Flu Epidemic 2018

15 Jan

I’m wondering if we are in an epidemic?  If we were would we be told? What did we do back in the day when we couldn’t binge tv during an illness? I do remember soap operas.  I wish I could sleep better when I’m sick.  All the cough syrup says it’s night time but it works opposite on me. I really need some of the ol’ Codeine stuff. Not happening.  The shows I have watched are Black Mirror-totally creepy, Jerry Seinfeld Comedians going for coffee-really great and made me wish I would have tried harder to be a stand up comic, Before I Wake movie, The End of the F#$*+; world-totally weird. Tomorrow I may need to watch something more uplifting.

Puppies came home this afternoon totally out of sorts from being boarded. Daddy and puppies all ready in bed asleep. I guess no cuddles for me.

Read article on a couple and how they reacted to missle  threat in Hawaii. They reacted a lot on how I think I would but not sure.  Wonder if I would have felt paralyzed, or would I have the need to save others, or would I have been calling family members, would I decided this might be a good time to fall off the wagon, would I grab Denny and puppies and find and drive to some famous cave, or would we and meet our demise while playing golf?  I just don’t know.

This is short and sweet just trying to get out of my head. Best advice I am getting is to stay inside.


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