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Whiny Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

30 Oct

1.  I hate my feet and stomach. They both cause me great distress.

2. I hate it when my dogs stink, they are both getting groomed tomorrow thank goodness.

3. I hate watching the weathermen and women out in the storms.  I think we get it that it’s windy without them being outside to show us.

4.  I hate it when I drop my phone and when my computer falls off of counter as we are going around a curve.  This last fall broke it. I couldn’t see anything on the screen. So….today we bought a new laptop, like we needed to spend some more money at this time.

5. I hate that one of the ingredients in my favorite Sweet Potato Pop chips is corn flour.  I think that is one of the reasons my stomach is a wreck and eating Jujubes.

6. I feel bad for my friends who have a place on The Charlotte’sm, islands west of Canada, that were hit by an earthquake. I feel bad for my friends who just bought a place on the Jersey Shore. Haven’t hear if it was damaged, but we so hope it wasn’t. Such devastation. I don’t know how one wakes up to so much damage.

7. I hate sales people that yawn a couple of times while you are trying to ask them computer questions. i actually asked him if I was keeping him up.  He said it had been a long day.  The store had only been open a fricking 20 minutes when we went in.  Thankfully a different guy showed up and helped us.

8. I hate that I worry that every weird bump or dry patch thing on my skin could be something serious. I can actually be kind of a hypochondriac so I usually go worst case scenario.


Back in Springfield, MO

29 Oct

After a long 2 days of traveling, we arrived in Springfield about 5 this afternoon.  Judy and I had fun playing cards, reading, playing words with friends, napping. We did fix sandwiches, but other than that we were pretty useless.  We did get hollered at by Denny a few times to help with navigation. I actually found an out of the way rv park last night called Sleepy Holler in Jasper, AL.  RV parks were far and few between.  We had to get off the interstate and travel about 6 miles, but it was worth it.  I asked the camp host how much it would be when I called him.  He said it was $35 plus 9% lodging tax. He asked if we were Good Sam members and I said yes.  Then he said take 10% off. So….with my brilliant brain…I asked how much is it then??? He said it will tell you how to figure it out on the check in sheet.  My brain went into overload and I couldn’t figure out what it would be.  Denny said it would still be about $35 Bird!! I went #%^&* DUH!!!!!!

Mom is looking good and strong.  Just a short visit with her this evening, but tomorrow we are running down to Holiday Island to get her mail.  Then I’ll see her in the afternoon and come back and watch Dancing with the Stars with her.

Heading to the shower and chill out with some tv.  Reading a good book, different for me.  It’s called “Redeeming Love” by Francis Rivers.  Juli recommended it to me.

Feels different to be in cooler weather.  Thankfully I was able to fit into my jeans and not have to go up a size.  That would have pissed me off. I do know that if homelessness is in the future for Denny and I, Florida is the place to be. I think I’ll have a secret account with enough gas money saved up so if we are broke, we can at least get to Florida.

Juli made it through her first treatments today.  She said she feels okay today. Please keep her in your prayers.

It’s Bittersweet leaving Florida

28 Oct

The winds have quieted and we are getting an early start to head out of our little Narcoossee campground.  We felt the effects of Hurricane Sandy for 2 days. That’s our first hurricane winds we’ve been in.  I still think our Colorado winds were stronger at times.

We finished up all of our projects yesterday for Juli and her family.  Everything came out beautiful. I will post photos later.  Juli is so happy with how everything turned out.  She is especially happy with her little bathroom.  Yesterday Judy and I finished up reupholstering a rocking chair and foot stool.  That was fun to do.

Jonathon and Lacey were going to a Trunk or Treat last night so we were able to see them in their costumes. Lacey was a cowgirl and Jonathon was Spiderman.  Lacey was so cute when she was told she could put on her costume.  She said “You mean it’s Halloween?? We can go Trick or Treat??? She was jumping up and down.

It was sad giving Juli a big hug and telling her good bye last night.  Her body is frail but her mind is strong.  I enjoyed getting to know her and having our visits on various subjects.  It was good to get the projects done since she begins her chemo and radiation on Monday.  She was told that she really won’t have too many side affects with the chemo yet because it is just assisting her radiation at this point. She does radiation for 5 weeks, 5 days a week. Chemo, just 1 day a week. They also told her she won’t feel badly with the radiation, but after a couple of weeks, she may feel extremely tired. No hair loss with this part of her treatment. Please keep her in your prayers as the next 6 months will be all about getting rid of the cancer in her body.

