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Let’s talk healthcare

25 May

Just off the phone with AARP United Healthcare and Walgreens. I had a check up with my surgeon who did my pelvic floor surgery last fall. Everything has healed up great. I also asked her about estrogen and how I read that women should stay on estrogen if possible because our brains and bones need it.  I told her about this drowsiness issue and brain fog. She said definitely estrogen could help both issues and I would just need a minimum dosage. But….she said we’ll have to fight Medicare about it and she is saying that I need it for Osteopenia. So of course the prescription has been denied for more information and we’ll see what happens. I am lucky to have no issues with estrogen like some women do so I’m willing to try it. Now why am I going this direction since I was told a few months ago that I need CPAP/Oxygen machine for sleep issues and that would make me feel so much better and help my drowsiness?  Because I still don’t have a f…… CPAP machine. I’ve passed the deadline from my sleep test to have medi-care  pay for the machine now. But………I  talked to a CPAP business in Trinidad and they told me that I can have a CPAP machine without oxygen without having to take another sleep study. Yay I thought!! I was once again told by someone who uses CPAP how much better they feel and how much alert they are. But……that was 2 weeks ago and still no phone calls, no CPAP and I’m still struggling staying awake and filling myself full of caffeine daily. How many brain cells do I have to lose to get some kind of relief from this issue. It makes me mad, sad, frustrated, cynical. Is this because I am on Medicare and I’m getting that kind of treatment? Am I considered elderly so I’m being treated differently? Is the paperwork being continually misplaced? Does anybody follow through. I hear excuses, excuses, excuses. I was at my doctor here in La Veta. I had McAllen TX pulmonary doctor fax my medical info to her office.  When I arrived  I asked Medical Assistant if my fax had come in. She said no.  Mmmmmm  Then when my doctor was with me I was telling about CPAP issues and that my doctor had faxed information to her. Does she have it I ask. No.  Mmmmmmmmm So I said I will call the office in Texas and have them fax info.  In the meantime she finally checks faxes and low and behold it had been there  for several days.  Mmmmmm.. Frustrating. So here I sit with my drowsy body and foggy brain and several cups of coffee and Pepsi and water and whatever helps keep me awake. Cross fingers to see if something comes through either by hormones or CPAP.


Catching Up

21 May

Well hello there. Long time no write.  Just finished doing an interesting project. I purchased a Food Allergy blood test through Everywell. I had to poke my finger and then drip 5 drops of blood on a card. I send it in and in a few weeks I’ll know what my sensitivities are. They will test 96 foods. I had this done several years ago at an allergy clinic. My back turned into one giant hive and I couldn’t bend my arms because they were so swollen. I was allergic to everything. I am having many weird skin issues-Yucky break outs, hives popping up off and on, itchy and sensitive skin, stomach issues. This was cheaper than going to doctor. I think I paid $120 for kit. Sooooo…we’ll see.

Life is busy busy. We returned from Texas on May 4. We have already had a trip to Topeka and getting ready to head out for Akansas and Kansas on June 3. This coming Friday our La Veta home goes on the market. We have purchased a fixer upper townhouse in Topeka. We had a financial awakening a couple of months ago. We decided #1 that we needed to be closer to family in case of health emergencies. In the last couple of years so many of our friends have either passed away, had serious diseases, strokes, heart attacks. We decided to be pro active and move while we can do it ourselves and live where we want to live. We are in good shape and have our faculties somewhat together. We will be moving into a smaller place and will be getting rid of a lot of stuff. Ugh.  I feel good about this and feel it is a mature thing for Denny and I to do which is hard for us to do. LOLLOL.

With that being said we are trying to stay somewhat calm but need to proactive with getting things done around here in between trips to Kansas, trip to California, our dream bicycle trip to Alaska and a trip to Italy. Plus I have to make 40 Wine totes for a craft show in Holton, KS on June 8 and 75 travel trays for a business. I’ve been sewing and embroidering for days and it will all get done. Denny is busy putting up a privace fence, cleaning out the garage and will be painting the outside of the house. Yikers.

When I told Elliott that we were moving to Topeka she was sooo excited and jumped up and down and twirled all around. It will be fun to be around the gkids and Billie. I would like to Cade do some debate stuff, watch Elliott dance and take Kyler fishing.

Another reason for this move is so hopefully we won’t end up in assisted living or somewhere else. This townhouse has a full handicapped bath on the ground floor with a walk in nursing home like shower. I told Billie she can just wheel me in the shower and hose me off and put me to bed when the time comes.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for our next phase.