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August 21, 2013

21 Aug

Just finished a walk around the park. Some of the seasonals have left, but still have several around for a few weeks. Still have a drop in or 2 a night and we have lots of reservations coming in. It’s really a great time to be here weather wise.
Said good bye to Lawrence and Cinda this morning. They worked so hard while they were here. They both helped paint the inside of the game room and the outside. Cinda and Mary also did some work in the kitchen and it is such a nice place now. We did let them off for a train ride on Sunday which they really enjoyed. Such good friends we have.
Now…Mary and I are going to help Denny do some painting this morning. Of course, after I write my blog. : ) It’s a rather hard job because the paint is soaking into the cedar. It has been primed which helped some. Then Mary and I also hope to get some sewing done this afternoon since once again we have more orders for the famous Microwaveable Bowl Holders. Mary now even has her own little sewing machine, my Singer that I used to use.
Not a lot of exciting things happening except for Denny getting poked in the face by a bird that flew out of a birdhouse he was taking down off of the building. Did I mention that he was on top of an extension ladder????? How he remained on the ladder is a miracle. This is after he fell down a hole in the game room trying to fix a toilet!!! We are very lucky he isn’t seriously injured. Me, on the other hand gets injured getting a massage. For “havin’ sex”!. I have been having a weird sensation going up and down the right side of my back. It’s all squirmy feeling and ends up under my shoulder blade. I finally got an appointment with my favorite masseuse. Unfortunately I laid on my back too long so when I got off the table I could barely walk. Good Grief. I went back to her the next day and she put these burning incense like things in my back, it’s call Moxie, and that really helped stop some of the spasms. Yes, I am still a bit of a wuss even as a rv park owner. It may be the stress of the little issues I deal with everyday. Nothing major, but did have a run in with the seasonals this week which tweaked me some. Anyway, it is all okay, but it has been fun to fill up a 50 amp spot the minute a seasonal leaves. Apparently this park hasn’t been this full in years.
Denny and I attended the town board meeting last night to ask for some signage to help rver’s not take a wrong turn where they have to back up and get back on the highway. They were very cordial and didn’t seem have a problem with that at all. Now let’s see how long it takes.
Mary and I will be heading to Topeka next Tuesday. Then I will drive to Springfield to see Mom and take her to the doctor on the 29th. My sister Jolene will be there also. She may get to go home so Jolene will take her there. I will go back to Topeka for my physical and then Mary and I will head home on Saturday. Also, our friend Gayle is coming out too so that will be fun. I think that all of us can actually get a round of golf in that week after Labor Day. Our friend Julie is coming down to work while we are gone. Once again, can’t say enough about the support we have received this summer.
Juli is back on chemo in Sarasota. Her pain has increased but they are being diligent on their care and pain treatment. We all hate to know she is in pain, but her faith is pulling her through it and they hope it will begin subsiding as the chemo does it’s job. She likes where she is getting her treatment. Continued prayers needed for pain relief and healing please.
That’s it for now. I’m feeling guilty I am not out there painting, so off I go.

