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63 years young

30 Jan

Many of you may have seen on FB but here I am in my birthday suit at a nudist resort.  I’ve always been very shy regarding be nekked and this was a great thing to do. It was quick!!! I had called ahead of time to see if I could do a quick dip. I told her it was on my bucket list. She said that was a first and said that I could come do it. I had to give my ID to check in. She was very excited about my visit and said that the owner of the resort was sorry to have missed my visit. She wanted to do a story for the national nude newsletter about it being my bucket list.  Sooo….after checking in it was off to the pool.  When we walked into the bathhouse I asked where the women’s bathroom was.  Uhhhhhh, no you all shower together.  Ooops.  I did find a bathroom stall and undressed in there and wrapped myself in a towel.  Then I walked to the shower area and yes there were some men in their showering too.  They said “you can’t shower in your towel!!!”. So off went the towel and a quick shower and then the towel back on.  Off I went outside and was told that water volley ball was just about to begin. “No thanks, I’m just here for a minute”. So I walked straight to the pool dropped my towel and realized I was by the deep end. Oops, I ran around to the shallow end and got into the pool. I posed and Maria took my picture.  Then I swam over to the other side, climbed out and Maria had rounded up to men to hold my birthday sign. Picture clicked and I’m back inside getting dressed. There was a lady inside getting undressed. We visited and she was from Iowa and had been a nudist for 18 years!!. They winter at this resort.  All in all, it was a great thing to do. The pool felt wonderful and I could have spent the afternoon there.  It was amazing how comfortable I felt after 10 minutes or so.  Everyone was very friendly.  I did do a few peeks but I didn’t ogle which is huge for me. A rookie nudist is called a “Cottontail” because they have white butts!!!. My cohorts were all outside waiting for me in the truck.  They saw all sorts of activities-bike riding, walking the dogs, etc.  The location of the bicycle seats on nude butts was a bit much for them.  Oh my…..

After that adventure we went to the Riverside Restaurant and had lunch. Our Lake Wabaunsee friends Bill and Marsha joined us.  Very fun lunch and lots of laughter.  Last night Sherry and Dave had a little fire ring and we met several more people. Of course, the nudist story was told again and again much laughter.

Today is tattoo day. I’m going to have a quilt block put on my ankle and have my ring touched up.  We are doing that in S Padre. Dean and Robin are going with us.  They are enjoying their 3rd week of full time rving.  Golfing tomorrow.  The weather has been really great. Funny, first time on the course it was really windy and wet, 2nd time-cold and wet, 3rd time-perfect.  I shot the same score basically.  It’s me, not the weather, not the course.

Adios for now.

January 27, 2016

27 Jan

We are settled and having a wet and rainy day here in Brownsville. So far the weather has really been warm although windy at times. We have decided to not purchase anything this year. It’s very tempting due to the prices, location, friendly atmosphere, golfing, pool, etc. We have obsessed quite a bit, but now can relax since we’ve made the decision. (Wow, us make a sensible decision!!!) Our friends Dave, Sherry, Robin and Dean have purchased and we will still come down and hang out in our motorhome.

It’s an interesting area. We are literally on the Rio Grande. Even though we haven’t seen border activity, it is happening. Apparently there is a little bit of land that isn’t fenced. The Mexicans swim over carrying marijuana on their back and there is someone waiting for them on this side. Now, this isn’t really a big thing because the river is only about 30 yards. The sad thing is that it is usually children doing the swimming. I’m not sure why they try because there are zillions of border patrol but it keeps happening. Apparently legalizing marijuana isn’t cutting down the pot coming over?? The few things I have tried medicinally (yes, that is true), haven’t relieved any pain. Friends have tried some of the edibles but they didn’t feel anything either. I do have one friend who has a license to buy medicinal pot and has for years. She did say you have to know the right place to buy. All I know, back in the day, early 70’s, pot used to kick my ass.

Another miracle this week was Denny celebrating his birthday. We all drove over to S. Padre and had dinner at Dirty Al’s.  They have great boiled shrimp and we all gorged ourselves. Another plus to this area is the closeness to beach areas. He also didn’t kill me for putting his birthday video on FB!! He’s an incredible 70 year old. We started going out when he turned 50 and I always say I was his mid life crisis. Now I may be his late life crisis.

I am trying to get into the routine of sewing. I don’t know why I feel like I must do so much all the time. It really has felt good to just relax, do some yoga, play some golf, but I let myself feel a little overwhelmed regarding projects. Back to my Untethered Soul book.

I think we may go see the “Revenant” this afternoon. I hear it is really exciting.  Stay tuned to hear about what I am doing for my birthday.  It is something that is a bucket list thing.

