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29 Jan

julie glasses
This is my fabulous niece Juli. Many of you know she has liver cancer and has a belief in Jesus in so powerful that it overwhelms me. She is a true disciple. That being said, she sent me this picture today. I told her it was goin’ in the blog!.
She said she was walking in downtown Orlando, feeling like she was lookin’ pretty good today. You know that feeling, the clothes are right, the hair is right, the attitude is good…
She sat down by a fountain in between doctor appointments to do some reading when her eye started to itch. She took off her glasses and realized that one lense was missing. I thought it was pretty funny. Love her bunches.

60 years old

29 Jan

us 3
Today is my 60th birthday. Hard to believe. I have secretly been celebrating all month by spending time in Arizona and Hawaii. Pretty spoiled I am. I’ve thought a lot about turning 60 and some things that I will hope to change.
Beginning today I am not taking Pepsi into the 60’s with me. That has been a habit I have I battled for years. I’m tired of trashing my body with pop so that is #1 on my list.
#2. I’m going to work on my various anxieties which have plagued me most of my life. Anxiety affects my well being, my energy, my creativity. Sometimes it paralyzes and I become so fearful, I can’t bear it. I don’t want to deal with them in my 60s
#3. I hope to leave my immature sensitivity behind. I have worked very hard on this for several months and feel I have conquered that issue to some degree. Sometimes I have to say to myself “I don’t care”, which is hard.
#4. I would like to leave my swearing behind, expecially the “F”word. We’ll see how that goes, but if I am consciously trying not to cuss, maybe it will happen.
#5. I would like to not take my feet issues into the 60’s, but as of now, they are coming with me. I am being proactive now by wearing foot splints at night. I’m going to give it 4 months, and if things don’t improve, I’m going to have my heels cut to release the tendons.
#6. I would like to leave my depression issues behind, but that is something I will deal with forever.
#7. I hope to leave some weight behind. I may have left about 4 lbs due to our healthy eating the last 9 days. we’ll see how that all goes. It’s not like I want to lose 30 lbs. but right now I’m in that 155 range and would like to be in the 145 range which is 10 lbs less than my BMI so that would make me happy.
I am so lucky to still be around to have the lovely life I have. I have a fantastic husband, a great family, great friends, great opportunities to try new things, travel thousands of miles, live in a fabulous lake house and have a great motorhome to travel in. I love bicycling, golfing,painting,knitting,weaving,quilting,watching scary movies and scary tv shows,being with friends,hanging with grandkids,helping out when needed,and sometimes just sitting in my recliner in my comfy clothes and watching tv. I love to blog and I’m glad I people who read it to share it with. It feels good to be in a good place today. Thank you God for taking care of me.

You know you are aging when….

28 Jan

You know you are aging when your favorite early birthday present is a pair of orhthopedic house slippers!!
They do feel nice on my achy feet and they keep my toes warm.
Pretty sad when it is only 53 here in Phoenix and 75 at Lake Wabaunsee.
We have begun packing to begin our trek home. We were going to go to the Phoenix Open tomorrow but it is only going to be in the 40’s in the morning and that is too chilly to walk around. So we’ll head to Colorado tomorrow. It was sad packing all of my sun dresses into the bottom of my suitcase. Such fun wearing them in Hawaii. Have about lost most of my tan from that trip. Now I have to begin wearing sweaters and jeans and a coat again.
Last day of drinking Pepsi today before I turn 60 tomorrow. Wish I could drink more today but I have to drink some Gatorade because I have so much cramping going on. I tend to get dehydrated when I am here and I guess I don’t drink enough water. I did yesterday so surprised I’m having it today. Oh well.
Denny finished all of his mantress jobs for Mary. (mantress-male mistress). He helped Mary clean up her backyard, installed a garage door opener, hung a big heavy mirror, and did some car maintenance. He also installed a garage door opener for her neighbor.
Yesterday, I was talking about too many things that I didn’t know what I was talking about, so….I put a timer on for 30 minutes and didn’t talk. It about drove Denny and Mary crazy and they really missed my input.
Going to the Black Angus tonight for dinner. Very yummy place.
Anxious to watch a new show, “The Following”. I wasn’t able to record it but some friends here say it is great and scary.Think I’ll watch it on my computer. Thank goodness for Hulu.
Mary had an Arbonne and micro-dermabrasion session here on Saturday. Paula and Carla came over for their treatments. Feels so good to have that done on your face. Loving the micro dermabrasion machine.
That’s the tidbits for the day.

Napoli Coast

26 Jan

One of the highlights of Hawaii cruise was the Napali Coast. The ship passed by the coast on last day of sailing. Even though it was overcast, we could still see the beautiful coast. It has been used in many movies. The waves were crashing and the seas were rough. It was very exciting because there were humpbacks in the area. They leaping clear out of the water. What a sight. I’m not sure if one can actually be on the coastline or beaches, but it would be a wonderful place to be if it is possible.

