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Don’t think ARGO should have won Oscar

27 Feb

We just finished watching ARGO. It was okay, but I didn’t think it was Oscar worthy. I get tired of movies that use a lot of music that was popular during the time of the movie. For instance, Argo used a lot of early 80’s and kept playing different bands, like Van Halen, Rolling Stones, etc. Like we need all that music to tell us what decade the movie is in. I did read an article by the real Canadian ambassador, and their was a lot of embellishing for the movie. During all the hype of the movie pre Oscars, Ben Affleck didn’t even talk about the Canadian ambassador. Speaking of movies. While the kids were here on Tuesday, I rented a movie for them. it was called Fun City. It starred the girl from Victoria Victorius, or something like that on the Disney channel. So, I’m thinking it’s for kids. I didn’t realize it was PG 13. It had several swear words, sexual context and…one of the scenes had a teenage girl talking about using “Nair on her ass”. I couldn’t believe it. Maybe the boys didn’t quite understand all that was going on, but lesson learned to pay more attention to content. They did watch the whole movie and enjoyed it.
Still trying to figure out all of the doodads on our updated Dish. Still can’t figure out the Hopper which is supposed to delete the commercials on the prime time shows. May have to make a phone call.
We still have several inches of snow. It was melting, but now it is a little colder. Took the dogs out for a brisk walk in the blustery wind. Love my Galway Bay outfit for my cold weather walking. It is the best pants and jacket I have ever had for inclement weather. It’s actually made for golfing, but I use it for anything outside when it’s cold. Also have ridden my exercise bike everyday so maybe I will start losing a few pounds for heaven’s sakes, (or for havin’ sex for those of you who know that story).
Going to have a couple of busy evenings. Tomorrow we’ll see Cinda and Lawrence for dinner in Manhattan. Then on Friday night, we’re going with Chuck and Cindy to get a fitting for golf clubs. I’m only going to maybe buy 2 clubs. We’ll go to Kansas City to do that and then have dinner. I guess I’ll have to get out of my pj’s after several days of being in them. We hope to maybe dig the VW out of the snow this week.
Have started another quilt project. This is from a pattern I bought and it has lots of little pieces and some new techiques for me to do. So far I have figured the directions out. May finish it tomorrow and then I need to print up some notecards. Lots of little projects going on in my head.
That’s it for now. I’m actually already feeling a little tired and it is only 9:35. I have been going to bed much earlier and have actually been sleeping in bed finally. Some of that is due to Meeko sleeping on the floor instead of on my side of the bed. With his crippled up back, he can’t jump up on the bed anymore.

A message from my neice Juli

26 Feb

I just want Juli’s latest update on Caring Bridge to be my post today. She is fighting a strong battle with Bile duct cancer.

Hi family & friends,
I just wanted to give you an update since you haven’t heard from me in awhile. I’ve started this new regime and have been feeling pretty good so far. I had pretty bad nausea for 2 days after getting the cisplatin but was fine the following 2 1/2 weeks.
I was thankful to be able to celebrate my son’s 8th birthday last week. I had way too much cake but have at least gained another pound. 🙂

I’m in chemo now getting the second round of cisplatin. They gave me a trial sample of some very expensive anti-nausea medicine to try this time, so hopefully it works.

I meet with Dr. Zakari on March 8 to find out if he wants another CT scan or if he wants to continue this protocol. I’m going to discuss with him alternative treatments that I’m in the process of researching. So please pray for wisdom and guidance in what God wants for me. I have peace where He has me now, but I have a desire to try alternative means, so please pray for discernment and provision as well.

As close as I feel to Jesus I can’t deny my desire to be with Him in eternity. However, Psalm 30 reads my heart when David says, “I cried out to you, O LORD. I begged The Lord for mercy saying, ‘What will You gain if I die, if I sink into the grave? Can my dust praise You? Can it tell of your faithfulness? Hear me, Lord, and have mercy on me. Help me, O LORD.'”

