniversary to Denny and I

31 Dec

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16 years. Wow, plus we were together 2 years before that. What a great life we have had. My life could have been rather bleak had I stayed with the first 2 husbands. One is living as an alcoholic in squalor and the other one is living with his Mom in an old farmhouse. Yikes.
Just received a dozen roses which are beautiful. Denny will be here tomorrow night. Yea!! We will head out on Thursday for Springfield MO. We’ll spend 2 nights there. Going to get some more instruction on my embroidery machine. Tomorrow, I will actually get to see our new logo embroidered. Denny can’t wait to see it on a hoodie!
Today I will be sorting through the rubble I have made in the bedroom. It’s full of tubs, sewing machines, material, a card table, boxes and clothes strewn about. Computers, nooks, ipads, phones plugged into the wall. Think I will probably need another tub.
Bought something very cool. Those who still iron would love it. It’s a Panasonic cordless iron. Now that we iron table cloths for the clubhouse it will be much easier without messing with the cord. Today I will use up my credits at the quilt store. Going to stock up on thread. It can get rather expensive, $9 for a spool with between 500 and 800 yards on it. I always use cotton which is a little more too.
Looking forward to being in Topeka for a few days. Going to see friends, go to the lake house and make sure everything is okay, go to the foot doctor and see what the hell is going on now since I have all this pain on the top of my feet now, and see a scary movie with Billie.
It has been an interesting visit here in Holiday Island, AR. Still can’t believe how my Mom has bounced back. We are now walking to and from the dining room. She says she has no pain in her pelvis or leg so that makes it easier to get around. Next step for her is to actually eat in the dining room. I’ve been here through 4 holidays, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s. It’s been fun getting to know Judy’s kids and grandkids better. Usually at family reunions they are running all around and you really don’t get to sit down and visit. Have also had some quality time with both of my sisters which has been great too. It’s not like we weren’t close but we just didn’t communicate a whole lot.
We’ve had an awful thing happen. Our mail hasn’t been forwarding. It’s all lost, a months worth somewhere. It hasn’t been returned, we haven’t received any Christmas cards or bills which Denny has been calling about. Where does lost mail go??? We are going to change up how we are going to get it to us.
I have FINALLY sewn my last micro bowl holder I hope for several weeks. I had 6 more to make after Christmas. I can now begin a small quilt that I have had the material for months. My friend Cindy bought the pattern and material in May. I wish I would have kept count of how many holders I have made but I know over 200. I made 72 since I’ve been here.
Time to go visit Mom. Today the long term insurance people come assess her. She was wondering if she had to act feeble while they were assessing. We think they will see that she needs care.

A Good day for Mom

27 Dec

There is a little ski place by Kansas City that Elliot’s babysitter’s boyfriend runs. On Thursday she took all the kids there to ski and snowboard. This Kyler doing a good job for his first time. Kyler is one of those kids that can do anything athletic well and hopefully one day he’ll find one that he really, really likes.
I went to see Mom this afternoon. She actually wanted to go for a walk outside of her room. I put the belt on her and off we went. I almost cried because it felt like such a big moment. There were people in the great room and the applauded when they saw her. Tomorrow we are going to practice walking to the dining room tables which is just a little bit farther. I hope this will be a step in the right direction for her to get out and about a little more. She is still using a walker and needs someone with her but maybe one day she can do it on her own.
Waiting for the little ones to go to sleep so Judy and I can play spite and malice with Cooper and John Paul. They thought they were going to whoop us but I think we can win the whole thing. It’s a great card game.
Judy has been a busy grandma today taking the kids to the park and a few of them to see Christmas lights.
I’m trying to get a few sewing projects done and actually tried to use my new used embroidery machine but I will have to do a lot of studying before I can tackle it.
Oops, here’s Judy so off to the card table.

December 27, 2013

27 Dec

I love this photo of Jonathon and Meeko. Jonathon petted him for at least 30 minutes and Meeko loved every minute of it. It was very calming for the both of them.

