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A Yanni evening

28 Feb

I just downloaded about 5 Yanni from his Live at the Acropolis album. Kind of a good night for that. Feeling very tired, a little homesick, missing Denny and the puppies, reflecting on how crazy life has been since October 30. Feel like I’ve handled it all pretty well but also see that I’ve been a bit on the manic side of it all. Tonight feeling relieved that my friend Robin and I were able to get all of my sweatshirts except for 2 on her 6 thread machine. I was on my feet all day. I do think the medicine for my back is finally taking affect or effect? That is a huge load off of my mind. I also cut out bunches of batting and squares for micro bowl holders, went and saw Mom, and finally home around 6:30 and still had to make dinner with intentions of going to the basement to sew, but now at 10:14 I see that isn’t going to happen. I have been up til 1 every night and getting up at 8 and I think tonight I’ll try to get to bed a little earlier.
Listening to Yanni has taken me back about 23 years or more. I remember when I sobered up, many of us were into New Age and meditating and trying to change our lives and it seems Yanni was a big part of that, at least for me. Read an interesting article in Readers Digest about the many groups out there other than AA that people use to work on their drinking problems. What was interesting is that none of the groups make you actually quit drinking, mainly control it and that the main reason those same people didn’t go to AA was because of the religious aspect of it and the use of the word God or higher power. Personally, I had already tried to control my drinking many times to no avail. To this day which is now 27 1/2 years later, I can still remember the last few months of my drinking like it was yesterday. The misery, the fear, the hopelessness, the regrets, the night sweats, the hallucinations, the blackouts, the loss of feeling in my hands, my daughter laying on top of me trying to wake me up while I was passed out, my daughter making me macaroni and cheese at age 7 because I was too hung-over to get out of bed, the shame. Good luck to those who think they can control it and drink sensibly with those groups, but I for one was very glad that God was in the picture and that he led me down the right road when I came to my crossroads.
Denny has been busy with Judy and Susan in Llano mapping out bicycle routes for next years trip. Now the dilemma is if Judy and Susan will be able to head home tomorrow or wait out the storm. It looks like a nasty one. We are in a storm warning beginning tomorrow afternoon until midnight Sunday. Freezing rain which means I will be stuck at least for 2 days because the temps will stay below freezing. I’m all stocked up food so should be fine. Tomorrow it is supposed to be 61 and I told Mom we take a little walk outside.
Prayers for our friends who are undergoing cancer treatments, prayers for Matt, and prayers for Sydney who is going home!! She’ll have to be very careful to not catch anything. What the young little body has been through…..

I always fail the urine test

26 Feb

I cannot pee in those little cups they give you for a urine sample. I have almost decided to look up on YouTube to see if they show how to do it. I sometimes ask for a hat which works great, but I forgot to today. Does anyone else have an issue with this? I know, I know, TMI!!!! but as one grows older this becomes a common test to do. Maybe I can be an advocate for others who have this problem. 🙂
I went to doctor with some stomach issues and my ongoing back pain. I thought by not doing a jigsaw puzzle it might go away but it hasn’t. She prescribed a super dooper muscle relaxer which may actually be working but it also gave me the munchies. But who cares about that. I still weighed 163 at the doctor’s office and the kind nurse took off 3 pounds for clothes.
Now I’m watching the weather and it looks like I’ll be iced in over the weekend so I must get my things done tomorrow. I will have to stock up on food and stuff tomorrow in case the hills around me get icy. The sun doesn’t hit them and even if it warms up, I will still be stuck.
I am going to the Quilt shop to have all my sweatshirts embroidered tomorrow. My friend Robin is helping me out with this. She didn’t freak out when she came to the basement on Monday night and walked among the material clutter. It seriously looks like a tornado has come through and scattered material scraps everywhere. We are both very alike mentally so it is blossoming into a nice friendship. I gave up trying to be organized because my brain is so scattered I can’t stay focused and the minute I fold all of my material and put them in their appropriate containers, then I immediately need something out of that container. Funny thing. I called Denny the other day and asked him to look for some batting I was missing. I had looked and looked around here. He couldn’t find it in the rv, then….I saw a box I hadn’t looked in and there the batting was. The funny thing is that I had put a label on it called “batting!!! Jeeez.
cade trophy
Here’s a photo of my grandson Cade skating around with the first place trophy from last weekends season final. It’s very exciting. They beat teams from Kansas City and St. Joe. I love that Cade has found an activity that he has continued with.
So glad my shows are back on. Wednesday and Thursday nights are my favorites. I do admit I watched the “Batchelor” last night due to the intriguing commercials. So glad that Andi came forth and told the truth about the creepy guy. Do you think they will ever end the reality shows? I saw that there is going to be another polygamist show called “5 Wives”. Sometime I think I’ll count how many there really are on the different channels. My guilty pleasure is “Dance Moms” and my daughter and I have tried not to watch but to no avail. It is totally disgusting and stupid and as Denny says “has no redeeming values”.
That’s it for now. Trying to go to sleep early tonight so I can get up a little earlier. I’m trying to train myself to start getting up at 7. Right now I am getting up at 8.