It was a very fulfilling trip.  Judy is going home for the first time since Sept. 1st. Juli has her sister Marjay staying until Wednesday. A friend is coming in for a week right after that, then Judy and Marvin are driving back down to stay with her. Judy and Marvin are riding home with us. That will be fun.  Judy and I like to play cards, so we can do that while traveling and Marvin can co-pilot with Denny.  We hope to  make it a 2 day trip to Springfield if possible. We’re getting an early start today.  Yeah, we will be driving back into Central Time Zone.

I can’t remember if I posted this, but my Mom was walking without a walker. I don’t know how long she does it for yet, but it will be wonderful to see her so she can demonstrate everything she is able to do now.

I’m so glad to be back blogging.  I love the comments and think it is fun doing the 25 things list. I may upgrade the website so that I have a few more options.  I like the site so far and it’s capabilities,

Our friend Peggy drove our VW Bug from La Veta to Kansas for us this week.  That saves us a trip to Colorado, although we were going to ride the train. Denny and I haven’t done that together yet. Save that for another day and another adventure.

There was an earthquake off the west coast of Canada.  It hit the Charlotte Islands.  My besties in Bisbee have a home there. I’m anxious to talk to her today to see if they have heard of any damages.  It was a big earthquake.  They have already made it to Bisbee.

Time to fold up the rv and get movin’. GO KState.  I think they will become #1 soon.  World Series is boring.

I don’t get it

26 Oct

In a TV interview this summer, Akin explained why he does not believe abortion should be legal in cases of rape. The congressman claimed, “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.”

Just this week, Indiana Sen. Richard Mourdock also came under for fire for saying that, “Even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended to happen.”

Those were 2 exerpts from articles in the last couple of months.

I don’t get that men like this are actually elected and make decisions for our country. I was a 18, in my first month of junior college, and was raped. After it happened, I ran barefoot through the hedgerows for 2 miles so he couldn’t find me. I got back to my little apartment. I had blood running down my legs, my back was scratched from being drug along the gravel, my feet and toes were torn from being barefoot. I went to the doctor the next morning and he gave me pills so I wouldn’t get pregnant. Do you really think that God intended for this to happen and that he would have wanted me to get pregnant after this happened???????? What scares me is that I feel there are many people who may feel like Akin and Mourdock but don’t say it.

Is this a scary post for me to hit publish? My heart is racing, I’m 2nd guessing. But…maybe it will make 1 person understand that rape is a horrible act. It changed my direction of life. It changed my decisions. It changed the type of person I was. My mind goes into overload when I hear these comments from these  men.  Women must have the choice to end a pregnancy, not be told that they cannot end it. That is my view. I respect my friends who are pro-life and I respect my friends who are pro-choice.  I am pro-choice.

I am woman!

25 Oct

I did something yesterday that I have never done. I resurfaced and painted a bathtub. Have any of you done that? It’s a lot of work. I used an electric sander for the first time. When I first started the project, I didn’t realize how much dust it would generate. So off we went for about our 1,000 trip to a store for masks and rubber gloves. When we returned, I began the project again. I spent about an hour sanding.  Next, after rinsing the tub, (thankfully Judy was my assistant and dried the tub for me several times), you wipe the tub with this prep that you have to wear rubber gloves.  Then….you have to scrub the tub a couple of times with a wire scrubber, can’t remember what that is called.  After filling my lungs and nose with dust, even though I did have the mask on, it was time to use the fumiest paint I have ever used.  I put on the first coat. I needed to go outside and take breaths of fresh air several times.  Finally, I was done. Then I thought I better read the instructions again. Thank God  I did because I thought I would be able to let it dry until the morning. Nooooo, you have to put the 2nd coat on within 4 hours or else you have to wait for 72 hours to apply the 2nd coat. It is now 6:30. Took the Denny Poo home and went back. The fumes were freaking  me out so I was glad the 2nd coat went quicker.  It only took about 40 minutes. Glad we are in Florida and could have windows open throughout the house.  It actually seems to be a pretty good product and the tub looked nice.  Now, not sure how long it lasts and things like that, but definitely worth a try before purchasing a new tub. I made it home in time for my shows, Law and Order:SVU, Nashville, and Criminal Minds. I only made it through 1 show.  I went to sleep of thoughts that I was going to come down with Mesothelioma.  I always think that when I do sanding of any kind, even when I am cleaning greenware.

