Trying to set up a business online

7 Nov

It has been an exciting week setting up Just J on Facebook. I am now trying to use my blog site as a place to show items to sell and also be able to pay by credit card.  We’ll see what happens with that idea.

I have several orders already but not really from my Just J site. Mainly friends coming by and friends who know what I do. Hopefully something will begin happening through FB but I can be patient and see which direction I really need to go. I think there is different way to approach the Facebook direction.

The one great thing about having the business is it keeps me focused to get my items sewn and done. I have had to order many fabrics online which adds to my time waiting for them to arrive and also my mistakes of not paying attention to what the fabric is made of and I have received 2 orders of fleece totally not needed. I cancelled one order and they still sent it. Another company cancelled my order so it gets confusing. We’ll see if that will even out. The down side of living where the need to order online is necessary.

Heading to Houston tomorrow for the AQS Houston Quilt Show. Excited to be there and be with my friend Alicia. She is the greatest buddy because we will talk about a trip of some kind and the next thing you know we will do it. Love buddies like that. It’s a quick trip so Sunday I will be busy getting back to work.

That’s it for now.


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