Longest day so far

10 Aug


zada jumpter
Photos: Zada with Jumper in her lap. He did a good job of greeting with her and Paul. They came by to have a beer with Denny, which he couldn’t do because of the toilet issue. The other photo is my new photograph that my friend Nancy took. It’s a pelican with fishing line tangled around him. The name of the photo is “Tangled”.
It is 11 pm my time and I am waiting for my last camper to come in for the night. Normally when we have someone coming in late, we just tell them the site number and then check them in the next day. This couple is nervous about backing in their 5th wheel in the dark, so I am staying up to help them. Very busy day with lots of bicyclists coming in for the Stonewall Century ride tomorrow. It looks like the weather is going to be nice for most of the day. We had a big rain yesterday and thought we would again today, but it skipped us. The river is once again flowing. I love the sound of it. We have 14 cyclists, many of them tenting or dry camping. We also have a many campers here for the Ricky Skaggs concert/train ride. Good weekend to be here.
Had quite the scare this morning when 2 couples came in with big rigs and I had them down for tomorrow night!!! Yikes. Luckily it worked out and I could still give them spots.
Just finished helping the couple back in their trailer. I’m sure I woke up a few people trying to guide them in. A little more difficult because it was a hitch trailer versus a 5th wheel. Mission accomplished.
Denny spent the entire day working on a toilet in the mens room. This morning it started flooding the men’s bathroom. It was a bad set up to begin with and got worse as he worked on it. I felt so helpless but he hung in there. Mary made him a wonderful dinner of meatloaf, sweet potatoes, zucchini cups, and pumpkin cake! Mary and I also cleaned the bathrooms tonight so he won’t have to do it in the morning. This was the absolutely worse day the bathrooms could act up because of all the tenters. We’ll cross our fingers that it is all okay.
We continue to work on the Club house. Denny has finished painting the walls, red/white and blue, and now we are ready to put up our own decorations and memorabilia. It will be really fun and we MUST have it done by this Tuesday for our Breakfast potluck.
We are excited because this week Lawrence and Cinda are coming to visit for a week. They are going to help out with a major painting project, painting the outside of the Game Room. Denny did buy a spray painting machine, so hopefully it won’t be too tedious. Also hope to paint the inside of the Game room also. Love getting everything brightened up.
We were able to put a whole lot of stuff in a garage sale that is tomorrow from what we took out of the Club house. May make a few bucks. Lots of western stuff, scarecrows, signs with sayings, etc.
Mary and I were talking tonight and who would have thought that the 2 of us would be cleaning the bathrooms of a campground when we were 60???? It seems surreal to me a lot of times. Mary has been such a blessing to have here and I really think we are going to miss her bunches when she leaves. As of now she will here until around Sept 10 or so.
Talk about surreal. Billie enrolled Elliott in ballet classes today. Billie was 3 when she started dancing and now I have a granddaughter dancing. Wow. I’m sure we’ll be making a trip to Topeka for a recital or maybe the Nutcracker???
My Mom called yesterday and she sounded really good. She is doing her therapy on her legs and is using a walker that has a seat and brakes on it. She said that the therapists were teaching her how to use it and she says it’s like learning to drive a motorcycle! Cracked me up. Juli is moving to Sarasota for a couple of months to get some major treatment for her cancer. It has spread and they must be as aggressive as they can be doing the alternative route. The doctor is actually letting Judy and Juli live in his house for the duration of what they are going to do. Pretty sweet doctor. Prayers, prayers, prayers please. She wants us all to stay positive and to trust her decisions. I can do that.
It’s almost midnight so time to go.

Am I a male or female????

6 Aug

courtyardyelchairentry trellis
Photos of the now finished trellis. I love all the colors. I also love the two gliders, one being all iron that have been painted. We purchased some more iron outdoor furniture, a coal bin, an old hand plow, some milk jugs and iron wagon wheels. They’ll all fit around the park nicely.
Oh my gosh, Mary, Denny and I made a trip to Pueblo this evening. The main reason being to pick up some prescriptions at Walgreens. I now have a drug card, so I thought I would use it. It was taking a long time to get any answers regarding how much it was going to cost. Finally, the clerk said “there is a gender issue”. I said “What?”. Apparently the insurance company thinks I’m a male and I wouldn’t qualify for estrogen!!!!! The pharmacist actually called the company and they said they couldn’t override it, sooooo, I’ll be on the phone tomorrow to get things straightened out.
Had a good weekend. A full park. Several friends stopped in to say hi. We went to a memorial for a friend up in Stonewall on Saturday afternoon. I saw a bighorn sheep on the way up. A herd of elk running down the side of the mountain. The wildflowers-fireweed, groundsel, wildflowers, tansy’s, scarlet gilia, etc. were all in full bloom. When we arrived home we had a thunderstorm, then…there was the most magnificent rainbow with all the spectrums showing. Mary watched the desk for us which was great also.
Unfortunately, Monday I had one of those collapsing day. I woke up feeling fine and within an hour, I had a migraine, I was wonky, I couldn’t focus, so off I went to bed for about 4 hours. When I woke up, I felt better. Thankfully Mary didn’t have to work and once again could take care of the office. I got into one of those bad routines of eating way toooooo much sugar at night again. I’m back on the hormones since I had vicious hot flashes happening also. So all is well once again.
Another big weekend coming up.. It’s the 11th annual Century Ride on Saturday. We’ll have tent campers scattered all over the park which will be fun. An old acquaintance of Denny’s came in the park for a few days.
Our bear is hanging around the ol’ apple tree between the Game Room and Clubhouse. I haven’t seen him, but Denny has caught him snoozing back there.
Getting sleepy, so this is it for now.

