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4 1/2 days to go

27 Oct

photo 1 (4)
Photo of our new Jeep Rubicon Wrangler. After riding with Nancy a few weeks ago in her Jeep, the Jeep bug really bit us both. I sold the VW and we made the decision to do it last Thursday. It’s really a nice vehicle, love the color and it has all the bells and whistles. Not bad mileage, 18 to 21 mph. Also comfortable and roomy. It will be our go to car for the business.
Just returned from reading scary stories written by High School students. There were several of us reading so it went pretty fast. I will add my story to a page called Fredonia, KS if you would like to read it. It was fun to write and it was fun to watch it evolve into a different story than what I started with.
This morning was kind of scary. A lady who was leaving told me that she fell off of her horse 14 years ago and suffered a concussion. She said when she came out of it, she could feel all the animals talking to her!! All righty then. The dogs were in the office when she was telling me this but they didn’t seem too impressed.
Yesterday we went to church for the first time all year. There is a new pastor and we really liked him and his wife. Apparently she is quite the mission person and has tons of energy. It was a great service for 2 reasons. “A Mighty Fortress is our God” was the first song and it is my favorite hymn. Then the sermon was on the prodigal son and I had heard from KC this week, so it was the perfect Sunday to go to church. Hopefully we’ll get back in the habit.
Saturday was the Health Fair and we were able to pick up our blood work results. It’s such a great deal since we just have to pay $25. Bloodwork not as great as last year but we’ll see what the doctor says next month for my physical. I think I’ll be getting a talking to about exercise and diet.
This photo was taken a few weeks ago when Judy was here. It was a reunion of a few of us who were on the 6 week bicycle trip. One of my favorite sayings for photos is to say “tits up”. Denny was trying to help me out. Speaking of boobs. At my age where are my boobs supposed to be located?? Between my belly button and just below my shoulders? I think that looks too low. I can’t stand push bras with wires so I don’t really know how to hoist them up a little higher.
Now that it is getting darker earlier we sometimes are walking the dogs in the dark. Dale bought Denny a poop hat, a ball cap with lights on the brim. It really works to pick up those night time poops.
Only 1 rv left in the park and I don’t expect anymore. Denny is shutting the water off on Thursday. We get the trees trimmed on Wednesday and the broken outside water faucet fixed on Friday. Then…..we’ll head out on Monday the 3rd for Topeka then to Fredricksburg,TX on the 6th. This week I am sewing 40 some bowl holders, painting 5 stepping stones and embroidering a couple of sweatshirts. On Wednesday, Ginny and I are driving up toward the Springs for a batik watercolor class. On Friday, Ginny, Mitzi and I are celebrating Halloween by seeing “Ouja” and “Nightcrawler in the same day. A double header.
I do hope I’m able to do some major house cleaning before we leave because I would really like to start painting the living room right when we get back because we will be installing new wood floors in December. Can’t wait for that.
Getting new credit cards since someone broke into ours this weekend. What a pain to change everything.
I binge watched the rest of Breaking Bad. Oh my gosh, what a show. Sometimes I was freaked out that I was even watching it and you know I can take a lot of decadence.
On that note, I’m heading into my sweatshop.

Scary movie day

15 Oct

Today was Mitzi, Ginny and me monthly scary movie day. We saw “Annabelle” which is about a scary, creepy looking doll. It was a good jumper and I may have a bruise on my forehead from smacking my face with my ring when I was trying to cover my eyes too fast. Ouch.
Before we went to the movie we made a couple of stops. One being lunch at “Bingo Burgers”. It sounded like a great idea until I bit into my Steeler Burger with carmelized onions and cheese on it and the hamburger was FULL of red peppers!!!! It was awful and hot. AND my bill was $20 for a double burger on a gluten free bun, sweet potato fries and ice tea!!!! It did talk about the chili’s in the meat but I didn’t know it was in all the meat.
Unfortunately, Ginny also lost her Ipad there too and no one turned it in. We think it slipped out of her purse. Big Bummer.
The last few days have been much quieter. Not as many phone calls and just a few campers in and out. Dale and Buddy pulled out on Monday. It was sad to see them go but he says he’ll be back next year which will be great. We had 2 going away dinners for him. One at Aly’s on Friday night with him and Judy and on Saturday night Denny made a big pot of chili and Nancy, Ginny, Mitzi, and George came by. Oh my gosh, we laughed so hard it hurt.
I had a crud for about a week. Throat cough and hoarseness. Finally over it today. Apparently it wasn’t contagious because Denny or Dale didn’t get it. We are using the pellet stove a lot now and I think the house is drying out so I did put a pan of water on the stove.
Finished all of my sweatshirt orders finally and have them mailed off or delivered. Next project is a whole bunch of bowl holders. Also did 2 dogs on stepping stones this week. One was easy and one was a real pain in the butt because I didn’t have a photo of the actual dog. He died last week and their friends wanted to take them a stone. I repainted him 3 times but I think I finally have it done.
Getting a massage tomorrow and then Denny and I are heading to Alamosa to get our Colorado drivers licenses. We also plan on a trip to Pueblo to see “Gone Girl”.
Denny is going to the Air Force football game on Saturday with Mike. I hope to drive over to Canon City with Julie to my ceramic place. I’m going to see if the lad y will let me come over there and paint a bunch of my bowls. I have one in the shop as a sample for my bowl holders and people are always wanting to buy it. So…. I may have another new product for next year.
So happy for the KC Royals. I haven’t really followed them for several years but it is exciting. I used to go to a lot of games in the 70’s and 80’s.
May change my hairstyle to a page boy style. A friend in the park this summer gave me a wig which was like new. I really like the color and Denny actually used the “y” word. He said it did make me look a little younger!!!!!!!!!!
I wore it today to get used to it and will change over later in the fall or maybe just change now. It would seem weird that my hair grew out really, really fast.
Time to try and delete some more emails. I can’t believe how out of control emails can get.

