Quilt Cruise

20 Jan

I think I am packed and ready for my quilting cruise through Stitchin’ Heaven in Mineola, TX.  My friend Alicia and I are roomies. We are both excited and I think we will both be glad when we are finally on the ship!. She is flying out of KC and me out of Harlingen so I’m not sure when we will actually see each other. This is the trip that I booked a flight that would have arrived to late for me to get to the ship. Even though I hate losing the money I am glad I checked on it before right now. It’s been hard trying to get my brain back to work but I think I figured out the ship luggage tag and all the items needed for the quilting class. Thanks to Robin and Alicia who had some items I needed.

Denny and  I are feeling better but not very well yet.  Denny has the coughing cold bronchitis yucky stuff. If you are wondering why I am going on a cruise with pneumonia, it’s because the pneumonia was caused from a coughing/choking episode in Mexico when I aspirated some food. All I was trying to do was take a stupid pill. I have a cold with the icky cough but not contagious and neither of us have the flu. Now what really made us sick was that we both were prescribed inhalers-Advair and neither insurance covered it. $800. Oh my God…what is wrong with our health care. What good is insurance when they will not cover a very important medicine for the older generation!!!! Denny has Blue Cross Supplemental and I have United Health Care. Denny tried to return his inhaler but they would not take it back. Assholes. We now know we can get the same inhalers in Mexico for $75. Thank you Progresso. Too late now but lesson learned. It’s very upsetting. I’ll be taking a big baggie full of meds but glad I can go and the doctor thought the sea air might feel really good.

It has been a very strange week with both of us sick. The weather has been cold, damp, windy until today. I kept watching scary and depressing things on TV and on Friday I was actually crying about it all. I think for my mental health I need to stay away from news. I can’t bear the horrible stories that come out everyday-imprisoned families, murders, politics, abused gymnasts, angry news, etc.  My original plan was to start my eliminating Pepsi out of my life once again on Feb. 1. I also had a new exercise routine to begin and several golf outings coming up. Denny and I are also head of our street party which is mid February, so lots to do when I get home from cruise.

That’s it for now. Getting older is not for sissys!!!   Peace

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