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Back to work

31 Mar

We arrived back home on Saturday night. I’m lucky Judy came with us because I was in serious need of a driver. I only had about 2 hours of sleep. Sunday and Monday we all worked hard on various projects. Judy set up and new reservation system and updated my computer. I cleaned out a closet and the laundry room which I have wanted to do the last 2 years. Denny is raking sites, raking deer poop, picking up limbs, and mulching leaves. Today I spent ALL day on the computer setting up my reservation sheets and working with the new system. It’s very cool and will make it easier for people to reserve a site from my website. Judy left on the train last night. We always eat a the Wonderful House chinese place before the train comes. I did something last night that I have never done before. I ate my entire helping of beef and broccoli!!!!!! And an egg roll. And……when we were back home I was still hungry. I tried really hard to not think I have some kind of worm!! Not as hungry today thankfully. We are trying the NO JUNK food challenge for another 21 days to start out our season on a healthier note. It should also help get off that last 5 pounds. I begin Zumba tomorrow night and that will help too. I have really missed that. Mitzi and I will return to our routine except we don’t have to get up at 6 in the morning, they now have a 5 pm class.
Feel a little bit of an altitude thing going on which I hope will pass soon. I think altitude bloats me???
Survived my 2nd endoscopy and my throat looked much better. Will maintain the medicines and inhaler but not as much. I love Dr. Roeder. He explained one of my symptoms that drives me crazy. My stomach seems to want me to know everything it is doing. I feel everything going around corners and stopping and starting, etc….He said that is the Irritable bowel wanting me to know. It’s like it is hypersensitive to every bite of food I take and it wants me to know what it is doing. I am trying another pill, Librax, to hopefully calm that down. I don’t have time to think about my stomach all day long!
Posted on Circle the Wagons FB about my upcoming class on a Toni Whitney kit. I hope I have a good turnout for it. It looks hard but glad we will have an experience instructor to take us through it. The wall hangings are so beautiful. If you know anyone who might like this, please have them contact me. It will be May 29,30 and 31.

Have my first scary movie day this Friday. We are going to see “It Follows”. A little weird feeling because that is exactly what I was doing when we found out about Justin.
We watched “Unbroken”. I liked it but it was a hard movie to make after such a powerful book. The movie would have lasted 8 hours if they could put all of the drama in.
That’s it for now.

Wednesday, March 25

25 Mar

Just back to Torrie and Larry’s after watching the kids for a couple of hours. Elliott totally entertained me the whole time. She is becoming quite the artist. Every time I come over she is drawing something Billie was giving “Hot Yoga” a try and she said it was really hot. I like that she is trying new things. I can go home knowing that her family is doing okay, different struggles at different times which is to be expected. Cannot believe it is almost 5 months. She and I were able to spend Tuesday together which was really nice. Very proud of her and the kids.
Today I had my 2 hour instruction on how to use my Serger sewing machine. I’ve been going to Holton to the quilt shop and they directed me to the sewing machine place to get assistance. It’s a really cool machine and I feel comfortable threading 5 spools of thread. It’s amazing what that machine will do. My hope is it will save me a lot of time on some of my items. I love Holton. It has a beautiful town square, shops in all of the buildings, a wonderful restaurant which I can’t remember the name. I love Quilting on the Square and they are great. I will going there for a training on a Cameo machine which cuts out shapes in late April.
I have to be up at 5:15 am to be at Gastro clinic for my 2nd endoscopy. Will be anxious to hear results. I think some things are better and other things are the same. My main concern is that the irregular cells they found before are gone or not cancer cells. I also hope to get some answers regarding my symptoms so I know they are just part of my issues and not something more significant.
After I am done there we will start getting situated to head to Colorado on Saturday morning. Very anxious to get home. All of these different climates have wreaked havoc on my head. I have one of those “barometer heads”. It is snowing in La Veta today but will be very warm this weekend.
It has been an emotional, sad, happy, exciting, busy, emotional, crazy last 6 months. We are very fortunate that we were able to do our traveling these last couple of months and it was so fun seeing so many friends. Many, many reservations. Judy K is going to go back to La Veta with us on Saturday. She’ll get me set up in the office. My mind feels so disorganized and boggled up, it will be nice to have a routine.
My sister Jolene has been in Arkansas with my Mom these last 9 days. So…I had the ice and snow to deal with, she had tornadoes and severe storms to deal with tonight. It’s so great how the sisters work together to help out with Mom.
Have done well with my no cussing for Lent. Now what is cool is that cuss words don’t even enter my thoughts as quickly. Billie couldn’t believe that I wasn’t using the “F” word or anything. My plan is for me to carry it on. Denny and I are going back on the NO Junk foor diet beginning on Monday. We’ve done pretty well but have treated ourselves at times. My biggest downfall was that creme brulet with mocha flavored whipped cream and butterfinger candy bar crunched up on it. I still drool when I think how good that was.
I’m watching some strange things on tv. Just once but I’ve seen “My 600 lb Life”, “Strange Love”, “Little Family” or something like that and a show about strangers getting married after being set up by therapists.
That’s it for now. I’ll check back in after procedure and getting back to Colorado.