The Votes are in

25 Feb

My decision to turn gray or the color of my hairpiece “silver mist” was a huge hit. The most views ever!! Who knew. Any way it is day 4 with the new color, I’m used to it and love it and am now done being self-absorbed about it. Thanks for all the posts and comments regarding the decision. It really did help.
gray j

Just back from seeing Mom and taking my treacherous hill walk. I can’t believe my heart rate as I walk up it. My goal next week is to walk up that hill, back down and then go up the other hill on the side of Judy’s house. It’s even longer. Did check the scale this morning. Not great but have broken the 160 mark by weighing in at 159. So, I think that is 4 lbs down from 163. Still eating well and off of the Pepsi.

Mom doing great. Hope to do another outing this week but the weather is turning cold again so not sure if it will work out.

My friend Robin came over last night to help me with my embroidery issues. She is redoing our logo which will make it a little easier and then she said “why don’t you just pack up all the sweatshirts and bring them to my shop and we’ll do them on my 6 thread embroidery machine and they can all be done in a day.” Now that is a good friend. That way I won’t have them all hanging over me and can my other projects done.

Next weekend I will be doing a marathon sewing of microwaveable bowl holders. If you would like one I sell them for $10 and 3 for $25. You really must have these in your home. You can’t imagine how easy it is to get your bowl of hot foot out of the microwave. You put the bowl in the holder and then put it in the micro and then you bring it out and it is already to sit down and eat and you won’t be holding a hot bowl. If you click on the file Art/Park below you can see exactly how it works. They are great for gifts and family members, etc.
That’s it for now. Doing some business stuff over the phone with Denny and then heading to the basement.

Saturday in Holiday Island

22 Feb

First, please look at Sydney’s page and see the latest update. Remarkable
Whew. Finally back on the blog. I had a weird thing happen to my computer. Some kind of update was going on or something and because I didn’t have my glasses on I may have done something that screwed it all up. I lost my desktop and I thought all of my files which would be devastating because this is my work computer also so has all of my circle the wagons business on it. Anyway, there is a great computer guy here and we cleaned it up and we did a revert back so now I’m wondering if I lost a blog page or…if this is the first time I’ve written since Feb.14.
First up. Big, big news. I think I’m going to begin wearing a white hairpiece. I’ve been struggling with how I should age with my hair. Many of my friends have let their hair go natural and I really like it. When one doesn’t have hair, one doesn’t have any gauges on their hair color changes.
So here is a photo of me with white hair with my wrinkles included : ). I’m really trying not to focus on the negative about aging and embracing it, at least for today. Let me know what you think. Being in Holiday Island will be a good transitioning place.

Mom turned 94 on Monday, Feb. 17. Wow, who knew after the last few months. She is back on the computer, doesn’t need assistance now, is walking with her walker great and we are all AMAZED. I am spending the month here while Judy and Marvin are in Florida. Today we are going out for a little drive. She does great getting in and out of the car.

log sign
We had a metal sign made of our logo to put in our wagon at the campground. We love it.

oolala placemats
These are my OooLala placemats. They are from the material I purchased in Paris. My goal is to make smaller placemats for rv tables. The small placemat is the size I would like to make.

