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Sunday, June 30, 2013

30 Jun

I’ll be tearing off another page of the calendar tomorrow. Finishing up being Circle the Wagons owners for 2 months. So far, so good. July, by reservations, will be our biggest month. This week will be crazy with people coming in and out for the holiday. We have 2 back to back groups coming in next weekend plus the rest of the park is full. I so hope I haven’t forgotten some reservation!!
Mary arrived Thursday night to be with us for 2 months. She’s already been a huge help with housecleaning, etc. We are still trying to get moved in. The trailer came with our belongings, but…they didn’t bring a key for the padlock. So…we waited all day the next for it to get here and finally called the truck company and said we are breaking the lock. When Denny got the trailer open he discovered there was no ramp. This truck is like a 1/2 of a semi so it is very high off the ground. So more phone calls, no ramp available, etc, etc. Now, Denny is on his way back to Kansas for the last load of stuff from house and he is bringing back a ramp, maybe.
Our work camper couple arrived yesterday afternoon, Terry and Diana. They are great and I think they will be a big help. They already are because…Mary and I decided yesterday that we needed another little camper that we can rent out here. So we called Billie and asked if she would like to sell her little 15 foot trailer. She agreed. Terry and Diana are on their way to Kansas with their truck and following Denny so they can bring the trailer back. How cool is that!!!
Many of our evacuees have left this weekend to go back to work at Fun Valley. We have 3 couples still here because only the workers are allowed to return. Our fire is out and the fire workers are all leaving in the next couple of days. We are all so fortunate how much work these workers did to keep that fire from doing more damage. From a distance, one wouldn’t know that the East Peak is all burned up.
We have had a couple of rain showers. Thursday night we had a huge thunderstorm that knocked or power out. It also wreaked havoc on the wireless connection. That is one thing that will piss off a bunch of rver’s is when the wireless is down. Friday wasn’t so bad, but Saturday morning we had a major outage. I spent 3 hours on the phone trying to get it fixed. After being on hold for 30 minutes, the tech finally answered and we were disconnected immediately. I called right back to be put on hold for another 30 minutes. By the time this tech answered, I was sobbing. When he asked me for my number in case we disconnected I said “Please call me back, sob sob sob, if we disconnect”. He said “I’ll dry your tears, we’ll get it fixed and we did.
The weather is beautiful today and there is water in the river which is a treat. Last week was unbearably hot for a few days so we finally hooked up our swamp cooler. Now that’s a different kind of air conditioner. It’s a bit noisy and has a powerful fan that actually blew the tuna salad off of my bread when I walked under it. Meeko and Jumper love it and their hair just blows all around.
Getting busy so that’s it for now.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

26 Jun

smoke in airhelicoptershelicoptereast peak firenight fire
The fire photos are taken from the rv park. The picture of the just the smoky sky is from the South Fork fires. We only have smoke from them every now and then. The helicopters were located at our little airport.
What a week it has been since I last posted. I hope I can remember what has been happening.
Many of you might not realize that we’ve had a fire on the East Peak just outside of La Veta. It started as a puff of smoke last Wednesday afternoon, and turned into a roaring fire that has burned the whole side of the East Peak up to tree line. It also burned the land below the peak. 10 houses gone and 4 out buildings as of now. Many were evacuated who lived in that area. Over 13,000 acres burned. La Veta was never in pre-evac and was actually the command post for the fire fighters and National Guard. The fire went under Federal jurisdiction on Friday night. Soon the Hot Shots from all over the country started coming, (by the way there needs to be about a 3 year calendar made of hotshot firemen and women). There were the big airplanes dumping fire retardant. Helicopters dumping water. All in all there were over 600 fire fighting personnel in town. We were able to help as ice runners. Of course, I say we, it was Denny who made several runs to Walsenburg to pick up over 2700 lbs of ice for several days. My part was that I volunteered us. As of today, the is considered contained. There are still firefighters in the area to keep an eye on flare ups. We have a couple in the park who are called Tactical Fire fighters. They are driving a big water truck and they are doing the “mop up” work. Cleaning up areas and watering down the roads. Since the East Peak is a wilderness area, there are also crews making the landscape look like it hasn’t burned. Not quite sure all the details on how they do it, but it’s part of a fire detail that I wasn’t aware of. Basically, they try to refurbish the landscape in wilderness areas.
Regarding how it affected the rv park. We had several cancellations but we also had many who came in. We were very lucky that we only had light smoke in the air for a couple of days because the winds were always blowing toward the east. We have 7 campers here that came in on Friday who were evacuated from Fun Valley which is a huge campground in South Fork. They are work campers and they had a 30 minute evacuation notice. There is zero containment of that fire and it has burned almost 80,000 acres. It’s a horrible fire and they just don’t know when they can return. Some of them still have possessions and vehicles at Fun Valley. We have been very busy with phone calls, ice runs, counseling, listening, trying to do what we are able to do for everyone.
On top of all of the above, we have also been trying to get moved into our house. With Tom, the previous owner, going through grueling tests and chemotherapy, they were unable to move their things out of the house. This week, we hired 2 guys to move all of their belongings into storage. We now have our truck coming in tomorrow and we have 3 days to move our things out of it. This is good news and we also will have help unloading the truck.
My sister Judy and her husband Marvin have been here since the 16th. They are leaving today. Judy was a big help getting our kitchen set up and also did a lot of sewing. She made curtains for the Game Room and also made several little bags for the shop. We also managed to play bridge 3 nights with my friend Judy. Mary, our friend we stay with in Arizona is flying in tomorrow night. She’s going to spend 2 months with us which will be a huge help. We are working 7 days a week and 10 hours or more a day. Handling it well so far. I no longer stay up all hours of the night. I continue to barely make it through 1 tootsie pop before I fall asleep.
I think that is it for now. Denny is busy getting the garage ready for our things that will need to be in there. Looking forward to setting up house. I’ve been wearing the same 3 outfits since I’ve been so here it will be nice to have a change of clothes. Meeko and Jumper continue to be a real asset with their hosting jobs when customers come in to check in.