I have so much to say about God’s goodness in my sufferings. I have so much to share with all of you, sometimes I feel like I’m going to burst! So I’m continuing to pray for complete healing so that I can share my story with you one day.

Thank you as always for praying for me and your thoughts of me. I will let you know how the March 8th meeting goes.

He is faithful. And He is with me.

I love you all dearly,

Sunday, February 24, 2013

24 Feb

securedownload[1]jojo whitehot pads

Photos of: My new hotpad design, bicycle inspired;Judy, JoJo White, and me; Elliott with a great hockey snowman

Busy few days. Spent Friday working on my new hotpad design which was very fun. Now I’m going to try and incorporate a table runner with the round pads on it. Hope to do that today. Also purchased a “Design Wall”. It is made like a film screen, except on the part that would be a screen is batting. It folds up like a screen so you can take it with you. You put your quilt pieces on it so you can see what your design is looking like. So far Meeko hasn’t peed on it.

Judy and I went to the KU vs TCU basketball game yesterday. It was KU Basketball’s 115th anniversary. Lots of former players were honored at halftime. There were about 200 of them. Judy bought JoJo White’s book so she was able to get photo and autograph from him and….Bud Stahlworth was also giving autographs so I got one of them. The game was a blowout and I felt very sorry for the TCU coach. Self didn’t run up the score so it wasn’t as horrifying as it could have been.

Elliott and her brothers must have spent the morning building the Hockey Snowman. Cade was in a tournament in KC yesterday. They won their first game and he was named Playmaker of the Game but they lost their 2nd game. It was a long day for the family. Now Denny and I are preparing for their potential visit if the snowstorm hits like it is predicted tonight, or in the morning, so they’ll come out here if they are out of school.

Spent several hours this morning hooking up our new printer. We already had a fairly new printer, but we had a big paper jam and it messed up the printer head. I have now replaced the big printer which we have had for at least 6 years. I bet I have printed out thousands of notecards on it so it has a special place in my heart, but it also was having some problems. Anyway, what looked like an easy plug in and go job became tedious but……I perservered and we now not only have a new printer set up but it is also set up for wireless, so we can be sitting on our butts in another room and print something out from there.

Not sure if I ‘ll watch the Academy Awards. It seems fairly predictable. I always think of the Academy Awards party I had several years ago in La Veta. It was so fun. I’ll watch my Sunday shows which are Girls, The Good Wife and Enlightment. Enlightment is so heart wrenching and Laura Dern is so wonderful in it. Girls and Enlightment are on HBO. If you have OWN Network, which is the Oprah Winfrey Network, there are a couple of fanstastic shows on it. Lisa Lings “Our America” and “The Blackboard Wars”. The Blackboard Wars is based in New Orleans and is about a school that is trying to survive with a tough new principal.

Had a couple of eagles do a flyby this morning. Not sure what part of the lake they are lurking about. There are lots of little ducks that I’m sure they are eyeing.

Almost have 5 weeks with no Pepsi. I think my body is still grieving, hopefully it will start feeling rejuvenated and happy that it’s not being polluted with Pepsi!!! My cussing continues to be less and less. Sometimes it just slips out. Denny got his stitches out on Friday and even though it still looks a little icky to me the doctor says it is healing. Meeko had to also go back to the doctor and he is going to be on a regiment of pain meds and adjustments probably from here on out. At least he isn’t crying but you can tell he has some discomfort. My feet do seem to be doing better and sleeping with the splint on must be helping.

I guess that is it for now.

Snowy Thursday

21 Feb

j snow

Biggest snow that we’ve had for awhile and may get a little more tonight. I think Denny is going to try and get to town tomorrow. Our biggest issue is usually drifting, so we’ll see. He needs to get the stiches out of his leg and take Meeko in to get another adjustment. He is feeling a little better and we are giving him pain pills every couple hours. His day started out badly because we had thunder snowstorm so he was freaked out most of the morning.