Ahhhhh, last day in Hilton Head

20 Mar

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Love the starfish photo that Cinda took yesterday on the beach. It looks like it is scooting around. Interesting beach with starfish and lots of sand dollars, including live sand dollars which is new to me. Little horseshoe crabs also. Not a great beach for shelling. We are on our last night staying in a wonderful house that our friend Lawrence reserved for 7 of us. A block from the beach and 5 bedrooms plus a top floor that had plenty of room for me to spread out with sewing projects. Lawrence, Cinda, Noreen, Brad, Marcia and us stayed here. A really nice part of the country. Pretty crowded up with houses but plenty of bike paths. The beach is fantastic for walking since it is flat and not bumpy or tooo sandy to walk in. We’ve had all sorts of weather. Mainly chilly and cloudy and yesterday it poured. Denny and I played golf on Monday with friend Linda, friend we know from La Veta, and Sheila. It was great fun and great weather. Tuesday I was actually able to lay on the beach for awhile. We bicycled around and also cooked out a yummy dinner. We all visited Savannah on Wednesday, interesting town. We had lunch at the Pirates House and met up with our friends Al and Priscilla who used to live in La Veta. Priscilla then gave us a private tour of the downtown area and also let us see their home which is a rowhouse built in 1840. Very very cool. We spent the afternoon wandering and then back to HH. Thursday it poured down rain so Denny and I visited a quilt shop for yet some more fabric, then the golf store where we purchased an “Orange Whip”, a golf training device then met up with Linda and Sheila and their friends from Ohio for lunch. We spent the evening listening to fabulous jazz and eating dinner in the Jazz Corner. Great place and a must, must to make reservations. Just Lawrence and Cinda and us left for morning departure. We are all on the lazy side but the sun has peaked out so we may gather some energy to move about.
Before we arrived in Hilton Head, we spent the night in Eatonton, GA with my friend from the 70’s Vicki and Mickey. Beautiful lake home and great visiting. How fun to see someone from 1975 and able to still feel that special friendship. We were also able to Ed and Linda who live on the other side of the lake. They have built a beautiful home on a nice point. Even though they are also from my 70’s past, we have seen them several times. We spent 2 nights in motels outside of Chattanooga and before St. Louis. We have one more motel to stay in tomorrow night, staying with Rolly and Claire in Indianapolis on Sunday night and then head back to Topeka. That will be the end of our bed/surfing jaunt around the country. By the time we get to Colorado, we will have driven about at least 8,000 miles, maybe more. The Jeep was great to travel in.
It’s been a wonderful 2 1/2 months. I counted up how many friends we have seen along the way and I came up with 53 friends. Wow, how fun it has been. I love staying connected and seeing people. I also love finding out new history from parts of the country. Disappointed we didn’t make it to Difuskie Island which was purchased by the freed slaves. Found out that Savannah is quietly quite segregated. Hilton Head is quite ritzy. Wondering how far KU will make it in the tournament. I don’t have a lot of hope at this time since we are in the bracket with UK. Didn’t know fuzzy sand dollars were alive and I feel bad that I picked one up and just thought it was moldy. I am trying to get a really big horseshoe crab shell to quit stinking so I can take it home. Not sure if it will happen. People are on the grouch side here while walking or riding paths. What’s up with that??? Have had lots of snow in La Veta while we have been away but….we will be home on March 28. Anxious to get going on our park and getting the house sort of organized.
That’s it for now, going to head to the beach and see what is rolling in. :))