I am struggling with a painful cyst or something yucky on my back.  It feels like it is actually in a nerve. Can that be?? I’m trying to leave it alone but it even hurts when I move my shoulder. Yuk

That’s it for now.







19 Jan

When I blog, it is usually late at night. My mind is racing and I get careless. A couple of blogs ago I was writing about a grief article. What I didn’t write about is how much Justin’s dad, Sam does for Billie and kids. He picks them up from school everyday and stays with them until Billie gets off work. He also attends school functions and games, etc. He has been a great Papa.  Sam has lost 2 sons in the last 6 years.  I can’t imagine the heartache. Thank you Sam for being such a great support.

Brownsville, TX

18 Jan

We arrived from Llano today at 4 pm. I think I’m going to like this place.  It’s beautiful and green, palm trees, the golf course looks great.  Only bad thing is that I have to come to the clubhouse to use internet.  It is really odd why places don’t want to invest in good wifi service.  But other than that I think we will like it here.  We are literally 100 yrds from the Rio Grande so if you thought we were close to Mexico in Naco, AZ, we are really close here.  I do see security walking around the perimeter so feel safe.

There is a heated pool, yoga, bicycle paths in Brownsville, an 18 hole golf course.  There is a quilting group, bridge group and maybe pickle ball. Denny has 2 plastic tables set up for my sewing machines.  I must work 3 hours every night to get all the items sewn that I need to in these next 2 months. That gives me all day to be outside.

Our friends Dave and Sherry are here and Robin and Dean will arrive next week. It seems to be an exceptionally friendly place and I have met the activity director. She is from Colorado! This will be home until around March 25.

Goals: Continue working on the Untethered Soul, cut down on caffeine, get tummy and esophougus in better shape, walk 15,000 steps 5 times a week, and relax. I’ll post photos as we begin walking around, etc.

We all went to see Star Wars in Llano. Fun movie.  I actually stayed awake for the entire movie.

Feels good to feel good emotionally today!!






Llano, TX

15 Jan

Laaaaaano, not Lahhhno. After a few more jeep issues which meant we spent a night in Sammies RV park in La Veta, we were on the road to Texas on Wednesday about 11. Arrived in Amarillo by 5:30.  I hadn’t traveled in the motorhome for 3 years. It’s a fun way to travel and……diesel is wayyyy cheap right now so that makes it even better. When you only get 6-7 miles to a gallon, cheap is better.

Life is funny.  Because we had to spend another night in town, we ran into our friend Jim, who happened to have some magnetic tail lights which he loaned us to put on the jeep so we didn’t have to worry about getting pulled over for no tail lights.

The RV park we stayed in at Amarillo is also owned by the Texas Steak House. It’s known for the 72 oz steak that they offer for you to eat. While we were there 2 people were attempting it. They have a big clock that times you for an hour. I tried eating a 20 oz t-bone and didn’t quite make it. It was nice to get it for free after many issues before it was actually on the table. It was nice getting picked up by a limo at the rv park for the ride to the restaurant. Free but we did give tips.

Fun to be back in the Hill Country. I played my first 9 holes of golf since last March. Back did great and so did hip. Yay!! I even had 2 pars and 1 birdie. Nice to be outside in the sun and warmth. Played with Denny and Dale. Tomorrow I am quilt shop hopping starting in Bandera and coming back through Kerrville, Fredricksburg and Llano. Love all these shops.

Saturday night 6 of us are going to the little theater in town to see Star Wars. Only $4!! Should be fun. We will head to Brownsville on Sunday. We are about 7 hrs. from there.

Have had several phone calls from the Wildlife officer from La Veta regarding the dog taking down the deer. He found the owner of the dog and was going to give him a citation today for $276.  Another dog in town was put down after he took down a deer and killed it. I’m glad they are getting serious about these loose dogs. Once they kill an animal they are not the same. We had so many issues with the dog that was put down last summer in the park.  It’s very sad because it could be a sweet dog but it wasn’t taken care of and would bark all night at times. I hope the owner takes care of the other 4 dogs he has. I realize our town has too many deer but there has got to be a humane way to thin the herd. We have so many because of the severe drought of 2002 when the different herds came into town to find food. Many of the deer have never been out of town and the tourists find them endearing.

Billie has been posting some good articles on children and grief. Children handle their grief differently. It comes out in their school work, activities, home. Soooo difficult. I hope someday they will feel better but it is a long process. It’s very hard to know the right thing to do and say and I wonder if they really know what to say. My heart aches every day but I am handling it in a stronger way.