I have come down with the stomach crud the last 2 days. Not sure if it is from the ship or something else. I’m hoping this is the last day of it. Denny has a congestion thing going on, so we both are not at the top of our game. Our plans have changed due to the crummy weather. If we are both better by Monday, we will probably head for home. We really wanted to go to the Waste Management practice round on Tuesday, but it is going to be in the 50’s and damp. I’m getting anxious to get home and see Jumper and Meeko. I hope they are happy to see us too and aren’t mad. It will be a little hectic when we get home. On Feb. 5, I have a dentist appt for a crown and Denny is having a squamus cell cancer cut off of his right leg. Luckily, he was able to have it biopsied while he was here and on the 5th he will have the rest of it removed. It’s on his shin, so there isn’t much skin. I may pucker when I see it. We’ll also be celebrating Elliott’s birthday as she will be turning 3. February 17 is my mom’s 93rd birthday, so will definitely be hanging out with her for a few days.

Think I’m going to lay down again. Every time I get up, I start feeling bad again.

Friday, January 25

25 Jan

ruth christ
A group photo of Mitzi, Denny, Jay, Don and Mary. We all met up at the Ruth Chris in Scottsdale. I don’t think Denny and I have eaten at one of those restaurants. It was very nice but VERY expensive. We are glad we went but also feel our steaks at Black Angus are just about as good. We had a good time catching up with Don and Mitzi and hearing the news from La Veta. We are going to stay all night with them next week while we are in La Veta for a night.
The weather is cooperating with us today and we will be able to play golf this afternoon. It was supposed to be raining but so far it is sunny.
Ruth sent us photos of Meeko and Jumper this morning. I sent them a little video from me telling them I loved them and missed them. Ruth called me after she showed it to them. She said they made her show it to them 3 times!! Meeko even had a tear in his eye. Can’t wait to be back with them. This has been the longest we’ve been away from them.

A little story written by my mom,”The Last Leaf”

25 Jan

The Last Leaf

Jack called to me to come out and sit on the screened in porch with him. It was the last warm day in December. Our porch was an oasis in the middle of a large city. We lived at the Villas at Creekside Retirement Community. Our porch was located on the bank of a creek that ran into a lake. There were many trees and a wild life refuge was on the other side of the creek. We could see a lot of small animals. We had been watching the leaves on the trees changing color this fall. So many autumn leaves with beautiful red, orange and yellow in front of the porch. Jack had not been feeling well and had spent lots of time sitting out there. It was a wonderful porch.

Winter had arrived and we had to stay in the house but we had a large sliding door and Jack could sit in his recliner near the door and still see the trees. The leaves were almost gone but there was one small branch of a tree outside the porch. One day Jack told me he was watching and counting the leaves on the branch everyday. He was not feeling well and getting weaker but he survived Christmas and his birthday on December 29. All of the children had been with us. Judy and Marvin had stayed for a few days in January and Jack loved to play bridge with them. Then he would sit in the recliner and count the leaves on the branch. One day he said “Well, I have had a good life and I am ready to die”. He was looking at the branch and I noticed that there were just 3 leaves left. Soon after that he collapsed and we had to call the ambulance and they took him to the hospital. There was one leaf left on the branch. He only lived about 3 more weeks but was still alive on our 60th wedding anniversary. He was with Hospice at the Creekside Manor for a few days and the children were all here. One evening they all went out to eat, Jolene stayed with me. I was sitting holding his hand and he suddenly had problems breathing and I went to the other side of the bed as he had turned his head that way. I put my hand on his head and told him his old friends were waiting for him and he took one last peaceful breath. Jolene was calling the rest of the family.

After the funeral and we were back home, I stood by the sliding door and looked at the branch of the tree and the last leaf had fallen. The bare branch was silently waiting for spring.
Written by Harriet Whiting age almost 93

Healthy eating day 4

24 Jan

mary friends
We continue to try and eat our 1 lb of fruit and 1 lb of vegetables a day. Mary and I were so virtuous last night, the we shared a cobb salad, but…….we also ordered Truffle Fries, but…….we shared them with the whole table of 6, so……..we are still virtuous. After a day of golf, we joined some of Mary’s friends for dinner. Three of us were celebrating birthdays which was fun. We had dinner at the Verrado Grill which is located at the Raven Country Club. I loved all of her friends and we laughed a lot. Had a lot in common.
We were going to go to the pool today, but we have had a major weather change. Rain and cooler temps are here now, about 4 days earlier than expected. That’s a bummer because it has been beautiful.
Tonight is going to be fun because we are meeting Don and Mitzi, our good friends from Colorado, at a Ruth Crist restaurant in Scottsdale. They are visiting their daughter who lives in Scottsdale. Looking forward to that. Denny has never eaten at one of those restaraunts before. We are going to be virtuous all day and then go all out tonight.
That’s it for now.
Also I have updated Juli’s page. She is beginning a new regimen of chemo since they have found another tumor on her liver. Please keep her prayers. I talked to her yesterday and she is still feeling okay but the new chemo will take 7 hours of IV’s.