Restarting our vacation

8 Mar

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We’ve been busy today cleaning, packing, making beds and getting organized to head out of Holiday Island, Ark. It’s been a good visit even though we had such crappy weather. I think we saw the sun twice. The point of being here was to see Mom which we were able to many times. The weather also kept us from taking her out more than once. I can’t keep saying how remarkable she is. When she moved into Green Acres a little over a year ago she couldn’t do anything for herself except eat. Now she gets up and gets dressed on her own. She checks emails and is now on Facebook and loves seeing what her family is up to. She goes to exercise class and participates in the other projects they may have going on. It’s a very loving place where she is and they have put her back on her feet. She loves seeing Meeko and Jumper, especially when Jumper hops up on her lap and lays by her. We also took the dogs to see the other residents and they loved petting them. We are very lucky.
Now we are heading to Springfield for the night and taking my sewing machine in to get serviced tomorrow. We’ll drive over and see my brother while waiting for it to be finished. We’ll be back in Topeka tomorrow night and will be in Topeka for a couple of days. Once again we’ll repack, thankfully this time with golf, bicycling and spring weather clothing. I had to tell Denny to quit telling me how nice the weather is going to be in Hilton Head and reading me the temperatures. I will believe it when I get there. We’ll see if we bring in an off season hurricane or a tornado.
It was disappointing to not be in Selma this week but luckily I have 2 friends there and I am getting first hand news about all of the events. We were going to ride our bicycles from Selma to Montgomery but that doesn’t mean we can’t still do that some other time and also make it St. Augustine some other time.
Our Hilton Head trip will be fun because we’ll be seeing 3 friends who are in the area along with seeing the couples we are meeting up with. We’ll spend Friday night with my friend Vicki in Eatonton, GA. We have not seen each other since around 1975 when I lived in Georgia!! We were great partners in crime. We became FB friends a year ago last fall and have been messaging ever since. Last night I found out that our friend Linda is also staying in Hilton Head and we are going to play golf with her. We will be taking a day trip to Savannah and while there we’ll see friends who used to live in La Veta, Al and Priscilla. We may see Ed and Linda also but we will see how that works. It’s fun having friends all over the place.
The photos are of my latest creation “Sexy Pillowcases”. I had a couple of orders for them already so I spent yesterday making several. Pillowcases are fun to make because they begin by being sewn into the shape of a tube and then when you are done all of your seams are enclosed. Very cool pattern. I don’t know how people think up these ideas. I was able to practice on some quilt block techniques which was fun. Robin and I weren’t able to spend a lot of time together but we did get in one fabric shopping trip. I have my Evening Stroll wall hanging, a twin size quilt and a tee shirt quilt at her home and she’ll quilt them for me. I think I will take my machine with me to Hilton Head and make bowl holders in the evenings.
Getting excited about returning back to La Veta and getting the park set up and my office. They have had a few feet of snow which I’m sure will make a lot of muddy roads but it’s great for our summer water needs. I need to get some prices set for my quilt retreats and get bulk emails and a FB post out regarding them. I was able to finally get in contact with one of the instructors for the May retreat so now I’m calm about that.
Stomach issues are much better. Eating at home and not out all the time has helped tremendously. We are trying to use the FODMAP foods which is the diet for IBS. Basically it’s eliminating many foods and spices that I like: onions, garlic, cauliflower, most fruits, wheat,etc. But if it works I’m all for it. Still basically following the no junk food diet. Only diversion is ginger ale which helps another issue.
Another friend passed away this week from an invasive cancer. He was just diagnosed 2 months ago but it was already in his esophagus, pancreas, bones, everywhere. I was great friends with he and his wife in the 80’s.
Anxious to see Billie and the kids. The last couple of phone calls everyone sounded pretty good. She is in the process of looking for a babysitter to come to her home this summer. I hope that works out for her.
There is a wonderful mission out there that provides hospitals with quilts to cover patients who were brought in to the emergency room and don’t survive. They did this for Justin when Billie went in to see him for the last time. It’s a comfort for her to have the quilt. If you have any twin size quilts that you aren’t using, let me know and I’ll get you in touch with the Quilts for Angels in Topeka. I love that mission and I hope to make some quilts for it this year.
That’s it for now. One more load of wash and then we are off and running.