Fall colors

9 Oct


deer in road


On Tuesday, Mitzi, Peggy and I went up to Peggy’s cabin to spend the night. What a treat. Between the fall colors, being in the mountains, sleeping in a cabin with no electricity and sitting in front of a roaring fire with 2 buddies yacking for hours. The 3 of us have had a very busy summer and it’s taken this long to get together.
Of course the trees were spectacular. It’s about a 3 mile drive from the highway to get to the cabin. It’s a slow, bumpy road. We saw so many deer. Elk hunting season opens up this weekend. We didn’t see any of them.
I’m counting down the days to closing. We had such a great weekend. 3 groups of campers, one with 20 rigs, one with 15 rigs and an art group 10 ladies. I even had a chance to learn a new technique called watercolor batik. It was so fun and I can’t wait to try it again.
Totally sold out of bowl holders and of course had to do a couple of custom sets. Also the sweatshirts were popular and I had a couple of paw prints to paint.
We have friends that we met in Llano last year here for a few days. Finally have a chance to have dinner with them tonight. Tomorrow morning Judy is coming in on the train and she’ll be here for a few days helping us with our bookkeeping.
It’s rainy and cloudy here for a few days now. We do need the rain and I’m ready for a fire tonight in the stove. Denny purchased about 7 bags of pellets so we are stocked up for awhile.
We finally have figured out a timeline for our winter months. I think it is very doable and we can get in time with our family and have some real down time in Naco for a few weeks.
Since I come down with some crud that makes me cough and hoarse, I’m trying to think that I may have Ebola!! Plagues are hard on borderline hypochondriacs. We did have our blood drawn at the health fair so I’m sure I indeed have it, someone will notice it on my results. La Veta has a great health fair. Blood screening for $25 which is a huge savings.
Time to go through a whole pile of receipts from the whole summer. Yikes.

October 5, 2014

6 Oct

photo 2 (1)

photo 3 (2)

photo 1 (1)

I know I should be showing photos of the leaves changing into their beautiful colors but I mainly have been looking at the huge chaos in the house that has been borderline overwhelming. I have had a table in the living room for painting my paw prints, which by the way, have been a big hit. My sewing area is full of stabilizers, sweatshirts and fabric all in various piles. I also have an extra table in the kitchen for keeping my paints on and also the dining table is being used for putting my sweatshirts in the hoop for embroidering. It was a good weekend for the Bird’s Nest. Sold several sweatshirts and bowl holders and paw prints. We also had a booth at Oktoberfest and sold a few paw prints and birdhouses. Oktoberfest was a huge success and our park was packed due to the festivities. We had one group of 20 rigs come plus an art group that used 4 sites, both campers and the cabin and another group that is here until Wednesday using all 14 50 amp sites. Wow. Dale played in a golf tournament this weekend so I had to get up early and cook pancakes for the group of 46! That’s a bunch of pancakes. Our friend Mitzi came and helped serve too. I didn’t start out on the right foot. We have this handy dandy pancake dispenser that makes perfect round pancakes. I accidently laid it on a hot burner and before I knew it, that horrible plastic burning smell started up. I picked up the dispenser, which was full of batter and had strings of melting plastic all over my cooking space. I cleaned it up and then threw out the first batch of pancakes because the plastic was mixing in with them. Yuch. So after the snafu, things went pretty smoothly, although, campers can get a little edgy waiting for their pancake. The day continued to be busy with painting a print, finishing up sweatshirt orders, catching up on the Quickbooks, checking in more people and daydreaming about October 31. This was our last big hurrah at the park and it feels good looking back at the season. We feel very good about how the summer went. Tons of good feedback and tons of reservations for next year. It was very exciting to see how well the Bird’s Nest did this year. I was wondering if I would be able to keep up with the sewing and I did. Thankfully I had help at times which was great. Thank you Mary, Ginny, and Mitzi!!
We’ll be saying good-by to Dale later this week. It will be sad to see him go but I do believe he will return next year. I think Denny will try to get a paint job out of him before he leaves. 🙂
Going to have a fun week. Heading to Peggy’s cabin Tuesday afternoon with Irene and Mitzi. Will spend the night. It has a generator for electricity and an outhouse. We’ll eat and yack and sleep outside on the deck with a ton of blankets. It’s kind of a ritual even if it is cold out. On Wednesday we will be going to a dinner sponsored by the museum as a thank you for all the people from the park who went to the Museum this summer. I hope to get a game of bridge in. Judy is coming in on the train for the weekend to help us with our accounting and all the receipts we have from the whole season!! That should be interesting.

Have not changed my hair color yet due to someone asking Dale if his Mom and Dad were around!!!!!!! Dale is 54.  I said “What!!!”  I am going to change the style but not the color at this time.

I also need to write a scary story for the Scary Story contest the library is putting on. I keep coming up with scenarios using the rv park as the story.
Can’t wait to see “Gone Girl” and “Annabel”. We are now in Season 3 of Breaking Bad. Oh my gosh, what a show.
That’s it for now.