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16 Oct

big snow
We woke up to quite the little snow this morning. It was really beautiful of course but has almost melted completely except in some shady areas.
The campground has 2 campers in it tonight. One outfitter and one camper for the night.
Denny has been doing little duties getting things set up for the winter.
I’m trying to get motivated to finish several things I must get done before the end of the month. I had a very strange morning. Ended up being weepy for a couple of hours. Started out by talking to friend whose granddaughter’s leukemia has returned and is in desperate need of a bone marrow transplant. As we talked I got very sad about Juli and we talked about that for awhile. The conversation ended with me trying to get a swab party together sometime in the next few weeks. I would have one here but the age group is too old to do it. The ages to be swabbed must be between 18-55. So, I’ve talked to Billie, contacted the deletebloodcancer.org and have already received a reply from the site. We will see what will happen. I know it can be a slim chance but one never knows until they try. So far none of her family has matched and she is taking chemo everyday and will need to continue that until she can get a transplant.
Also trying to get regrouped to be back in states from Paris. We spent our last day roaming the city again, trying to get into the Freida Kahlo exhibit to no avail, buying several little items from a wonderful little shop, eating at a quaint little restaurant that had more of a country style menu of French food plus a tart au pomme for desert. I truly can’t believe how much weight I put on during that trip, even with all the walking. Embarrassingly, I had to weigh my suitcase at Nancy’s house before we left for the airport. First I weighed myself, a whopping 167, and then my suitcase which weighed a whopping 47 pounds! It was a chore to lug it off of the luggage bins at baggage claims. I am now in the process of losing 15 lbs once again with no excuses of being to busy to do it. I am also trying to be on a bland diet to help my stomach heal up. I didn’t know that acid reflux could be so uncomfortable.
I love to read a book when I return from an area rich with history. I am now reading the “The Longest Day” by Cornelious Ryan. After spending an afternoon on the Normandy beaches, climbing into bunkers, seeing the hedge rowed country side, seeing homes that the Germans occupied; it is a very interesting read. How harrowing the whole invasion was. It was ironic that we experienced similar weather during our tour of winds, rain and cold. I was so shocked at the cliffs that the soldiers had to climb to get up to land and all the beach that was covered with mines and sharp things to injure the soldiers as they came ashore.
I hope to download some photos Friday and post them. Don’t panic, I don’t have zillions but I do have some interesting shots.
Tomorrow we head up to Aurora to get new passports. I was surprised that the offices were open and I am very lucky because I have to have a new passport by Nov 4 in order to sign up for a trip to Cuba that I am going on then of April.
New tv show that we love: The Black List. Very intriguing. Also enjoying the new seasons of NCIS, SVU, Sons of Anarchy, Criminal Minds, The Good Wife, and Shark Tank. I have an invention: a aromafied bath mat with the rubber backing. Each time you would step on it and fresh odor would come out of it. I hate stinky old bathrooms that smell like old toilet water. Our water in town is especially yucky right now and I can’t even stand to drink it. Apparently the town lakes have turned over and are full of algae and that is making the water smell and taste bad. Supposedly there is enough chemicals in it to make it safe, but I think I’ll stick to the bottled water.
That’s it for now. I’ve done enough chores that I can now justify sitting at the sewing machine.
For various reasons I am saying this. If we are able to walk, think, talk, get up out of a chair even if it is painful, we must keep going and embrace our days. Even though it was a painful week of walking cobblestone side walks in Paris, I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. When the day comes that we are no longer able to do those things we may not have regrets of what we may have missed. That’s how I am feeling today. I have had a lot of sadness around me the last couple of months, one of them being I am still estranged from my son. But on the good side I have heard that he is doing better and looks better.