1 Mar

IMG_2406 IMG_2407

It’s 2 am and I just finished putting together several quilt blocks for a tee shirt quilt I’m working on. Tomorrow I’ll put the borders one and hopefully it will be ready for my friend Robin to quilt for me. It’s been nice to get several projects started and hopefully finished by next weekend. The photos are of my “Evening Stroll” wall hanging and a casserole holder. The wall hanging isn’t finished yet. I still need some black fabric for it.

It’s been a couple of long days. It started snowing yesterday afternoon and snowed all day into this evening. Now we are getting a nice layer of ice on top of the snow so who knows what issues that will bring. We took the dogs out for a walk about 9 pm and the road was glisten in the lights and was very slick. I’ve been lucky so far and have only fallen once. We plan on staying until next weekend since we haven’t been able to see Mom for the last 2 days. Maybe we’ll see what the 4 wheel drive does tomorrow in the jeep. Denny used it yesterday and it worked well but there were too many people slipping around to feel safe driving around here. Remember this is the place where there are 14 degree hills.

Have watched 3 of the Oscar movies this week. “Whiplash”-liked, “Birdman”-kind of liked, seemed a lot like a reincarnation of the “Black Swan” to me, and “Boyhood” which was an enjoyable movie, a little long, but was fun to watch 12 years of a movied made. It was fun to watch everyone change each year. Really want to see “Still Alice”. Denny liked “Boyhood” but did not like “Birdman” at all. He did enjoy watching all the Kansas teams play basketball today and it was great they all won. Exciting games. What else is exciting is that Cade is in a hockey tournament in Kansas City this weekend and all I know so far is that they won their first game and Cade got the first goal!. Billie rented a motel room with a pool so they are having a fun weekend. All the kids love swimming and can do it for hours and hours.

My now swearing is getting better. I think I said “hell” once this week so that is better than last week. Still eating healthy. Denny has been cooking this week so we have only had dinner out once which is my favorite restraunt called the “Local Flavor”.. Also started the new stomach medicine instead of Prilosec. It may be working better and I don’t have the headaches anymore. Haven’t weighed in this weekend but think I will wait one more week.

We were going to go to Selma this coming week for a night but it won’t happen now. Our friend Nancy headed that direction from Cuchara 2 days ago and drove through horrific weather in Colorado, Oklahoma and Texas. I think it will be a great week to be in Selma and sorry we will miss it but it will be great to spend one more week here with Mom.

Tidbits: How come I can’t remember how to spell restaraunt? No matter how I spell it, it comes out wrong. Why do cheerleaders wear hair bows? Are they trying to look like little girls? La Veta is getting tons of snow which is so wonderful. Kind of wish I was there to see it and be sitting in front of our pellet stove watching it snow. It would be fun to put my mukluks on that I bought in Alaska years ago. One of my friends daughter just took the law bar exam. She said you have to wear short sleeve shirts and pants with no pockets. Now phones, bags, etc. allowed in the testing room. Someone has to go with you to the bathroom. The tests are from 7-5 for 2 days and you won’t know the results until May. That would make me crazy to wait that long. Big tunnel was found in Naco, AZ this weekend. They busted the people with $3 million dollars of pot!. Naco is where we hang out in the winter at times. They said it was the biggest tunnel in that area. It looked very sophisticated and I wonder how long it took to build. Reminded me of the movie “The Great Escape”.  Still getting reservations everyday. I only have 3 sites left for Memorial Day weekend. Have not been weepy for over a week now. I think that is the longest I have gone since Justin passed away. I sure hope it will be nice in Hilton Head when we get there. Surely we’ll have a couple of good days. There is golf to be played, beaches to be walked, and a trip to Savannah. Sad to hear that “Spock” passed away. That COPD is a nasty disease and I hope I don’t ever get it. I know there is a chance since I did smoke when I was younger, even if I quit in 1982. I still carry the little card that gives me the date of April 22, 1982 saying that is when I quit.

Think I should head to bed. I do sleep late in the mornings. I’ll have to get out of that habit once we get back to La Veta. It is now 2:45. Didn’t know it takes me that long to blog. 🙂