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May 27, 2014

27 May

Whew! We have survived our first big holiday of the summer and it was wonderful. 36 of 42 sites were full. We had a great group in from the Pueblo area. We had rain, sun, wind, calm, cold, warm, more wind, more rain, snow up a little higher, more sun, etc… And you know what? It didn’t put a damper on the weekend. All the campers had their outings and gatherings and seemed to have a great time. Denny and Dale put on a great pancake feed for the group yesterday morning. I can’t tell you what a big help Dale has been to us. It has been wonderful having him here.
I also began my fundraiser for Friends of Namakkal by displaying my Camping Quilt and started the raffle on Sunday. Great response all ready. I will be taking donations until Aug 4 and then will take the money to Denver during the Swinging for AIDS Golf tournament. Speaking of AIDS. I watched a wonderful movie last night about the early years when the AIDS virus was just beginning. It’s called the “The Normal Heart”. It’s a tear jerker, but you can see how far the medical community has come dealing with that virus.
Another new endeavor we are doing is making and selling ice. Who knew how popular that was this weekend. I couldn’t keep up. Now I’m trying to make a bunch of bags to keep up with the demand. It’s a great little machine. Makes 50 pounds a day. Newair brand.
We had a great bonfire on Sunday night and everyone had fun roasting marshmallows. There’s a photo of the quilt. Also another Baby Camper update. It continues to evolve into a very cute camper.


baby camper
Tomorrow I’m going to be posting updated photos of the children that many of you have helped support over the years since my trip to India. It’s very rewarding to see how well they our doing.
Time to get back to work.

That’s it, buy me a 12 pack of Pepsi

19 May

What a busy time for us this last week. Lots and lots of phone calls. Full for Memorial Day.
Had a weird thing happen the last 2 nights. I rolled over in bed and the room went totally upside down and spun around. I kept my eyes closed until it passed. Woke up with a migraine and took a migraine pill and felt okay rest of the day. Ginny and I began painting Baby Camper and spent several hours doing that. Then last night, once again I rolled over and the house went upside down. Took a few minutes for it to stop and then have felt like crap all day. Went to the doctor and she said some bones in my ears were loose. She did a little maneuvering with my head and said that should fix it, but I was still woozy tonight so took an airsick pill. Yech. Also have fluid in my left ear. Anyway after spending an hour and a half in the dentist chair and choking on the plaster for an imprint for a mouth guard, and having several voicemails for reservations, and a rude email from a group that I have been working with and then one of my customers got mad at something I said so I’ve given him a refund for a week’s stay!!!! Sooooooooo by the time I got home I asked Denny to get me a 12 pack of Pepsi, I’ve had it. The woozies have gone a way for the evening. Tomorrow is a new day and I am a “business woman” as my friend Ginny says. I need to toughen up and deal with people issues and not get down. There is so much going on and so many reservations it is craziness. Thankfully Dale is still here and Mary will be here on June 22. My goal is to make it through the first 2 weeks of June and then I’ll be out of a chaotic mess I put myself in.
Okay, enough venting. Take a breath. Take a breath. Don’t cry. Don’t cry. Think about others who are going through some very hard times. Dealing with some grouchy people is nothing compared to waiting to hear results of a test to see if you have cancer, recovering from pancreatic cancer, having a son in the hospital with 3rd degree burns over 35% of his body or losing a father in a traffic accident.
The good part of the day was seeing our friend Mike in the Springs who is also our dentist. Purchasing a special foot for my sewing machine which will my make placemat projects go faster. I finished my campground quilt last night so will hang it in the shop tomorrow. The fundraiser for it will start next weekend.
Beautiful weather the next 2 days so will finish painting the Baby camper tomorrow. I’ll post photo tomorrow because it is so colorful.


15 May

I bought this green panama hat at the Market. Love it. Riding in a vintage 1955 Plymouth taxi. Cuba is known for it’s vintage cars.

One day at lunch, a lady who was sitting next to me asked me if I had a growth on my neck. I said “I don’t think so”. When I put my hand on my neck I discovered there was a black bean stuck to it!

One morning I was getting on the tour bus and the lady behind me tapped me on my shoulder and said “I think you have your dress on inside out”. I looked down and sure enough I was inside out. Had to change in the bus bathroom.

One morning Nancy told me I had something on my face. She thought I had grown a wart overnight. I thought she wiped it away so I didn’t think about it anymore. A couple of hours later I touched my face and there was this little ball of something. (thankfully it wasn’t a booger). It was so hot in Cuba that the tape I use to hold my hair was melting and I had these little balls of glue rolling down from my head onto my face!!

You know I love Island Flora.

close up stalk red flower

bird of paradis

pick orchid close

orchids in air

yelo orchids

That’s it for now. Tomorrow it’s back to blogging about “Year #2 about owning an RV Park”.

