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September 18, 2015

19 Sep

Just home from an interesting evening with friends. We went to listen to a trio;cello, violin, and piano, that played in total darkness. They made the very important announcement to make sure everyone turned off their phones and covered their watches so there wouldn’t be any light. So right after they turned all the lights and began to play and guy in front of me had his phone in his pocket and you could see the light come on and off. That ticked me off right off the bat. I kept trying to focus on the music. Finally the little light went off and I began to relax, but realized I was sitting in a very bad chair for my back, so I started squirming. The little light came on again so I began closing my eyes which made me more antsy. The little light went off again and I started wondering if I could crawl out of my chair and across the floor and lean up against the wall without anybody noticing?? The little light came on again and that got me mad again. Then, a major hotflash!! I quietly took off my jacket to cool off. That stupid light is back on again!!!! I want to scream to tell him to turn of his stupid phone. Oh my back is killllling me. All of a sudden there is a candle lit, and then another. Finally the hour is over. I’m glad I went, but probably wouldn’t do it again.
Mitzi, Nancy, Sharon, Ginny and I went together. I always enjoy getting together with those buddies. I coming off a couple of bad weeks regarding my back and right hip. Cindy, Juli and Gayle were here over Labor Day. I had begun to have twinges in my hip a couple of days before they came. While they were here we did a couple of sight seeing drives and a little hike and a trip to Hooper Pool. By the time they left on Monday I couldn’t put any weight on my right leg. The rest of the week was spent going to the doctor, MRI and xrays and another doctor appt. After 4 days of pain pills and muscle relaxers and a great hubby who had to handle the office, the pain began to ease up. Now I am in physical therapy for awhile and learning to do lifetime exercises to keep my back stronger. When I went today, I was having a lot of dizziness so Diane did some manipulations which really helped the vertigo.
It has been a really busy September! We will be full next weekend and the next. I couldn’t believe all the phone calls for reservations we had today. It’s also the time of year for the trees to change. Not a lot happening yet but by next weekend it may be getting beautiful. It is a wonderful time to be here. Light breezes blowing through the trees. I love that sound. It is also really cooling off at night and our heat will probably begin to come on.
Interesting guy in the park for a month. He is traveling for 2 years and staying in a tent. He is writing about his camping too. We had a bicycle group fro the UK in last week that were riding across country to raise funds for the wounded warriors in UK. They said that the US is much friendlier to do that kind of trip in and everyone is so helpful. They were a great group and one of them was on a low to ground recumbent bicycle peddling with his arms. Remarkable.
Getting ready for my quilt retreat in a couple of weeks. I think it is full and I have some friends coming to it too plus some new people. Can’t wait to work on something creative. I am way behind on jacket orders and tea towels but hope to begin embroidering again tomorrow. My bowl holders continue to be a hot item and I am probably over 900 now over the last 3 years.
I have become a Netflix junkie. Totally binging on Damages now.
I haven’t lost a pound since I gave up eating ice cream at night. How can that be?????
Denny had to go to Pueblo tonight to order a new oven. So far we have replaced a refrigerator, dryer and now a stove. Next will be the dish washer I’m sure. We are getting ready to put a new roof on. A red metal one. Our friend Jim is going to help Denny put it on.
Well that’s it for now. It’s almost midnight and I think I’ll watch some Solheim Cup.