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Friday, August 21, 2015

21 Aug

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Just returned from Trinidad dropping Jacque off at the train station.  She came in last Saturday morning. Had a great week and we still laugh at goofing stuff like we did in Junior High and High School.

I am sitting down, back on the heating pad and trying to calm my brains down. I did realize that I hadn’t taken my antidepressant this morning which makes me feel weird. Had a totally crazy week, still amazingly busy. We are full tonight. We did have a major electrical issue at one of the sites which blew out our little rental campers. Luckily our friend is an electrician and he came tonight and got us rehooked up.  We are so fortunate to have such great people in the community who come a runnin’ when we need something. Sold $160 worth of my shop items which also means I’m sewing a lot tomorrow. Jacque also helped me with getting items gathered for Mitzi’s garage sale. There is now a path in our 3rd bedroom for the first time since we moved here. She experienced the sweat shop a couple of nights and helped with ever popular bowl holders which all but 2 sold today! Our refrigerator in the kitchen went out yesterday so we are having delivered Monday. Bad timing but luckily we have refrigerators in the clubhouse and rv. (Just a heads up, I’m rambling so no more paragraphs) Billie and I have made a pact to lose weight for our Mexico trip. We’re going to start a 21 day regimen.  Mine is going to be to not eat after 6 pm or after whenever we eat dinner which is sometimes 7. I’ m also removing all Schwan’s ice cream out to the clubhouse and quit selling it. It is hazardous to my health!! Jacque and I were able to take a day off and we drove the backroads and I saw my first mountain lion. Very exciting and very fleeting. We also saw old mining shacks and old cemetaries. We continue to be full almost every night. I have many, many reservations for 2016 and 2017.  Yikes!!!!  My watercolor/batik painting classes also continue to be full. Carol does such a wonderful job instructing. Our next one is Monday and Tuesday this week.  My sister Judy and Marvin are coming Sunday to spend the week. Our main project will be working on Jackson’s tee shirt quilt. He is off to Notre Dame so she will mail it to him. when finished. Have been feeling pretty well except for my lower back. Lots going on there but my biweekly massages help a lot. I had a really sharp little pain in my gross fungusy big toe today. It turned out to a stitch from my foot surgery 3 years ago!!. Talked to Billie tonight. Life sounds settled. Elliott thinks school is too long and she’s upset that they haven’t started teaching Spanish yet. The principal of Cade’s school emailed Billie and said she is raising a fine young man. Kyler is happy at school this year and love’s his teacher. Was very happy to hear good news. The weather is gorgeous here. Very cool mornings and evenings but warm afternoons. Many of our garden veggies have fizzled. But…I do have some zucchinis and cucumbers. I had 2 small heads of cabbage.  My flowers are wonderful and the deer come in every night and eat apples off the tree. Meeko and Jumper continue to be busy and greeting the customers. Dale and Buddy are still here and helping with the many tasks that we have daily. We are already thinking of new things we want to do next year.  Oh, my fundraiser continues to do well. Over $1000 so far. I met some of the VA residents this week and actually saw the gardens. Now I’m even more excited about raising funds. I’m feeling tired and may go to bed by 10 tonight. I had two 2:00 am nights this week working on embroidery orders and I think it is catching up. Dale made a wonderful tater tot casserole tonight. Hamburger/tater tots/water chestnuts. Very interesting but good. Photos are flowers, vegetables, mining cabins, fawns, shark pencil cases we made, popular new embroidery design I am doing.  Nighty night.