I am still here in Holiday Island Arkansas. I’ve never been at such a big Christmas gathering!! Judy has 2 children who each have 3 kids plus Juli’s 2 kids plus the parents plus my brother John and Marvin’s friend Virginia. It was quite a day. Marvin cooked a turkey dinner. There were kids running all over, up and down the stairs. It was crazy. I did hear a new name for great aunts and uncles- Graunts and Gruncles. I like that.
Yesterday the living room was totally cluttered with paper, suitcases, clothes, people, etc. After a day of visiting, John, Leslie, Judy and I were sitting at the kitchen table last night and we heard this high pitched scream. We all looked at each other wondering which kid it was!! Turns out it was a plastic reindeer stuck in the electric chair rail they have to go up and down the stairs. Unfortunately the reindeer has been decapitated and amputated but Marvin still had to call a service tech in who will come next week.
The kids have all been playing pretty well together with occasional tears and pouts. I’ve actually not pouted too much either except for when I kept trying to weave on the rubber band loom and there would always be a child butt in an take over so I never did get to finish a bracelet!!! There’s many coughs and runny noses so I’m not sure who will come down with some disease first. Right now we have 7 kids here ages 13-4. I’m discussing this because I’ve never been around this many kids at once. Thanks goodness Judy has a big 2 story house. When one of the kids does something that drives me crazy, I tell them my cold sore is named after them. They think that is funny. I’m hoping my lips don’t rot off before the new year. I’m on my 2nd cold sore in 2 weeks.
I’m getting ready to go see Mom and run a few errands then I have to come back and do some sewing. Had some RV park business to take care of. Denny is having fun back in Texas. He called at 11 and was already having margaritas with Carl and Konnie!!
That’s it for now.

Merry Christmas 2013

24 Dec

Love the blooming Christmas cactus at my sister’s house.
Spending the day fairly relaxed after a hectic last few days. Denny came in on Friday night from Texas. It was wonderful to see him and the puppies. Our plans were to head to Kansas on Saturday, see Billie in the Nutcracker and do Christmas on Sunday and then come back on Monday. Unfortunately, it iced and snowed in Topeka on Saturday so we decided not to go. But….on Sunday morning we got a phone call from the sister of our dear friend Matt telling us that he had been admitted to the hospital in serious condition from issues relating to his cancer. We decided to take our chances and head to Topeka so we could see him. We arrived at the hospital about 6 pm and he was in so much pain it was very hard to see him that way. He has been battling a form of lung cancer that he got at age 29. Since he was stage 4 at the time, he immediately entered a cancer program in Maryland and had many different drugs and surgeries used on him. Now 5 years later they can’t do anything else for him and he is home. It’s a very invasive cancer but thankfully when we went to see him Monday morning, they finally had his pain under control and we were able to have a great visit with him. He’s a very special young man to us and we are heartbroken to know that his time is limited.
As I write this at the end of another year, it has probably been one of our saddest but also exciting years we have every had. In January, we were still very worried about my Mom and her health issues but also spent 2 weeks in Hawaii in Molokai and a cruise as assistants thanks to our friends Dick and Judy. In February we decided we were buying an rv park called Circle the Wagons in La Veta, in March we began our relocating to La Veta, in April Denny was working on getting the park opened and I was packing up our home at Lake Wabaunsee, in May Dave and Sherry, Kent and Kathy, Don and Mitzi, and Linda all chipped in and helped with painting and cleaning up the park as it opened on May 1. While they were doing that I was having foot surgery and still getting the house cleaned up and learning the bookkeeping part of the business, in June I moved permanently to La Veta by driving in the VW with my friend Judy. Judy was a great help getting our business plan in order. Also in June my sister Judy and her husband spent 2 weeks helping us unpack boxes and helping with the park. We also dealt with a major forest fire and helping deliver ice to the fire fighters. July was our best month and we were full most of the time. Our friend Mary also came then and lived with us for over 2 months and was a great assistant to us and also kept us fed. We also had Linda, Marilyn and Doris around for awhile to add to the fun. August was also a great month business wise and we were very happy with our decision to buy the park. Our friends Lawrence and Cinda spent a week with us and painted our game room and the outside of one of our buildings. Gayle also joined us for a couple of weeks and helped us also. September was filled with sadness as our niece Juli’s battle with bile duct cancer was coming to an end and there were 2 trips to Florida spending some time with Juli and then back for her funeral. October was our last month to be open and Denny did most of that work because I had a trip to Paris with my friend Margie and then had to leave for Arkansas on October 28 because my Mom had a heart attack and I have been here ever since. November was filled with ups and downs with my Mom which included a broken pelvis, internal bleeding and the need for 4 pints of blood. This December she is doing pretty well and Denny and I will spend Christmas eve with her. Who knew!!!
It’s nice to be here for Christmas because Juli’s kids are here and I can spend time with John and Marjay and their families too. Denny is leaving on Christmas day for Texas. He will return to pick me up on January 5.
Hoping for a more settled feeling in 2014 but one never knows. Our kids seem to be doing fine. Billie’s kids are now 10, 8 and almost 4 and their household is always busy. KC continues to work with a concrete company.
We feel very blessed to have the family and friends we do and have felt very loved this year. We are anxious for another season in La Veta.
I am happy to be insured next year which would not have happened if pre-existing conditions were still in place.
Denny has been a wonderful and supporting husband during the trying times this year and I love him dearly. We are so lucky to have each other.
Merry Christmas everyone. Love J, Jay, Jbird, and Bird

