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Bears and Limber Jacks

25 Jul

cade limberbear tree
I hope you can see the video of Limber Jacking. I didn’t know a thing about that and it was really fun to watch. Cade also
It’s been an interesting week and busy. It’s Thursday night and we are full for the weekend once again. Now I’m doing a lot of reservations for next summer already. Someone said they were afraid that we were going to be full next year and no one will be able to get in. I think that might be an exaggeration, but it is good to be this full.
The courtyard is almost done. My goal is to start painting on the trellis tomorrow. It will be many colors. Today I was very busy in the office checking in a lot of people and bookwork and computer work.
The kids have been having so much fun being able to just hang around the park and play with the kids that come into the park. Cade learned how to play cribbage today with a man who is here for a few days. We also took a ride to the golf course to get a photo of a mama bear and her baby in a tree. We also made plaster of paris bear prints here in the park. They go home on the train tomorrow night.
Mary and Terry are up in Boulder and Greeley traveling around.
We went to the local Melodrama last night. It was funny and clever. Hopefully they’ll have good turnouts every night.
Have felt a little edgy the last couple of days. Lots of little emotion things happening of which I have no control over. Pray, pray, pray. I’m sure it’s a combination of about a million things. When I feel this way I announce I need a day to sew and I think that will happen on Saturday. One thing about it being full is the weekends are less busy as far as the office.
Think I’m going to go to bed early tonight and catch up on my People magazines that I haven’t read for a month.

UnBearable night

21 Jul

cade kyler trainbicycle group
There’s a photo of our bicycle group that rode out of Angel Fire, NM last week. They had a good week. Our camp assistants, Diana and Terry were the support vehicle for it and they had a good time. We are glad to have them back.
Billie and the kids and Terry D. arrived by train yesterday morning. Denny picked them up at the train station in La Junta. Billie said they were great and had a good time. I love that photo of them in the dining car. I think they could use that in a flyer. Elliott is so funny with her big words. She is walking around saying “Mommy had to run an errand, Mommy had to run an errand.”
Busy weekend at the park. It was full again. Just finished with pancake breakfast for a group.
Last night was rather exciting. I went to the shower building to clean bathrooms. I was playing my music and every now and then I was hearing this really loud noise. Like someone was knocking on the door but no one was there. Of course, after just coming off a scary movie, I tried not to let my imagination run away. I was finished about 11:15 and was walking out the door when I saw a black bear run toward our motorhome. I thought, “good, I can get to the house”. Well, he turned around and started walking toward me. I went right back into the building and called Mary. I told her I was trapped because of the bear. She said, “I’m not coming out”. Next I tried calling Billie to go wake up Denny. She didn’t answer. Next I called Denny and thankfully he had the phone in the bedroom. He turned on some lights and came out with a flashlight.. The bear took off, he was eating something out of a trash can, and then I could get to the house. Whew. Soo….I was relaxing watching a little tv and a huge thunderstorm started up. We all know what that means, Meeko is going to freak out. It was a fairly violent storm and we ended up with over an inch of rain. It was 2 am before I got to sleep, so a little groggy today. Let’s hope it’s a quiet day. The kids are enjoying the rv park and the toys. There are some other kids around so they can play with them too. Did have a bonfire last night which was nice. Perfect evening for it since there was no wind.
That’s it for now. Trying to make plans for the week with the kids.
My mom fell 2 days ago and cracked the bone right under her left knee. She is in a brace. We hope she gets to see a doctor on Monday and then we’ll see what will happen from there. My sister Jolene is heading that way and my neice Marjay and brother in law Marvin are there for the weekend. Needless to say she is frustrated but we’ll get her back on her feet again.
Juli story: She is still doing her alternative treatments for her cancer. She is now going to a Chinese doctor in Orlando. Last Wednesday she went to church and a man gave her $20 and told her he was thinking and praying for her. When she got home, she started opening her mail. She opened a card from a friend and there was a note and a check for $1000 to help Juli with her medical costs. She opened another card from the parents of one of her friends. They had put a check for $2000 in the card! Her next mail to open was the bill from Sarasota where she had been receiving treatment. Guess what the amount was??? $3020.00. Pretty powerful. She said that confirmed that God is still watching over her and she continues to pray for his guidance and she feels she is on the right path. She does have more pain but is dealing with it with chiropracty and acupuncture. Judy is back down there now after being gone for a month.
Lots of prayers needed for Juli and my Mom. Thanks everybody.

Glorious rain

15 Jul


It has rained for a day and a half and we are all so happy. The river is luscious and I can hear it from my office. The rain has caused some issues around the park. We now see many low spots that need to be graveled in, but nothing that we can’t do. I just love this time of year in La Veta when the fawns are running around.
Going to try and finish some project that we have going on. Still thinking about the bedroom. Not fussing about the footie socks. I asked Denny to just buy me some new ones and make them all be white. That way if Jumper gets hold of one and hides it, I can still have a matching pair.
Mary’s friend Marilyn is here for a few days. She’s from Goodyear, AZ. She is staying in the Yukon camper. Last night we had a vicious thunderstorm and she got so scared, she put a towel over her head and ran to the motorhome to stay in there with Mary.
All of our bicycle buddies are in Angel Fire for rest of the week. It was so fun having so many friends around for a few days.
That’s it for now. Going to walk around the campground and see how many puddles we have that will need gravel put in them.