Speaking of summer, beginning to get calls about everyday for reservations. Even May is getting pretty busy.

We are having poor wireless issues and will also have problems in Brownsville. Today I called AT&T and they helped me get set up on our Iphone Hot Spots.  It’s very cool and will help me a lot so I don’t have to go to the  club house to work.

I think that’s it for now.  Need to leave for Bandera by 8 am.





The Unlucid Mind

10 Jan


It was such a beautiful morning with a bright sun and glistening snow. I was able to get a few photos of the birds at the feeder. I was very happy to see the Cassin Red Finches and that I actually caught the birds in flight.

I began my morning by having a wonderful massage by Diana. Usually she and I talk quite a bit during the session, but today I tried to just focus on the music and the massage mentally.  My roommate kept my mind quite busy during the hour, but I still felt refreshed.

Bill is working on my Bird’s Nest page that will be for selling my items in the shop. Today I began embroidering shirts and towels to take photos of to insert into the page.  It is really cool what he is putting together, it will even have Paypal!! After working for a few hours, I left around 3 to meet MItzi for a walk.

I was on Oak St when I saw a dog chasing a yearling deer. They were running so fast, at first I thought the dog was a mountain lion. As they ran by me, I could hear the deer crying, sounded like a lamb. I saw them go around a barn and I heard the deer crying and I thought the dog had grabbed it. I began running to see if I could get the dog to stop. As I ran around the barn I saw that they were still running. I was screaming “Stop, Stop!!”. I lost sight of them. I was catching my breath when I heard the deer crying in the distance. I ran again to see where it was and I found them in the alley and the deer was on the ground.  I was sick.  I started screaming again and throwing snow at the dog. (The snow is so deep, there weren’t any rocks to pick up.) Finally the dog stopped biting as I got closer and he came running toward me and on down the road to his owner!!! It was about 1 1/2 blocks and I could see the owner leash the dog up. I was screaming like a maniac at him telling him that the dog had hurt a deer. By this time MItzi had caught up with me and another lady who had seen the commotion came out. We went to see the deer, who by this time had moved. We were relieved that he was up and walking but you could see blood dripping from his hind end.  I began sobbing and was so upset. The sound of the deer crying was heart wrenching.

I gave up on my walk and went home. I was still crying when I came into the house and told Denny what happened. I immediately wrote a letter to the editor and posted it on FB.  I have had many responses.  Tomorrow I am going to call the Marshall and give a description of the dog. Through FB, I think we know who the owner is and hopefully we can put a stop to this dog. He has also hurt other pets in the town. We’ll see if the town will become more proactive regarding loose dogs.

I still had items to embroider, so I went back to work. I’m achy and my head has been pounding since the incident. I’m sure my running through the deep snow jerked around a few muscles.  Who knew I could run!!! It was definitely one of those adrenalin stories.

Tomorrow I must get serious about packing.  We still plan on leaving Tuesday if all goes as planned. It will all happen.






Who Am I???

8 Jan

Chapter 3 of the “Untethered Soul” is Who am I? I have pondered this for 4 days. I still don’t know who I am but…I remember something several years ago my therapist telling me “you are a human doing and you need to be a human being”. Soooo, I’ve been concentrating on that. Today’s chapter 4 is The Lucid Self. I couldn’t even stay lucid reading the few pages. That chapter will take me a few days to process. I am enjoying this book. Now Denny is even referring to his “friend” in his head. Our “friends” are busy because we have so much to do before we try to head out on Tuesday. Many issues with the jeep, it is snowing like crazy today, Denny is getting the rv organized, I’m trying to get my sewing organized, today I tackle the office which is a disaster area.
Even though we have all this going on it’s been a good week. My besties Mitzi and Ginny spent the day in Alamosa on Wednesday. After stopping by the insurance place (finally insured for the year) and a Walmart stop we headed to Hooper Pool. First we made a wrong turn. We turned around and made it back to the highway and then found the right turn. We are so cool. When we discovered we were on the wrong road, no biggie, just turned around. Then when we arrived at the pool we discovered it didn’t open til 1. So back to Alamosa we drove and had a wonderful Chinese lunch. Back to Hooper and had a wonderful couple of hours in the pools. (This entailed about a total of a hundred miles by the time we made it back to Hooper.) I’m very lucky in my friendships!!
Below are some photos. One is the repainted guest bedroom, my wall hanging which I now have 4 orders to make more, and Mitzi, Ginny and I at Hooper Pool in the snow. The wall hanging turned into a memory wall hanging. Once can sew on their charms, trinkets, pins, etc. Those items that just hang around in a box.
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