My Mom is just amazing and awesome (I hate using those 2 words because they are overused but…)

16 Dec

But they are the perfect words to describe my Mom. Judy and I just got back from taking her on her first outing to the doctor. She got up and down and in and out of the car like it was no big whoop. She walked with her walker down a long hallway because she doesn’t like to be seen in a wheelchair. She dazzled the doctor while answering his questions. The last time he saw her was when I took her from the nursing home and she was so pale and weak she was falling asleep in the chair when he was trying to talk to her. She was worried about how she looked and how she was dressed. It was pretty remarkable. Now it feels like maybe we can get her out and about. I was able to put the wheelchair in the trunk and thankfully it folds up easily. So there ya’ go on the latest about Mom.
The weather was so beautiful today. Sunny and warm.
Judy bought some more material so I will continue on with micro bowl holders. Got 10 sent off in the mail today. Down to 3 ornaments to paint.
Life is funny. Last week I was talking about how I use to paint houses on ornaments but quit after I did one about 5 years ago that had 7 roof lines on it. So…guess who I got an email from. The same person who I did that house for. She ordered 2 pet ornaments. Have never thought of her until last week and it was so weird to see an email from her.
Just finished sending in my application for insurance. I finally figured out what I was not correctly on it. Now let’s hope I get accepted before the first of the year!!
That’s it for now.