Billie is at her wits end since school was cancelled today. I hope none of the kids get sick or anything else happens to her little family for awhile after this.

I spent some time on the phone this morning with techs from ATT and Dish. I was getting the creepiest emails on my IPhone that just said No Message and the date was 12/31/69. They had me delete my account and then load it again. That fixed that problem. Then I called Dish about my recordings. I had to give up 2 shows last night for a KU basketball game which was too exciting. Anyway, we are getting upgraded to the Hopper which gives me recordings of network shows without commercials. The guy will come and set us up on Monday. We hate the Hopper commercial, so I told them to relay that message to someone.

Painted a Christmas ornament for someone who broke their ornament this Christmas. Their dog was named “Snowball” and he died shortly after Christmas a couple of years ago and the kids were very sad when the ornament broke. It’s sad painting the dog because he is sooooooo cute.

Tomorrow hopefully will be a quilting day. Plan on using all my scraps and make a crazy quilt.

Very disappointing Accenture Match Play. Thinking Rory and Tiger will both be out first out. Now Rory is definitely gone.

Off to the showers.

Very Interesting day

19 Feb

Since we couldn’t meet until around 3 today with our prospects, we took our time getting to Colleyville, TX. Right off the bat this morning I had a comment on my blog that told me that Ron and Denise lived there also. Whoa!!! So, after a nice lunch at Gloria’s, we went over to their home and hung out for a couple of hours. It was fun getting caught up with them and hopefully it won’t be years again before we see them. Around 3 we called our prospects and received the distressing news. Tom had problems with his procedure and wasn’t doing to well, but Darlene said we could meet up with her at the hospital. Now we are a little befuddled since their offer had changed drastically from the last time we had talked to them. We are now thinking about plan B so we’ll see what the next steps will be.
While we were traveling, I received a text from Ruth telling us that Meeko wasn’t feeling well and seemed in a lot of pain. She took him to the vet for us. He did some chiropractic adjustments and gave him some new medicine. We’ll take him back in on Friday. He’s not suppose to jump on furniture our go up and down steps. It sounds like the same problem he had back in September when he couldn’t walk very well and he bit me in the face when I picked him up.
Weather could be an issue for us tomorrow. We may have to get up really early to miss it, but not sure what time that will be. It’s supposed to really snow in Kansas on Thursday. I’ll believe when I see it.
We are north of Oklahoma City for the night staying at a Sleep Inn. When Denny gave the desk guy our phone number he said that Larry H. also has that for his address. What the heck?? He’s a friend of ours but don’t know how that could be. A mystery to be solved.
That’s it for now. It’s been a long and kind of frustrating day, but I don’t feel all anxious and icky.
Looking forward to listening to Match Play from Tuscon tomorrow. The weather is supposed to be crappy so it could be an interesting round.
Heard today that a wonderful lady died in the rv part in Naco Monday night. She was in her 70’s and had alzheimers but she still played golf and socialized. Very sad and everyone down there are very distressed. They are from Colorado, so I imagine her husband will be heading home for funeral.


18 Feb

bird in paradise

ellie dancing

mom 93

Photos are of Elliott celebrating her 3rd birthday and my Mom celebrating her 93 birthday. February is quite the month. Also have several friends having birthdays this month. I love both of these pictures of some of my favorite people. Elliot’s party was a ballet party and it was so cute. It was at the Kansas Ballet Academy. Stephanie Heston owns it and she and Billie have known each other since they were 3 and taking ballet. Jolene, Judy and I were all there to celebrate Mom’s birthday so that was special for her. Sunday night, we all went to dinner to the Steak Inn in Shell Knob, MO which is Mom’s favorite place. The painting is one I did last week of a Bird in Paradise. It was from a photo I took in Hawaii. I gave it to Dick and Judy for treating us to the cruise.

