Last Day of Winter

18 Mar

Denny just informed me that tomorrow is the first day of spring. Mmmmmm…We are leaving a day early from La Veta due to snow coming in. Snow is always a good thing in our area.

This spring is very dramatic for La Vetians. Statistics show that the whole downtown and surrounding homes will flood this year. They have equipment in the rivers going to satellites to read water depth. There is now a siren in town that will go off and you will have 15 minutes to evacuate. We’ve already been contacted to be a safe place for friends since we are in a higher elevation. For months several groups have been working on gathering teams, equipment and food preparers to begin the mitigation process of clearing out the Cuchara River of debris. They began clearing out the river last Friday. It is remarkable what this little town is capable of doing. Especially since many of the volunteers are in their 60’s, 70’s and 80’s!!. Of course I immediately felt guilty not helping this weekend but we were only here for a couple of days. Right now the goal is to have the work done by mid-April preparing for the heavy wet snows and snowmelt. They are working 4 hour shifts 7 days a week in groups of 10. It’s been so organized and we are totally impressed. A little bit of information I learned today is that the wildfire was soooooo hot that it burned all the roots of the trees and the ground is very hard so any rain will just run down the mountains.

I have been on my narcolepsy medication for 5 days now. Don’t feel a lot of difference but less drowsy. Next thing to do is limit my caffeine to maybe two drinks a day. We shall see. The medication should help me focus better and help me with the drowsy driving issue. I really really hope it will work.

Something happening in my life is what is going on with the Methodist Church. It is becoming very divided due to the gay issues. We have a lesbian bishop in our state. She is in danger of losing her job. Gay people are welcome to the church but they are not allowed to marry in the church or become clergy. I have thought about this for a long time and I don’t think I can belong to a church that feels this way. I love being a Methodist and I love our pastor and church, but I feel like a hypocrite. How can I be friends with my gay friends and belong to a church who believe they don’t deserve to be in our church. I am a very simple person when it comes to controversy. I believe in God and I know for a fact that prayers have healed me and others. I believe God loves everyone, even sinners which includes me. I will decide a new step in the next few weeks. I believe non-denominational will be the way to go. I like going to church and I want it to be part of my life.

Being a member of Team Brownsville has been such a wonderful experience for Denny and I. I really love that we are doing it together. It will be hard to leave Brownsville and the asylum seekers. I hope everyone realizes that we are helping asylum seekers, not illegal immigrants Did you know that even some of those who choose to cross the river and come into the U.S. are not doing so illegal but they are choosing not wait on the bridge. Many of them turn themselves in to the Border Patrol who then take them Immigration. They are escaping atrocities of their countries. I don’t know as many personal stories because I don’t speak their language but I hear the stories from the other volunteers. Murder, beatings, extortion, corruption, rapes. A Cuban man was drug from his house and thrown into jail because of something he wrote. A young girl was raped and her family’s home burned down. The Anglophones of Cameroon Africa and the gays of Africa are escaping death. The stories go on and on. We are doing what I can by donating time, food, love. I have an overwhelming feeling of love and hope as I cross the Matamoros bridge back home. Michael, who is one of the men who started Team Brownsville said that all of this bridge situation could stop immediately if just one un-corrupt politician would step up.

That’s it for now. I plan on writing more in Jbirdworld because I can always print out what I’ve said. When I do videos I may lose them all eventually.

One Response to “Last Day of Winter”

  1. Mary 03/19/2019 at 8:14 am #

    It never occurred to me that fire would take out the entire structure of a tree (roots, ect.). The flooding prediction is worrisome. I hope the early prevention efforts stand firm & does the job its supposed to do.

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