Friday, December 13, oh I just realized it’s Friday the 13th

13 Dec

Tidbits: I have had 15,426 views since a year ago September on my blog. I have a daily readership of around 20. When I post on facebook that I have posted something I can have as many as 100 views in a day.
It’s dreary, cold and doing freezing rain today, but…I don’t believe we’ll be stuck for any length of time.
It has felt good to get out and about 2 days this week. For 2 days I thought I was coming down with the flu but it turns out I was car sick. I have been driving until this week and then Judy’s been driving and there is nothing but curves around here. Now I take a Bonine before we head out.
Any of you needing to sign up for insurance? It has been quite the challenge. I’ve been trying to get signed up through Coventry byway of the exchange. #1 I didn’t even know I was going to through the Exchange. #2 What the hell is the Exchange?? Anyway, I had filled out paperwork, faxed it in and have been waiting for some type of notification. No emails came, so I called them on Wednesday. I was actually right in the middle of the getting some answers and we were disconnected. Now let’s go back a few steps. Remember I’ve been off of antidepressants for awhile trying to get another one approved. I had already made phone calls to doctor and pharmacy in tears and apparently there is a no go on the Cymbalta and seeing if it would help my feet issues which also is already making me sad. Soooo, then I go to the printer to have some things printed out and it is out of ink. This also brings on tears. So by the time I become disconnected with the insurance company, I am TOAST. I made the decision then to go back on my original anti depressant and get back with the program. My depression comes in the form of waking up in tears and being anxiety ridded before I have even out of bed. That has been happening for the last week so I knew I was getting in trouble, but, and only those who have this problem know what I’m talking about, I still think “wouldn’t it be nice if I could just stay off of them”. I’m thinking I’m handling all this chaos around me, I’m feeling strong, I’m able to deal with tense situations, no problem. No…Houston there is a problem and once again I have that semi-defeated feeling of needing that pill everyday to let me be glad to wake up in the morning and be a functional person with rational thoughts. But you know what, thank God there is a pill that I can take because there was a time when there wasn’t a pill.
Mom is hanging in there. She totally loves her little new place. I am still cautious with my optimism of what is actually going on with her. She does look pale, she’s down to 106, but she is eating and doing Christmas cards. She still won’t leave the room and go to the dining room but she does have interactions with the staff and home health and us. Her room is like an oven and Judy and I almost pass out when we are in there too long. I think we are going to take a little fan so we can turn it on when we are visiting. That is new for us because Mom has always been hot so she does have some changes going on in her little body.
Jolene went home yesterday. I told her I wouldn’t make THE CALL until the crematorium door is opening. I know that sounds crass, but my Mom has come back from so much that would be the only way we would know for sure that she is done!! I am here until after the first of the year. Hopefully we’ll get her Christmas tree up and things done before Lacey, Jonathon and Doug get here next Friday. I have been painting Christmas ornaments still and may have another order today for some more. Mailed off 13 micro bowl holders yesterday. Did a little Christmas shopping with Judy yesterday in Springfield.
Now I am in the process of working with someone who is designing a really professional looking logo so that I can begin embroidering them on items on the machine we bought a couple of weeks ago. It looks a little intimidating but thankfully there is a lady at the quilt shop who will help me. Denny is anxiously awaiting a hoody with a Circle the Wagons logo on it.
Did I tell you that the lady who owns the quilt shop in Springfield has already made a reservation at Circle for next summer!! And the lady from the quilt shop here is going to come to the UFO quilt retreat I am having next September!! How fun is all of that.
Time to get with the program of the day of which I have no idea what it is. I know we are getting ready to play Spite and Malice. We are still in the routine of playing a couple of times a day. I think I am the winner so far of the most games.

What I’ve done being snowed in now for 5 days

9 Dec

You can hum the “12 days of Christmas” while you read this.

icy road
This is what has caused all the trouble. Judy lives on a hill and a curve and we are on a side road so we have been stuck. We’ve heard horror stories of people attempting to get out and sliding back down some of the steep hills. That sounds terrifying to me. Also, the workers at the assisted living have been unable to go home all this time and last night someone broke into their unlocked cars and stole Ipods and money. Who would do that!!!! Before you say “why did they leave their car unlocked”, the locks are freezing up.

micro bowls
I sewed 10 microwaveable bowls for an order of 13 of which I already had 2 done but I still miscounted and I was still 1 bowl short which I still have to make.

I came down with a case of hives from who knows what. Maybe using soybean oil in a cake mix??? Who knew that Crisco vegetable oil was pure soybean oil?? They are all over my body. I’ve been living on benedryl for 3 days now and I hate how it makes me feel but I hate itching more.

I’ve started painting Christmas ornaments with pets on them using minimal amount of paints.

Jolene, Marvin and I take breaks and play Spite and Malice. We get in about 3 rounds a day. Marvin is busy puttering around, feeding the birds, trying to get a car to start, cooking and dealing with having 2 sister-in-laws in the house with him. Jolene has been puttering around cleaning cabinets, hemming a bed skirt, doing dishes, etc. Everything stops in this part of the country, no mail and no newspapapers. We are expecting 2 more inches of snow this afternoon. We just heard from sister Judy and she is getting a ride from the assisted living after being there since Wednesday night. We made need to deprogram her. 🙂 Mom is doing okay I guess. She won’t leave her room which I wish she would but she seems comfy in her new surroundings.
I’ve also handled all this situation without anti-depressants which I have not been off of since 1995. I am still going to try Cymbalta for my feet but if it doesn’t work I think I’ll try to be off of the anti-depressants for awhile. Maybe I’ll drop the 25 pounds I put on when I started them. That would make me happy.
Denny has been very cold in Texas and we are missing each other bunches. May see him sometime next week.
Jolene has changed her plane ticket 3 times since last Tuesday and changed it again today to try and leave Thursday. Southwest is so good about not charging for changing flights.

Love this photo of Elliott. We think she looks happier being a hockey player than a ballerina. She is no longer taking ballet and is getting a pair of ice skates for Christmas.
hockey elliott

That’s it for now.