Of course, once again I made our little trip to Holiday Island a little difficult. I realized Sunday morning that I hadn’t packed any underwear or my antidepressant. Both rather needed items. Luckily, we were able to drive to Harrison, AR to a Walgreens and get a refill and purchase some undies. It was a 100 mile roundtrip, but Denny didn’t holler at me so it was okay. On the way home, we stopped at a little quilt shop. It was full of a quilts that had been made by the husband of the lady running the store. He has done it full time for 18 years. There was tons of fabric. They don’t teach classes and just sell quilts and material. Interesting.

We are now in Norman, OK on the way to Colleyville, TX. A very spur of the moment trip. We are trying to purchase something which will totally change our lives forever. We are driving to Texax to meet with the people and discuss the financial part. We decided to do the trip because it is too stressful waiting for phone calls and emails. We thought by driving down and meeting with them, we can know either way if it will actually work out and then we can proceed either way. We really want it to work. We should be home Wednesday afternoon and we definitely want to get there before the snows are to begin.

Update on sleeping with splint on foot at night. I do believe it is helping. I still have some discomfort but not limping as badly. I have been very anxious with all of this possible life change stuff going on. Kind of had a meltdown this morning, but feeling better tonight. It’s hard to quiet my thoughts but it also makes me very tired, so am getting more sleep.

My daughter warned me not to begin playing Candy Crush off of facebook. I didn’t listen to her. Oh my gosh. It is sooooo addictive. It only lets you play so many times and then you have to wait 20 minutes before you play again, or….pay 99 cents to get more time and I have done it twice today. I don’t know if I can quit playing it or not. Yikes. I’m also playing tons of words with friends and abble dabble.

Time to shut down for the night. Hopefully I’ll be able to write tomorrow about what we have going on.

Wednesday, February 13

13 Feb

ellitoot tutu
I kept hearing stuff about Valentines Day and just realized it is tomorrow and once again I am totally unprepared. I will plan on doing some sweet things for the Denny Poo tomorrow. He would probably be thrilled if I would just get the crap off of the card table and fold it up and get it the heck out of the living room. (Doing pretty well not swearing. I slip with a “shit” every now and then.) (Have gone 3 weeks and 1 day without a Pepsi. Still wish I would feel like a million dollars because I have given it up, but mainly I feel sluggish and tired a lot more.)
We did finish the den redecorating today. Really love the light gray paint. Denny isn’t too crazy about the carpet squares because the seams show, but I think they’ll work into each other. I made curtains today and they brighten the room up. Next room, our bedroom and then we’ll have all the icky carpet pulled. Getting rid of the carpet has certainly made the house smell better.
Have had a few busy days. Sunday we celebrated Elliott’s birthday at their house. She was dressed in her tutu and was running all over asking for her cake and opening presents. Her real party is Saturday at the ballet studio. There will be 10 little girls in their tutus. I’m really curious to how that is going to work out.
Spent Monday in Topeka. Judy treated me to birthday lunch at the Blue Moose. We had a yummy lunch and yakked about possible rumors we’ve been hearing about Bill Self. Spent an hour in Hobby Lobby just browsing which is really a fun thing for me. Then met up with Torrie, Gayle and Judy G. for dinner. Omg. I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard for a solid hour. It was really fun and very medicinal!! Tuesday was a Topeka day too. Hung out with Billie, then I drove to Alta Vista for an art class. I’m hoping to do a painting of a “Bird of Paradise”. That is on my agenda for tomorrow.
One of the things I think I forgot to mention in the things I wasn’t going to bring into my 60’s is the worries I have about my son. It may seem weird to you, but you can’t imagine what it is like to hear about a shooting or a drug bust and actually think you are going to see your son’s name connected to it. It happend again tonight because of a shooting that happened where a man in his 30’s had been killed. It’s very hard for me to ignore that one day this could actually happen, but I will continue to pray for him that someday he will find his way back to us who are waiting for him.