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Heading back to Brownsville

24 Feb

All packed, showered and ready to head home tomorrow morning. We’ll leave Mary’s at 6 am. It’s been a fun 10 day outing. Spending my Moms 96th birthday in Holiday Island, attending Ashley’s wedding in Scottsdale, attending their after wedding be,playing Mahjong, and hanging with my bestie Mary. We’ve had a lot of fun just sitting in her living room yakking and realizing it’s noon and we are still in PJ’s. I definitely wish I could have golfed and pickle balled but we improvised and had a god time any way.
Speaking of Mahjong, I’ve always heard about the Mahjong ladies and how serious they are. I played for the first time with a group on Monday. Right off the bat someone was shushing me!!! We weren’t even playing yet. I so wish after she told me to not talk so loud that I would have whispered back “fuck you” and left. But,I rose above the occasion and had a wonderful afternoon playing with some very nice ladies. I know I’m a loud talker and I know to tone it down while playing. Mary had just introduced me!! How rude. Mahjong is an intense game but I hope to improve as time goes on unless I’m kicked out for talking too loud and put on some “no play list” around the world. 😛😛🈲
Mary and I had fun dreaming about our England trip. While we were googling I was messaging
With my friend Lorchen in England and getting ideas. How fun is that.
I’ve also been busy keeping up on reservations. About every day I book a couple. that’s good news. Also my company that helps me with my website and books, Simply Solutions, spent time with me today explaining the ins and outs of my upcoming online store. Who hoo! Hopefully it will be an active site and worth the energy that Bill has put into it.
I think I’m about on my last week or so with the boot. I thought it was really getting close to being healed, but I went to the pool today wearing flip flops. I didn’t walk very far and could definitely feel the pressure on the top of my foot. Ugh. My flights worked well with wheel chairs coming and hopefully good luck tomorrow.
Looking forward to being back in Brownsville. We closed on our little fixer upper and Denny has already begun working on it. He will have some fun ideas I’m sure.
That’s it for now. Try to best you can be each day.

February 13, 2016

13 Feb

Just finished making some more reservations for Circle the Wagons. Getting a few more calls and emails each day.  Lots of groups coming in and I think I have 3 new ones. The only drawback of our place here in Brownsville is the lack of wifi. I have to go to clubhouse to do major work. I can use my hotspot on the phone for a few minutes of work in the motorhome. We are also constantly getting messages about our phone usage because we constantly use our 4G and the data usage adds up. Oh well, just one more month.  We did hear that there may be cable here next year which would be HUGE!  We are excited about our little park model we bought. It could almost be considered a tiny home but with the Texas room we have almost 800 sq feet. Denny has been busy fixing the locks on the sliding doors, measuring and making numerous trips to Lowes. We’ve picked out contrasting yellows for the Texas room. We will take possession Feb. 29. Hopefully we’ll have it cleaned up and in order so when we come back next year we can get right on the painting and sprucing. We are really enjoying the people we are meeting. Now I have a new group I’m getting acquainted with. The Mah Jong ladies!!! I have taken 2 lessons, purchased my Mah Jong game at the flea market today, and plan on playing in Arizona with Mary. They recommend you play at least 10 times before you join a table. It’s a good game and you have to really think about what kind of hand you are going to put together. I don’t know if anyone plays in La Veta but I hope there are a couple of people who might.

Speaking of Mary; Robin, Dean, Denny and I are heading to Corpus Christi tomorrow to spend the night. I fly out on Monday morning to Fayetteville,  AR to see my Mom and sisters for a few days. Mom turns 96 on Wednesday!!. For those of you who have gone this journey with me must be surprised too. She is doing extremely well and is good spirits. Looking forward to the visit. On Thursday I’ll fly to Phoenix to spend a week with Mary and attend Ashley’s wedding in Scottsdale. Ashley is my BFF Mitzi’s daughter. The wedding is being held at Grey Hawk country Club and should be quite the affair. I’m going to buy a dress and something to dress up my boot and find one cute shoe to wear. I really don’t want to wear my tennis shoe to the wedding.

Speaking of the boot, I will be very glad to be done with it. I did get a wheelchair lined up at the airports and also paid extra for more leg room on a couple of flights and then once I will be in the front row and the rest of the time I’ll have aisle seats. I am finding that I am probably walking around too much and feel my hip, back, chest, and neck getting all jacked up. The foot is still super tender and I am surprised that it hasn’t eased up a little. I was taking anti-inflammatories but I’m off of them for a few days. They just make me feel yucky.

I’m on day 2 of no Kick Start drinks. My heart has been skipping beats a lot and I think I’m over caffeinated.  It’s one thing to over caffeinate when you are being active, but I definitely don’t need that much for sewing and playing Mah Jong!! I already notice a difference.

Watched 20/20 last night with the mother of Dylan Klebold being interviewed. It was very eye opening, emotional and heartbreaking. I met her once at one of my friends homes in La Veta several years ago. Luckily she did have a good support of friends that helped her get through the tragedy.

I fear my dog Meeko is getting dementia. He is 14 and getting a little cranky, a little paranoid, a little more anxious, and a lot more jealous of Jumper. He used to LOVE to ride in the golf cart. Now when we drive over to the dog park, he moans and cries and barks and shakes all the way over to the park.Very strange. I wonder if he has a brain tumor or something? He also moans a lot so there are 3 of us now who moan and groan when we move around.  Pretty funny.

That’s it for now. Happy Valentines Day everybody. I know for some it will be a melancholy holiday and I am really sad about that. Love you all who are spending the holiday without your loved one.