OMGosh, it’s June 18 already

18 Jun


moving van



puppies in park

Thought today would be picture day. It’s a good day. Already have cleaned my office. Everything gets sooooo dusty here being on gravel roads again. But that’s okay. As you can see there is a patio chair behind the desk. That is where I sit and put my feet up while I visit with customers. Sometimes I listen about their travels, sometimes I do some consoling, sometimes we are just laughing, it’s pretty cool. That’s a picture of the front of our house. There’s Jumper, Meeko and Ruby playing in the dog park. Ruby left yesterday. There’s also a picture of the studio.
Judy and Marvin are here for a week or so. So happy to have them here and for them to have some much needed vacation time. Although, Judy was already hard at work yesterday organizing our kitchen. It is an interesting piece of work. There are many things about our house that we scratch our heads about, but it is going to be a great place. Lots of potential.
As you can see, Denny totally loaded up a 28 ft truck last weekend and he still has to go home and get one more small trailer load. Definitely didn’t get rid of anything!!
I survived the 3 1/2 days on my own with the park. I do have some big bruises on my legs from all the hard labor work, i.e. dumping mop buckets, moving recycle bins, moving boxes etc. It was a good weekend. Interesting group from the Race Across America bicyclists. It’s a crazy thing that riders do. They go from San Francisco to Maryland in like a week. Didn’t meet the cyclist but his support team.
Still love, love, love everything about the park. We did make the decision to not become a Good Sam’s park as of now. We have enough irons in our fires to deal with right now. We do have a couple coming in July to work camp for us for 2 months. They will help us with projects in return for their site. I think that will be a big help.
Selling lots of my Microwaveable Bowl holders and must sew 2 sets today because the lady is leaving tomorrow. That’s one thing about making things for travelers, you better get them done before they leave.
Feeling well. The feet are just getting better and better. Still wouldn’t go on a long hike, but it’s nice to have a day that I don’t actually think about them much.
Puppies are adjusting. Saturday morning I woke up at 6 am to begin the day. I could not find my hair. I looked under the divans, the bed, all over and couldn’t figure out where it was. I had another one in the rv but I would have to go outside to get it. I walked into the living room and saw Jumper and he had my wig in is mouth. Of course, we had to play tug of war for me to retrieve it, but I did and I plopped it on my head and began the day. Love that Jumper.
Denny still busy doing outside work and fixing up things. Some of the campers like these pallet steps to put outside their rv. He’s made 3 I think. They are nice but I am surprised that they don’t pay him a little for them. We are all about CUSTOMER SERVICE. Sunday I received a call from a guy who wanted to hook into cable for the day so he could watch all the sports that was going on. I told him no one had cable anywhere. So….I said, “Come on over here and check in for the night and I’ll let you watch tv in our motorhome”. And, that’s what they did. Denny did tell sister Judy that I may be pushing the customer service a little too far. :).
That’s it for now. Need to finish 4 bowl holders and then Judy and I are going to make curtains for the Game Room.

