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Happy New Years Eve

31 Dec

FullSizeRender (32)Mr moose

We had a really fun New Year’s Eve dinner with the Mulrains, Koutniks, Kearins, Borthick/Bentz, Carroll/Carlsons and us. We had dinner at the La Plaza Inn in Walsenburg. Rack of Lamb on my plate.

Mr Moose is my New Year’s gift to myself. I finished embellishing him last night by thread painting. Bought the canvas today to mount him and soon he’ll be on my wall. He was the last of my unfinished projects to finish. Now I can start fresh on some other items I want to make. First is to finish wall hanging for the suite area of our house. Then I’m making kitchen curtains.

Only resolution is to quit playing Candy Crush Saga and Candy Crush Soda. My friend and Ruth and I are doing it together. How much time I waste playing those 2 games. Ridiculous.  Hope this isn’t as bad as my Pepsi addiction.

We are excited about heading to Brownsville for the winter. Should happen around January 10.  Two other couples will be down there with us so should be fun. Golf, pool, quilt group, pickleball.

I had my hip  injection on Tuesday and the pain from the shot has worn off and the hip actually feels normal. Even feels weird to walk normally.

As I begin the new year a few things I’m excited about. First I am going to study the book “The Untethering Soul”. I think it will help me let go of many emotions that frankly wear me out. Several friends have read it and highly recommend it. Haven’t done any self help or spiritual work for years. I have also started moving, walking, stretching and plan on getting this ol’ body back in better shape.  Not focusing on weight, just trying to get the flab firmed back up. I’m working on being a better wife and more of a help with house chores. I’m very excited about my creativity and my mind continues to race with ideas. We are both excited about the upcoming camping season. We hope that we have the routines in place that it won’t feel as crazy.

My blog seems to be so far down my list of things to do but I really miss doing it. It’s a priority I would like to move up.

I continue to be amazed by Mom. She has rallied and is doing much more walking and attending functions at Green Acres. What a woman!

Next week there may be an article in the local newspaper regarding dog poop. There is dog poop everywhere in the downtown area. I’ve taken 26 photos of just 3 blocks on one side. Tomorrow I’m going to take more photos and also pick up the poop and see how full of a bag I get!! Yuck, but it might encourage more picking up. I’m going to call myself  J Patterson, Roving Poop Reporter.

Time to get ready for dinner. Hope all of you are doing well and thanks for hanging in there with my periodic posts.






11 Dec

Back from a windblown walk. So many thoughts were literally blowing around in my head. I lost another friend yesterday. I am sad today, I have on one of her beautiful bracelets that she made for me. Her husband was sooooo sad and heartbroken when he called me yesterday. I was hoping to see her one more time. We did have dinner right before we left in November and I am so glad we did. Maybe she knew there wouldn’t be one more time.
One more time, one more time, one more day, maybe tomorrow, January 1st I’ll start exercising, excuses, excuses, excuses everyday to not be the best that we can be each day. Sometimes my best for a day isn’t good enough for me anymore. I’m done wasting thoughts on life issues I have no control over!!! Worries about life that others aren’t worrying about, so why do I?????? But….I do mourn for lost friends, relatives, terrorist victims, people who pass away that no one knows about, …. Four friends and relatives are beginning their journey this week of mourning. Doug’s mother passed away last weekend. He tirelessly took care of her for many years. My wonderful nephew’s 64 yr old mother passed away in her sleep Sunday. I met her for the first time Saturday night at his daughters Christmas performance. My friend Micky’s son decided life was enough and committed suicide on Tuesday, then my friend Mary K passing away yesterday.(I loved she was an initial person too!) I am mourning for all of them today. I was upset that the day after San Bernadino that the National Christmas tree lighting happened, like that was yesterday, this is today. No, I felt like that as a nation we really didn’t really care. When events like these happen, my mind goes in overload and screams, “What can I do, what can I do, WHAT CAN I DO!!!!!!! Sometimes I can do something, sometimes I can’t. I wanted to send condolence cards to all of the families of the victims and injured. Their children, I can’t even bear those thoughts.
Sooooo.. what I can do is honor those who are in mourning. Send a card. Donate to their charity. Help if they will let me.
When I told someone yesterday about Mary K passing away, their reply was “Oh.” That’s it. “Oh.” I hope if I pass away that there is more of reply than “Oh”.
I am beginning my new journey today of being the best I can for that day. I still am able to write, sew, work, create, love, hate, walk, travel, be with family and friends,. I am still alive.


Back home for awhile

9 Dec

We made it home safely last night. We had been to Arkansas, Topeka, Mexico, Topeka, Arkansas, Topeka and now home since November 6.
It always takes me a day or 2 to regroup but did accomplish a few things today. I did lay in bed until 10 which felt great. Then I took a long walk. We started cleaning out some closets that we haven’t touched since we moved here 3 years ago. I feel like we will actually be a little more organized before we open back up this summer. I would really like to have our catch all room an actual useful room. All 3 of our extra bedrooms need to be sheetrocked and painted. They have that mobile home type wall coverings.
Bad news when we arrived home was that our big 68″ tv was on the fritz!!! We MUST remember to unplug all of our tv’s, printers, etc when we leave. Apparently a power surge knocked it out. Big bummer.
Not feeling too Christmassy yet. We don’t put up any decorations but I am printing out our photo/Christmas cards. I have this really old computer and printer that does the best job of printing photos and my notecards. It takes forever to get it to open programs, etc. but the results are worth it.
Went to my orthopedic doctor on Monday. I go to Dr. Wallace in Topeka who has done shoulder, knee and broken wrist surgeries on me over the years. I haven’t seen him for years but he remembered me and was wondering what happened to my red hair!! Diagnosis is on my hip that I do have some arthritis in the right hip and the left hip is a ittle funky but nothing major. He still thinks I may have a back issue. Next step is a cortisone shot on Dec. 29. If that takes the pain away then we’ll know it is a hip issue. If not, then we’ll deal with an orthopedic back doctor. I am now going to walk, exercise, and strengthen my core since there really isn’t anything that should keep from doing what I enjoy.
I finished 40 bowl holders last week and now think I don’t have to make any of those for quite awhile. I have a group in Texas that would like to order my jackets, pillows, shirts embroidered, etc. Need to get an order sheet designed with prices. They love that “Home is Where you Park It” logo. I could have a busy early spring.
First, I’m going to do some fun and creative projects, starting tomorrow. I also took a class on my serger and am excited to really put that machine to use.
Hope to drive to Colorado City tomorrow or Friday to see my friend who has terminal melanoma cancer. I’m not sure if it is a rare type but she has melanoma’s all over inside her body. We have been friends for a couple of years. She and her husband camped with us several times. They have dual sports and were very active. We became friends quickly and I hate that such a vibrant woman has this awful disease.
We must treasure each day that we have before something might show up that detours our life.
I enjoyed being with Mom last week. We had some fun conversations and she actually took some walks. One day when she actually went outside for a few minutes, turned into quite an event. There are many alzheimer patients and some of them try to escape. Denny was trying to block this one lady while I was trying to get Mom out the door. She was going to knock him down!!! Then when we were coming back in, she was there again and we had to get 2 others to get her out of the way. This lady thinks she is in her Mom’s house. I wonder if the Alzheimer patients are scared or if they really don’t know so they aren’t scared??
I’ve been contacted personally from a couple of high school classmates this week. One guy wants to come camp with us this summer and another girlfriend contacted me through FB. It’s fun reconnecting through FB. 2016 is our 45th High School Reunion year. I haven’t been since the 20th!! Where does the time go.
Time to print some more cards.