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Day 1 of New Chapter

28 Oct

All snuggled in at the Hampton Suites in Albuquerque.  Denny already asleep and I’m awake since I slept for 1 1/2 hours while he drove. I drove to Pueblo and back to finish up my Tuffet stool this morning. I love love love.


We left home about 3:30. The house is a wreck but we have managed to move quite a bit of small stuff. Ginny spent the day with me yesterday and we totally packed up the kitchen. Unfortunately we moved too much and Denny was looking for many cooking utensils. 🙂

Of course we always have to have some drama before we travel. Denny told me Thursday morning that he had some very bad news for me. I’m like “oh no someone has died”. Instead he told me had a hernia. He has moved so many things for the last 3 weeks it doesn’t surprise me. Anyway, off to the ER to get it checked out. The DR said he thought it was okay to travel and just keep eye on it, (I’m not looking at it) and then he’ll have surgery when we get back. Of course  someone was supposed to call us about appt. before we left but they didn’t. Then we have my stomach issue which has not really resolved, but is better at this moment. Eating soft foods and taking IBGard and Miralax. I seriously need some things to happen. Had an ultra sound which  showed nothing, but I spent Wednesday up to 4 am thinking I either was having a heart attack or gall bladder. It’s maddening.  There is a possibility that I will qualify for a study regarding Acid Reflux. I’m taking Prilosec twice a day for 2 months and then I have an endoscopy on December 15 to see if I will qualify.

What I truly hope is that my spiritual retreat later this week will help relieve some issues I have boiling inside of me. Anger, resentment, hate, confusion, and soooo much stress. Since March, my emotions have been so over the top and then add the park and all the work and selling it and disgruntled campers and mean Nail Tech instructor, and concussion and hemorrhaged eyeball and IBS flare up, it’s been too much. The good news is that I did get full refund from school and I have talked to my friends at school and they say that the instructor is being much nicer, so maybe I did a little bit of good regarding that issue.

Of course, all of this sexual harassment that is bubbling and is going to totally explode is pissing me off.  Soooo many women and so much disrespect.  Finally people are believing what happened. It’s sickening. It brings back memories everyday of being fondled by a boss, a rape, physical abuse, it’s exhausting. I am working on a quilt that I hope will bring some closure for my personal issues but also address it. How did a man get elected President who is a sexual predator. How can Bill Clinton stand on stage earlier in the week raising money for hurricane relief and not be called out. How unfair for Monica Lewinsky. All the blame put on her. Then have senior Bush be known as a man who touched women’s butts. Give me a fucking break. Where does it stop. Are men listening and learning. Are parents teaching their young and older girls about how inappropriate being treated this way is wrong, wrong and not to be afraid to tell someone.

I look back at my life. Did I flirt with bosses?  I did have one affair with one but not to get a promotion or anything just had the affair. I spent many years in dark rooms running cameras for printing companies. A dark room can be very romantic and enticing. My dad was strict with how tight my jeans would be and many times I was told to  take back what I bought and told to get a size bigger, but he didn’t seem to mind short skirts and dresses. I know that just because we have something on that may be provocative or if we have had too much to drink or if we were being just friendly and talking to men does not mean that gives anyone the right to accost us. I have creepy memories of being on the city bus and having old men ogling me. I was only 10 and was certainly not being provocative. Okay enough of this.

Denny and I are celebrating the selling of the park, moving into a new home and hopefully some new adventures. Some observations regarding our relationship while being around each 24 /7 for 7 months each of the last 5 years. I believe we are closer than we ever were before. I think we both have a new respect for each other on how well we worked together. The first year was super crazy and we would get in some arguments. My way to fight was to totally not talk about it  or talk to him. The first month of being open we realized that we had to be open about our disagreements so we could move on. We didn’t have time to be working against each other. I soooooo admire Denny on how hard he worked everyday. I say that when the reviews would say “such friendly owners and such a clean park and bathrooms”, that I was the friendly and he was the clean. Actually the park fit both of our personalities. It’s bittersweet because we did make many friends that we will probably still see on our travels. The sad thing was over Labor Day the long timers became very disgruntled about the new owners and prices be raised, etc. I didn’t like that some of them discussed the issues with people they knew in town and the next thing I knew all sorts of negativity was going around about the park. This is very detrimental in a small town. I was sooooo pissed. I was going to write letters and send a letter to the editor and call the people that I knew had been yacking around town. But then…..I became still. I said to myself “the new owners are adults, they can handle all these issues, let go of the park J.” A peace came over me and I have been able to leave things well enough alone.

Sooooo. onward we go. It will still be a little hectic when we get home since we still need to move furniture and clean the house, then get somewhat settled in the new house, then go to Topeka and Arkansas and then come back home and then finally head to Brownsville mid December. I can’t wait to get there. January begins my year of girlfriend and couples trips for my 65th year. So far I have a quilt cruise and girls golf outing and a quilt trail along with visiting friends in Indiana. I have a Judith Montano class with three friends and a Ricky Tims retreat with my buddies from England and a few others. It’s actually a reunion retreat which will be way cool. And on top of that I am enrolled in Medicare!!!!

Peace everyone   I will definitely be blogging more and may actually start writing my book. We shall see. There is a side of me which is wondering if I can just be still for a month. Not think about making items, writing a book, learning a new project?. Can I just hang out, play golf, relax by the pool, read a book,  walk and walk? It freaks me out when I think about it but maybe the retreat will help me do that.