Early early morning post

15 May

One of those middle of the night blogs. I woke up thinking about something careless I did today and also stupid, so stupid I don’t even want to say what I did, but it has to do with one of the Iowa Beef trucks that come by homes telling you they want to get rid of inventory, etc. etc. and bottom line is this time I fell for it. I will deal with in the morning. What is bugging me is how the did the credit card. I’ll make a phone call in the morning to make sure it is on the up and up and go from there. There is no suspicious activity on the card as of now, but still want to check on the company. Weak moment on my part.
So, I said I would write a little about Cuba and post some pictures. Had dinner with Mitzi, Nancy and Ginny tonight and we talked about the trip again and Nancy also showed us her photographs. What a fabulous job she did catching the people, the old cars, buildings, and other sights of the trip.
close up peacock
I love love love this photo of a peacock. He was prancing around the hotel grounds one afternoon.

holocaust memorial
The holocaust memorial at the Jewish cemetery. If you notice the rocks on the tomb, it’s a tradition to lay a rock on the tombs to let the person who passed away know you are thinking of them.

jewish group
Here’s the group we traveled with.

yellow saint
We visited the Afro Cuban museum and they put on a demonstration about their “orishas” which are the saints of the Santeria’ religion. It is similar to the Catholic religion with an African background. This “orisha” is the Goddess of Love.

Band at hemingways bar
We had lunch at one of the restaurants that Hemingway frequented. This was the band that played there. Everywhere we went for lunch there was a band that played. They would pass the hat and sell CD’s. Some of them were very good.

DSCN0542 This is the Orthodox synagogue we visited. It is located in a very poor area of Havana. I enjoyed listening to the Rabbi. I also enjoyed learning so much about the Jewish religion and their customs. I had several conversations with Jewish members of the group.

outside of room
Here is the view from outside our room at the Hotel Nacional. It is a state owned hotel with a vintage elegance. Being with a tour versus being on your own, I felt uncomfortable staying in such a nice place when there were so many people living in crumbling buildings. The tour itself was very organized and informative and a good way to see the country for the first time, but, if I could return I would try a different way of traveling. Not sure how many options there really are for US citizens since I’m not sure if you can rent a car or what the bus systems are like.

Finally up to blogging

12 May

It’s been a very weird week since returning from Cuba. It was a wonderful opportunity and I learned many interesting things about people, the Jewish religion and Cuba. What has been very weird is when people ask me about the trip, I have a very hard time communicating about the trip. I have no explanation why. Some of it is I really like to blog while I am on the trip to have the feel of the moment.
Cuba is a beautiful country, very similar to the other Caribbean Islands. You also feel like you have gone back in time. We stayed in the Nacional Hotel which is a state owned facility. State owned means that all the money goes to the government and the workers are like State workers in the US. It was a beautiful hotel which had an vintage elegance to it. There were 43 of us in the group which was sponsored by the Texas Jewish Society. 10 of us weren’t Jewish. We visited 3 Synagogues and attended a Friday night service. Many of the Cuban Jewish community have left the country. Very interesting lecture sessions. My favorite events were attending the Friday night service and the dinner afterwards. Really enjoyed several members of the group and I do believe we will see a few of them in La Veta and Cuchara this summer.
Below are some Florida photos and tomorrow I’ll post some Cuba photos.
First photo is of Judy, Ginny Nancy and I. We stayed with Judy at her cute place in Ft. Meyers for a couple of days before we left for Cuba. Photo #2 is a dolphin that followed our sunset cruise boat. #3 is an Osprey and baby. #4 is the sunset. #5 is baby alligator that we saw during the drive to Miami.
4 of us FL
flying dolphin osprey baby 2snset 2DSCN0479

Finally I have internet

1 May

Going to type fast because I just a little battery left. I have 12 hours of computer time and I can use it in the next 24 hrs.
Cuba has been one of the most interesting, frustrating, beautiful and depressing countries I have visited. It’s also the first communist countries I’ve visited.
We are staying in a grand hotel named Nacional Hotel. Many famous people have been here. It’s very 1930’s which is when it was built. Questionable toilets but we have learned how to flush ours properly. The staff knows very little English which I find interesting. The young guides we have had speak English very well.
Our elegant hotel is bordered by the ocean and tenements. Cuba feels like we are living in the 50’s because of the classic cars that are driving around for personal use and as taxi’s. There are 2million people in Havana where we are staying. Today, May 1 was Revolucion Day and all the state workers were off and had to be in the parade. We heard that former Russian President Meved was here in tne hotel last night to attend.
Regarding the Jewish group we have been traveling with, it was been very educational and interesting for me. We have visited 3 synagogues and the jewish cemetery. I ask a lot of questions and will attend their service tomorrow night. There is a holocaust memorial at the cemetery and the rabbi and the rest of the Jewish people said a Hebrew prayer by it. They also pick up rocks and lay them on the marble memorials to let the deceased know that someone is thinking of them. I also leaarned that I am a shicka not a shitka!
I have heard from Denny and the rv park officially opened today we have a few in the park and I believe we are close to full over Memorial Dayy.
That is it for now I Have photos and more to write about. Maybe a little more tomorrow.
Just a thought: As screwed up as the US can feel at times, I would never ever ever want to live in a communist country where you have NO freedom or real choices on how you want to live your life.