Back in Business

11 Oct

As I have mentioned before, our trip to Europe really inspired me and all my creative energy is racing around in my brain.

Tonight was a really fun painting class of a barn. There were about 20 of us at the Funky Monkey. What was cool about the class was the technique of using painted dots of several colors and then just using a brush and painting downward. It was fun to see friends I haven’t seen for years. It’s one of those wine and paint classes. To begin the class everyone clinked their glasses to say cheers. I had my Pepsi bottle and managed to spill it all over the table during the cheers. What a sticky mess but it was funny.

For the last 3 days I have been in pj’s all day working in the studio. I have made some prototypes of items to sell. I’m really excited about personalizing pieces by embroidering family names, etc. I made a table runner and a wine bottle holder. The special thing about the wine bag is that you can put the grommets around the top of the bottle and pour without taking the bottle out of the bag. I can also embroider names, cute wine sayings etc.  Great for gifts. I am taking orders so just contact me with your ideas and we’ll get them done. I’ll be making other items also and will show them as I go. I’m looking forward to having 2 sewing buddies coming over this week. Deb on Friday and Linda on Saturday. I now have a space set up for company so it works out well.

Tomorrow is a big Mahjong day. My first tournament being held in Pueblo. I have to get up early  to be there by 8:30. It will be fun but serious. Fifteen minutes per game and we play 4 games in an hour. No talking or taking too long when it is your turn. Should be interesting and looking forward to playing. We had horrible fog, mist, snow and cold today so I hope it isn’t that bad tomorrow. Hopefully it won’t be a drowsy drive.

Speaking of drowsy drive, I am doing another sleep study on Friday night with a CPAP machine. Even though I’m not crazy about the machine, I hear enough good things about them that it will be interesting if my brain and energy does feel better.

More exciting news. I’m beginning training to be an Independent consultant for Cruise Holidays of Topeka. I did my first lesson today. I’m looking forward to doing this and hopefully I can help travelers locally and also try putting together some trips. Wish me luck. It’s a 2 month or so training program so won’t in business til after January.

That’s it for now.  Peace




One Response to “Back in Business”

  1. Deb 11/02/2018 at 4:40 pm #

    I know I am behind in reading your blog but thinking of you and decided to get caught up. Question…..did you make it thru the MahJong tourney without talking? 🤣😂🤣❤️

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