Yesterday morning Juli wanted me to show her how to Face Time. I said no problem, it’s easy.  I got on my Iphone and said all you have to do is press Face Time and go.  Well, it didn’t go.  So I tried a different way and when I clicked on a different Face Time button, I saw “me”.  So I told Juli to do the same thing and she saw herself, so I said that is how it works. But she says, “I don’t see you, I see me.”  So I said “just a minute, take my phone and give me your phone”.  The she started laughing so hard. She said, “Now I see me on your phone”.. OMG, we weren’t even doing anything right and finally after being hysterical for awhile, I thought I would look online to see how Face time works. You have to have wireless, which we don’t have.  Maybe it was one of those things you had to be there but sometimes my brain is so nuts and that was before I was inhaling fumes!

Great news from Mom.  She is walking without a walker!!! Amazing, awesome, incredible, stupendous, etc..  I think she is going to end up in better shape that any of the rest of the family.  Looking forward to seeing her in a couple of days.

Talked to Billie today.  She said Cade, grandson who is 9 in 4th grade, asked his teacher if he could go see the school counselor.  She asked him why.  He said “‘I’m feeling under appreciated”.  Off he went to the counselor.  The teacher said that when she is asking questions in the class that he always has his hand up to answer but that she can’t always call on him and he didn’t understand that, but we think he does now.  He is something else, that Cade.  His vocabulary is off the charts.

Have never been near a hurricane area.  Right now hurricane Sandy is barreling our way apparently.  I think we will be gone before it comes ashore, but it did make me wonder if there are hurricane covers for motorhome windows??

Whiny Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

24 Oct

It’s a big whiny day. Please join me so I won’t feel like the biggest whiner in the world.  No repercussions, (ie. you should feel greatful for what you haves, etc.) Just hit the reply button below and have at it. I was up way too late and up way too early. : )

#1. As always, my right foot.  I am seriously thinking of going the next step on it which is a boot or possible surgery. Denny is going to make sure I put it in a bucket of ice twice a day after we get home. It’s great for inflamation and believe me…it is a very painful process..

#2. TV show where the main characters are a man and a woman,(i.e. Castle) and they make goo goo eyes at each other for a couple of years and have all this stupid sexual tension and then they finally sleep together.

#3. Getting up early is not for me unless ABSOLUTELY necessary.

#4. I don’t like those FB posts that show a sad picture and then asks if you feel this and then there zillions of likes. It’s kind of like a chain letter. I feel like most of the photos are posed.

#5. FB is like watching TV with all the political junk.

#6. Eastern Standard Time sucks. How do people live in this time zone.  I’m up until 1 am and don’t even realize it.  Now get this, when we go to Standard Time in a week or 2, guess what time zone it will be like???????????? EST. Yeckh.

#7. Gas prices are going to suck starting Saturday. Heading out in the motorhome for a 1700 mile drive using diesel. Denny and I love our motorhome, but the gas prices take the fun out of it.

#8. My left hand goes numb when I ‘m playing Iphone games.

That’s it.


Spectacular Husband

23 Oct

I got to tell you, Denny is the most spectacular guy.  He has helped with my mom and done so much work down here  in Florida for my niece and her family.  He has done without being grouchy. He has put in so many hours everyday.  He has torn up tiles, floors, re plumbed piping, put up light fixtures, put in a closet system, taken out and put in a new vanity, is going to drill through cinderblocks so we can move a dryer inside, he is installing track lighting, he has laid tile, grouted and sealed it.  We all cant’ wait until Friday to take pictures of the  3 new rooms.  Marvin has been working on the outside of the house, bleaching and cleaning gutters and the side of the house, he’s planted rose bushes and other yard work.  Judy has been taking Juli to appointments and keeping the house in order plus she painted 2 doors because I hate painting doors. My painting jobs ended last Friday. I  just finished making curtains for 3 sets of windows.  That type of job for me is like Denny laying tiles.  It is so difficult for me to figure out things mathematically it makes make a simple thing like a curtain and major project, but I perservered. I love the sewing part, just not the figuring out part.

Last night, all of us drove to Melbourne so Juli could feel the sea air and have dinner out. We ate at a beachside restaurant with the ocean breezes blowing on us. It felt good.  Juli went to see her radiologist and is all set to start chemo and radiation next Monday. Her sister Marjay is flying in on Friday night to be with her for several days. Judy and Marvin are going to ride home with us in the motorhome.  It will take us 3 days to get to Springfield and we are leaving here Saturday.

I do feel ready to head home.  Very anxious to see Mom on the way home too.  She is now able to walk around with her walker and should be able to go home in about 3 weeks.  They want to actually send her home without a walker which will be very cool. Anxious to see Billie and her family. She has missed her mumsy.