13 Jun

This is the fire we had this week about 10 miles out up Middle Creek. It is not quite 100% contained, but close. Very very good firemen putting it out. Just so heartbreaking north of us. Our friend Mike just purchased a house in the Springs and it is in the evacuated area. He doesn’t know the condition of the house as of this morning. Luckily they hadn’t actually moved in yet.
Denny is off to Kansas to pack up the house and hopefully be home Sunday night or Monday. He does have a couple of strong young men helping him on Saturday. The previous owners of our house have not been able to move out of this house yet. Very sad, Tom was diagnosed with bladder cancer this spring and it has now spread to his liver and other area. So…he isn’t feeling well, his wife isn’t feeling well, so no moving out as of now. I think it will be okay because we should be able to store our furniture in the same truck once it is here. My goal to day is to have the kitchen ready for dishes and stuff that I hope Denny brings in his trailer and truck.
A little snoozy right now. Allergies are kicking in so took a benedryl because of all the itchies.
Not feeling as hyper the last couple of days. I’m sure the campers appreciate it because I hardly shut up while they are checking in! Campground is really filling up. Renting out our baby camper for the weekend. I hope the people aren’t horrified when they see it. It’s a little rough on the outside but cute as can be on the inside.
That’s it for now.

I have talked nonstop since 8:30 this morning

10 Jun

It is now 3:10 in the afternoon Colorado time. What a busy Monday. 4 new reservations 4 people came in Good Sams/Woodall couple came in to discuss being in catalog and being a Good Sam rv park. Seems like there is a lot of positive about being a Good Sams park. Our camping buddies, please weigh in on if you think being a Good Sams is a benefit to you. Just would like to hear feedback. The exciting news is that we got a 10 on the rating of our bathrooms!!!! Some of you know that Denny worked hours on the bathrooms to get them sparkling clean.
Denny has been in Pueblo shopping and getting the stinky, filthy, matted up, Meeko and Jumper groomed. It was almost impossible to be around Jumper because he was so stinky.
Had a great weekend. A group of Ute Bobcats Camping club came in. They were great and we finally did our first pancake breakfast for a group which went well.
Have had a couple of late nights sewing my microwavable bowl holders. Think I’ve got a lady coming to buy some today.
Feeling very happy and I like the idea of working. One thing is that I can stop doing is answering the phone while I’m going to the bathroom!!!!!!
A little disappointed that I haven’t heard from our Lake Wabaunsee realtor. She showed our house for the 3rd time to the same people and they were to call today. But……it is now 4:15 Kansas time, so guess it isn’t going to happen.
I think that is it for now. Very warm here today and found a fan I could put in the office which is helping. It’s also clouding up so maybe a little shower.
If you get a chance, check out the website That’s almost become a second blog. Just can’t over the interesting people that come through and where they are heading. Posting a story tonight about a couple going to the Ute reservation to teach art classes for a week.

Saturday, June 8, 2013 Tidbit day

8 Jun

Buddy and Jumper in the office thinking they need a treat.

Buddy and Jumper in the office thinking they need a treat.

The dog park has been named. "Circle the Waggin's" I'm going to paint the name and a couple of dogs with their tails wagging on the fence.

The dog has been named. “Circle the Waggin’s” I’m going to paint the name and a couple of dogs with their tails wagging on the fence.