When I was in India I was fascinated with Kolams. In the morning, the Indian women take rice flour and make designs on their dirt entryways. Then the ants come and eat the rice flour and the women had their exercise and their breath of fresh air to begin their day. If you look on the internet under Kolam, you will see some exquisite designs. I hope to get more intricate as I get better with my sewing. This piece is for Dr. Samuels in India. My friend Don is heading there next month and will take it to him for me.

Today is our last nice day here for awhile. I will take my walk up the steep hill in front of the house. Today is my goal to make it up all the way. You wouldn’t believe how much it makes me breathe hard. My foot continues to be soooo much better which makes me soooo much happier.

Enjoyed the figure skating of the Olympics. Once again the judging confused me but I know they see things we don’t. Will be glad to have my shows back, which many start back up this week.

Time to get going with the day. I’m basically on the 2nd shift. I work on stuff til around 1 and sleep until 9. My goal is to make something complete each day.

Last day in Llano

14 Feb

Just tidbits from last day in Llano

This was my wonderful valentine from Denny. I truly believe that he should be a professional card shopper because he is always spot on. Enjoy the video. He loves the musical cards.
Today we went with Carl and Konnie to the quilt show in Marble Falls..But…first we ate breakfast at the Bluebonnet Café. I had Homemade apple pie ala mode and Konnie and I split a chocolate cream pie. Now that is the breakfast of champions. Then it was off to the quilt show. The first person I saw was my quilt instructor at the door greeting so that was fun. Then I ran into a lady I met at the quilt shop in Fredricksburg who talks as loud and as much as I do. (I know that is hard to believe) Also checked out the boutique that my friend Trudy who camped at Circle last summer told me about. Unfortunately she wasn’t working today but I met her friend her knew about me. They made a lot of bowl holders which Trudy got the idea from me and they sold out of them. It was a fun show but not as many vendors as the last one we went to but some beautiful pieces. The best thing I saw was the avatars.
Their local quilt club had the members make these avatar quilts of themselves. Think that would be fun.
After that we stopped at Walgreens so I could pick up my Soma for my spasming back. While there I was looking for some Vitamin B-12 and couldn’t find any that didn’t have a ton of crap in them. So…this clerk came by and I told her my issue and she said “well try the liquid drops. They shouldn’t have all that crap in it”. Low and behold she was right. We knuckled over that and the next thing I know she is coming to Colorado this summer and will come down and stay in our little campers. Now that is customer service.
Just a glimpse of how cold it was here a couple of days ago. Frozen berries and barbed wire.
frozen barbwire
Just finished watching “Captain Phillips”. Wow, how intense. I didn’t realize that he was actually taken off of the ship during the hijacking. I know Tom Hanks is up for Academy award but I’m not sure who I want to win that category.
We are having a big black cast iron metal piece to put on our wagon out front in the park. It is going to be beautiful. Here is a photo of it still in the heating oven.
iron sign
Last but not least a photo of me in my cowgirl hat. Maybe I’ll make my avatar quilt with that.
cowboy j
Have to got to get to bed because we are up early and on the road by 7. It’s about an 11 hour drive. Having big birthday party for my Mom on Sunday. 94 years old. All the sisters will be there and brother John. Should be quite a celebration after the last few months.

Thursday, Feb 13

13 Feb

Just finished up some campground business work. Have a really big group coming in the first week of September. Also paying some bills. Sending in final payment for the Cuba trip also.
Fun day. Once again it was beautiful so we took advantage and played golf with our friends Richard and Suzanne. I was very happy that I shot an 89!!! After a shot nap we had a big potluck. We furnished fried chicken and Carl and Konnie furnished pull pork. Soooo yummy. We did not make the chicken but Carl did smoke the pork. Very tender. Everyone brought side dishes and it was fun. Then Susan and I finished up our hardest puzzle yet, Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers”.