July 14!!!, 2013 What in the world have I been doing?

13 Jul

snake chaircade elliottelliott 4thdaina 3clubhousediana 4

Had a good 4th of July here in La Veta and in the park. On the 4th, we had a big potluck and invited the whole park. Denny grilled up 80 pieces of chicken and everyone brought yummy side dishes. The La Veta parade was on Saturday the 6th. Denny rode his unicycle and Mary took 3 kids from the rv park and decorated our golf cart and let them be in the parade. They had lots of fun. The kids were really cute. They did many little jobs for us including dog walking. I’ve missed their help with that job especially.
It has been a good week. Only forgot 1 person and didn’t have them written down but I still had a space for them thankfully. We have been full the last 2 weekends which is wonderful. We’re fixing pancakes for a group in the morning. They really enjoy that.
Many of our bicycle friends have come in. Judy and Susan A arrived Wednesday afternoon. Nephew Chris arrived last night at 6 pm. Kathy and Doug will be here any minute. We have the house in somewhat of order and have 2 bedrooms set up for everyone. Mary is still in the motorhome and Judy and Susan are staying with Diane and Vince. We’ll fix them pancakes at 7:30 in the morning and then they’ll head down to Angel Fire to ride out of there for the week.
Had a meltdown on Wednesday. I felt soooooo tired I couldn’t even function. I finally put a closed sign on the office door and went to bed until Thursday morning. Still feel a little tired but I can at least function at a somewhat capable level. Need to take a little better care of when I eat.
Had a little excitement in the park last week when a bull snake decided to wind himself up in a campers lawn chair. Denny took a golf club and pushed into the river. He was not a happy snake.
I forgot to finish the trailer story. We finally received the ramp a week ago Friday. Saturday afternoon we unloaded and now we have a garage full of junk. I really don’t think we can use it all, but we’ll see. I called the truck company on Monday to come pick up the trailer and they finally got here on Friday. Maybe next week we can get a little organization going on. I would really like to get our bedroom set up. The closet is also driving me crazy. I can’t find any little footie sox that match.
Mary is working at the consignment store today. It’s a busy place. We should close on the building July 15. Maybe a little hope on the Lake Wabaunsee house, but nothing for sure yet. Between her and our camping associates Diana and Terry, we are getting a lot done around the park.
Cathy and Doug just arrived so time to go.

The moving trailer saga continues

3 Jul

mag covj mag
Before I get to the trailer saga, I thought I’d let you know that I am famous. My photo and a quote is in this months issue of The Quilt Life!!! My friend Doris is a quilter and she is camping for a couple of weeks here. Today, I’m going to take her over to meet Ricky and she is very excited.

Soooooooooo……I’m laying in bed Monday morning, saying a little prayer, thinking about getting out of bed since it’s 7:30, knowing I need to take a shower and then…..Mary comes screaming into the bedroom, “the truck, the truck, they’re taking the truck!!!!!!!!!! I’m like ‘What?????” She said “They are backing up a truck and hooking it up to the trailer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my God, I leapt out of bed, (luckily I had my hair on because I had let the dogs out earlier and also that I don’t sleep in the nude) and screamed at Mary “give me your shoes, give me your shoes..” I put on her flip flops and ran out the door screaming, “Wait, stop, Wait, Stop. I caught the driver just in time and said “we still have our furniture in there”. Thank goodness for Mary that she just happened to be sitting by the window and saw him pull up. Otherwise, I don’t know where our furniture would have ended up. So, I immediately got on the phone and made several phone calls. One would think that a truck ramp is an endangered species!!! I firmly told them they better get a ramp down here and that they better all get on the same page regarding this trailer. As of this morning, the ramp is in Trinidad. I called them and asked if they were bringing the ramp up. The lady said “I would bring it up but my pick up is broken down?. I’m like “wtf”. I kindly said, “would you please try and get the ramp up here today and she said yes”. I asked Denny if I could drive down to Trinidad to get it and he said it was way to heavy. Here we are at 10:51 am, July 3rd, still waiting to unload our trailer. It’s getting rather imperative because Linda is coming in on Thursday, bicycle friends are coming in next week, so on and so on.
The weather is still beautiful but we desperately need rain. We are on a full water ban so nothing gets to be watered.
Denny returned home last night with the truck and trailer full.
We did lower the price on the house and maybe someone will be at the lake looking. The realtor said the rule of thumb is that if a house at the lake isn’t sold by 4th of July, then it is yours for the winter. I am not going to believe that and I think it will sell.
Mary is going to her training for her new job today. She will be working at the consignment store in La Veta.
That’s it for now.