August 1, 2013

1 Aug




Photos: The trellis is 1 of 3 pieces that I worked 3 days on painting the flowers. That project almost did my feet in since it required standing for hours. It will be at the entrance of the courtyard. The patio is located in the front of the Game Room. Billie worked hard rewrapping the lights and putting up the tarp. It really made the place a much better place to hang out in. We had a big group for our bonfire last Saturday night. Denny and I out for dinner tonight.
Another calendar page ripped off today. Three months of our owning an rv park over. What an adventure it has been. Never knew how much energy we could have doing this. Just home from a yummy dinner at Aly’s. We treated Diane, Terry and Mary to dinner there. It was a first for all of them and they all loved what they ate. It was also a farewell dinner to Terry and Diane. They are heading back to Lincoln. They have been on the road for a year and feel it is time to go back for awhile. They will be missed, both for their friendship and their very hard work. Mary will continue to be here for rest of the month. She is a hard worker too. She has tackled the Clubhouse and took everything off of the walls and actually primed 1 wall. We are preparing for Lawrence and Cinda who are coming out in a couple of weeks to do some painting.
Looks like we will again be full this weekend. Our campers have surpassed our goals of how many we were going to have. August looks to be a great month. I had 2 couples drop by today to book for next summer. Each for the month of July. Pretty exciting to have so many 2014 reservations already.
Still haven’t left the park much except for errands. We will spend a few hours up in Stonewall for Bob Campbell’s memorial service. The family is having it up at their cabin. Will be nice to see some friends and remember sweet Bob.
I’m trying to get my sewing projects done. Hope to have my Texas order done tomorrow. Two other ladies in the park, Linda and Carolyn, are going to sew with me tomorrow for a few hours. I’ve lost count on how many micro bowl holders I have to do.
The only bad thing that has gone with the park is the stupid internet. I bet I have plugged and unplugged the router 50 times this week. I sent out a newsletter asking for patience for the issue this weekend. Hopefully things will be resolved next week.
The weather has been wonderful. I have some Texans camped here and they don’t even want to go home due to the heat and they just keeping staying a few more days.
I’m trying to be better about putting drop in reservations and people who stay longer in the computer. I had a couple of major screw-ups this week that luckily worked out but it could have been pretty bad. I must stay focused, I must stay focused, I must stay focused, etc….
My Mom is doing okay in her rehab place. The doctor took off the stabilizing brace that was on her left leg and also told her to begin walking using both legs. She’ll be in rehab for 5 weeks. I’ll go to Springfield the end of the month and go to the dr appointment with her. Our hope is that the latest shot he gave her and draining her knee will keep her from needing a replacement.
Juli will go to her doctor appointment on Monday to get results of her CTscan. We are all hoping there has been shrinkage of the tumors. It was a very frustrating week for her dealing with the insurance companies regarding getting a Petscan. They turned her down for that so as of now she won’t be able to get one. I know that is very disappointing for her. Continued prayers needed for both my Mom and Juli. Juli continues to inspire with her prayers and beliefs.
We closed on our building here in town on July 15. Yea!!! Had a call from realtor at Lake Wabaunsee with a potential buyer today. Let’s cross our fingers.
That’s it for now.