Yesterday was my last sewing day. Konnie and I had a mini class and I showed her how to do quilt blocks and she showed me how to do paper piecing. It was really fun but we were tired. I made the cutest little note card where you make a tiny quilt block and then insert in the card. Can’t wait to make some more. I also made an Attic Window block which is kind of 3 dimensional and I think they would be cute to sell in shop using my camping material. We’ll see.
bird block

quilt card

After we were done it took me 3 hours to clean up my clutter. I also had to get it organized and use my new label maker and also buy yet another tub. I may be a tub hoarder. I think we can get everything I’ll need to Arkansas. Will set up shop in Judy’s house for a month.
I will miss being in this area. Really love the Hill Country.
Tomorrow we are going to Marble Falls to the Quilt Show and to eat at the Bluebonnet Café. It’s a quaint restaurant known for it’s food and pies. I think you know you will always have to wait to get in. We are heading out at 8 am to eat there first then go to the quilt show. When we get back we’ll finish packing the truck and then hopefully we’ll watch Captain Phillips which we’ve recorded. We’ll have to get up early on Saturday to head out. Can you believe that we’ll be celebrating Mom’s 94th birthday!
After my initial disappointment of no weight loss yet, I thought I’d get back on my little exercise routine. While I was on the floor on my back doing pelvic tilts, the dogs thought they needed to assist which turned into one of their playful fights. Jumper kept jumping on my face, Meeko kept biting my hands, then when I was finally able to tilt my butt up, Jumper got under my legs and was barking at Meeko. I sooo wish there would have been a video. It was hilarious.
I’m adding a new page to Sydney’s page which above the blog page.
Left foot still getting better. Back has been very tight and feels so out of place but am getting some Soma tomorrow to maybe get the spasm to ease up. Too much sewing in a bad chair and too much leaning over puzzles. So out of shape.
Since I have to get up at 7, going to try and get to sleep earlier.

I love Twizzles

9 Feb

I LOVE Ice Dancing. How dramatic and I love when the twizzle. And all the flips and turns. Like the Gracie and they young Russian dancer. I think the ladies are going to be exciting this year. I’m glad that they have the team things so we see more ice skating. I think the audience seems to be indifferent to anyone but the Russians, but maybe that’s always the case no matter what the country they are in.
There is a new post about Sydney and her bone marrow transplant and how it is going. I find it interesting how the whole process is working and how brave she is.
I am now thinking so much about our good friend who has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. What would I do if I got the diagnosis? I don’t know. Maybe go to St. Croix, a quilt retreat, take my family on a cruise. I don’t know. I do know that I don’t want him to be uncomfortable and feel terrible and that the treatments and surgery are successful. Ido know that Denny and I must get our affairs in order and I said that a few months ago and we didn’t follow through. We did have a will done when we were first married but so many things have changed we definitely need to update.
Decided I needed to weigh myself and got myself in a twizzle when I saw I had not lost one pound. I ranted and raved for awhile but then Billie reminded me how much better I feel and that what I’m doing is healthy. It was a beautiful day here and we played golf with Richard and Suzanne. We played the Bingo, Bango, Bungo game and I took the first 9 and Denny won the 2nd nine. We each made a dollar. I shot a 95 which I was very happy with.
Very good news again about my feet. They are better and better each day!!! I truly believe I have turned a big corner and that by next week I can take long walks. I really need to do that since I am .5 from having osteoporosis from my last bone density test. I really need to do some bone work. I am so happy not to wake up in tears every morning and who knew that this simple splint I wear at night would work such a miracle.
Tomorrow is Elliott’s 4th birthday. I TRULY AM THE WORST GRANDMA. Who forgets their grandkids birthday!!! I do. Apparently not only did she paint on the easel, but on the dog, and her dresser in her room, etc. Sounds like her Grandma Birdie and Mommy.
painting elliott
Jumper is being weird tonight. Denny gave him a bath today and he’s mad at him and is out here in the living room with me instead of in bed with him. Our dogs are soooooooo sensitive.
Weather will be crappy again for next 3 days so I will be sewing up a storm for 3 days. Tomorrow I’m showing Cheryl and Konnie how to make micro bowl holders. Then I have some embroidering and sewing to do the next couple of days.
That’s it for now.