Going to be a good day. I’m actually really going to sew. I’ve got the studio area set up, finally. It’s nice and bright. I’ll do my material cutting on a counter in the kitchen.
Talked to my daughter today. I saw that she posted on Facebook yesterday that it was Cade’s 10th birthday. I said “Are you sure he wasn’t born on June 8th!! She said “Mom, I think I would know when my son was born!!”. Can’t believe he is 10. They are going to Worlds of Fun.
Life at the rv park continues to be busy and exciting. Every other day or so we have a bear go down the river and that makes everyone happy who wants to see a bear. It doesn’t make Meeko happy and he has to bark and bark.
We are living half in the rv and half in the house. We don’t have a sewer hook up where we are parked by the house. So..the other day Denny says, “Don’t use the bathroom and especially don’t do #2 in the rv, use the bathroom in the house”. I said “Okay” and immediately went into the rv and used the bathroom. So… he repeated what he just had told me. I said “Oh we don’t have sewer hook up out here, got it”. Jeez, my brain. So we sleep in the rv, shower and bathroom in the house, wash dishes in the house and also do laundry. We do have a bed in the house so now I’m wondering, why aren’t we sleeping in the house? We are in the process of having our TV’s hooked up but since it has become a humongus job due to shoddy hookups before, the guy just up and left. Is he coming back, I do not know. I will have to get used to La Veta service. Also business don’t like to call back either.
Dale and ChaCha from Naco came and stayed for 2 nights. It was fun seeing them and we had 2 fun evenings out which was nice.
We have 16 campers in the park now and 6 of them are with a camping group. They go to different parks in Colorado a couple of times a month. This group is the Ute Bobcats.
I’m still struggling with the cash drawer and counting the money at night. I make a deposit and I have a certain amount in the drawer that I keep. Why do I struggle so with this issue and I have struggled with it every job I have ever had that had to reconcile a cash drawer at night. Have paid our first bills and nothing was too shocking except the water bill. Yikes and bye-bye new tent site that we were trying to grow grass on. Denny is trying to think of an alternative to put down for tenters. We have had 2 big rains which has been wonderful. Denny played at the golf course and it is in sad shape he said. That is truly heartbreaking because at one time it was a premier golf course.
I’m not able to get out and about much. Pretty much tied to the office from 8:30 to 6 or so. I can’t believe how fast the time goes by. Before I know it it’s 1 or 2. Yesterday Mitzi called and said “I need you”. She had a fast turnaround at her loft. I ran over and helped with some sweeping, vacumming and taking stuff down to her car. The new people actually came in and she told to come back in about 20 minutes. It’s a wonderful loft apartment with 4 bedrooms and 2 baths so there is a lot of cleaning to do after guests. Especially when the guests tell you they only need 2 beds for 4 people and they use 3. I think it takes one to be an owner of a rental to realize how much people take advantage. These people also ruined a set of sheets by spilling nail polish remover or something and they didn’t tell Mitzi. I told her to call them and let them know about the sheets. I said we are business owners and we are not going to let people walk all over us. Easier said than done, believe me.
I guess I can now say this since it was in our little paper this week. Our building in La Veta is under contract. I can’t say anything else, but when I can, it is really a sweet story and seems to tell us if one is patient everything eventually comes together and this contract even makes our move to La Veta seem to mean this is where we are meant to be.
Denny will be heading home Thursday to pack up our 1/2 of a semi truck. He should be able to head back here on Sunday. Found out this morning that we will have 2 or 3 strong boys and Erin who is also strong helping him on Saturday. Maybe Denny can just supervise.
I can hear the river flowing, the wind blowing through the leaves, a rooster crowing and the birds chirping just sitting here in the office. I love my office area. That’s the tidbits for now.

Jumper and me in the office

5 Jun

After Denny took the dogs for a walk, he brought them in to say to me and Jumper wanted to stay. He’s helping me paint and picking up various items to chew on. Today I finally was able to put up some new signage. It is one of those signs that has a white background and then you poke the letter in the slots. Well do they have quite the racket. They only give you 1 y per letter holder. I had to quit putting monthly on my rates. Anyway, while I was cutting the plastic letters off the holder, one flew into the lobby part of the office. Next thing I know, Jumper had it in his mouth. Luckily, I retrieved it before he was pooping out a red letter “t”.
Not quite as full of energy after are long days of packing and driving but managed to get quite a bit done. Had 3 campers come, one of them being a couple from Naco, Dale and ChaCha. We have bragged so much about the beauty of this place but today you couldn’t see one mountain because of low clouds. I hope the sun is out sometime tomorrow. We did get a little rain which even a tiny bit is better than nothing. They drove through New Mexico and ran into a lot of smoke of from the New Mexico fires. After got his rv parked, we all ran up to Cuchara to the Dog Bar for dinner. It was very busy and all of our hamburgers were yummy. They really liked Cuchara. I think they may stay a couple of days to drive around before they continue on to Portland.
Still up trying to get my little studio area painted. Think I’m done for the night and it looks like I’ll have to put a second coat on tomorrow. Then I hope to get my machine up and start sewing the micro bowl holders. Finally was able to make a path from the office area into the studio area. Tossed out old notepads, tablets, greeting cards, and newspapers. We have a great recycling system that we don’t have to sort.
Finished reading “Banished” from the lady who was kicked out of the Westboro Baptist Church. Very interesting to get the perspective of someone who was on the inside and how they slowly were able to let go of that thinking. It took her quite a while to do it.
That’s it for now. Maybe I can be asleep around 10:30.