I am really 65

30 Jan

I am really 65!! Wow. What a life I have lived. As always, I am always on some type of journey. My journey right now is facing some issues and letting go, understanding, and dealing with them head on. Why? Because I don’t want to continue on with stomach issues and emotional set backs.  When I went to the Carolyn Braddock retreat in November, I found out that many of my Irritable Bowel Issues could be from some emotional garbage I have had for over 55 years. I know that this is true because my stomach is finally beginning to heal. While I was on the cruise last week, I began to read Carolyn’s book “Body Voices”. IF YOU FEEL YOU HAVE ISSUES WITH BODY PAINS, STOMACH PAIN, HEADACHES, ANXIETY, PANIC ATTACKS;  PLEASE GET THIS BOOK. IT COULD HELP YOU TRULY ADDRESS ISSUES THAT MAY BE HOLDING YOU BACK FROM A HAPPIER AND CALMER PLACE. I am looking forward to a healthier year. February 1st I will begin my Miracle Morning program again. Meditating, writing, reading, exercising and being silent the first hour of everyday.

I totally screwed up my first month of Medicare. Just some tips from someone who did not listen, read or pay attention to what all needed to be done to be completely covered by Medicare and the supplemental plan. As you know I had to go to the doctor before my cruise. It was discovered that I had pneumonia. I had to have chest xray, blood drawn, 2 shots plus the doctor visit. Unfortunately I discovered that I had not completed my supplemental form and was not covered 100% for that doctor visit. I don’t know how much that visit will cost me, but it will be much more than I anticipated. I am now good to go and will be covered fully as of February 1.

Lesson #1: Open all of your mail that says Medicare, United Health Care or whatever your insurance might be. That is how I missed the form I needed to fill out.  I talked to an AARP representative and thought I had completed everything, but that was not true.

Lesson #2: If you go to the doctor and have to get prescriptions filled and something is expensive, leave it at the pharmacy and make phone calls to insurance and doctor’s office to see if you can get something else that is covered. Denny has Blue Cross and I have United Health, neither one covered Advair inhalers and we had a $800 payout which was very shocking for both of us. I also have the Walgreen Pharmacy Program

Lesson #3: I know I will sound like an idiot but I thought Medicare was free. It is not. I have $134 taken out of my $904 Social Security check. I will also have my $126 supplemental taken out of my check I think? Waiting on paper work to see how that works. I also pay $26 a month for Prescriptions. TOTAL: $286  a month. A part time job to help cover that amount a month would help me feel better financially. I now understand those social security stories of how hard it is to live on that and you must have other incomes. It’s scary instead of liberating to me as I enter this new stage of my life. (I’m trying not sound whiny, just trying to be realistic. We are not broke by any means but I also know how fast money can disappear and how many can lose everything with a major sickness or injury.)

Okay, I’m off my soap box. We are just home from golfing with Mike and Steph. Finally a sunny day. Busy week ahead.

Peace everyone



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