Let’s talk the flu/cold/pneumonia/what is this but it is kind of scary

14 Jan

Many of you know that I have the crud because I’ve been whining about it on FB. I am home now in my recliner feeling rather gross.

I am someone who hates nasal stuff-people blowing noses, people coughing up stuff-people sniffing-nose picking, etc……..Now I am making all those gross noises and it is making me sick. This may sound weird but if Denny is sick with cold and doing all the gross stuff, I sometimes have to take a valium so I can handle it. I know, I am a bitch but it is one of those sensory things. Sorrrrry. But what else is really gross is the deep cough makes my bladder work when I didn’t know I had to go!!! GROSS. It’s reality I know. The deep coughing also causes another issue at times but I won’t go there because I’m really trying not to but really would like to talk about but I won’t.

I have had a fever a couple of times during the last 4 days and it literally made me delerious.  The first fever we were leaving the motel in Green Valley and I didn’t know where my passport was. Denny says “you put it away” and I start crying and coughing and say “no I didn’t”.  Denny calmly just looks in a couple of bags and finds it and then I’m okay and I go to sleep in the back seat. DO NOT BE SICK AND TRAVELING IN WESTERN TEXAS BECAUSE THERE IS NOTHING OUT THERE. DO NOT GET MAJOR STOMACH CRAMPS IN WESTERN TEXAS BECAUSE YOU WILL END UP ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD CRYING AND DOING WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO AND THEN GETTING IN THE BACKSEAT AND CRYING AND ARE SERIOUSLY PRAYING TO GOD THAT THE HOLIDAY INN IN OZONA IS ON THE HORIZON. The next morning  during another fever I got upset trying to remember if I had bought travel insurance for my upcoming cruise which is January 21.  This was yesterday morning as we were leaving Ozona Texas. I tearfully call my friend Judy to see if she can check on this issue for me because she owns a cruise business. After that Denny comes to the back seat and tells me to please calm down, covers me with blanket and Judy texts me to tell that I do have the insurance and once again I can relax and go to sleep. Denny is also not feeling great yet he is still able to calm me and drive these horrific miles and I’m just a useless human being. Some day I will be able to make up for all of this hell he goes through with me. I will make him a cherry pie!!!!!

My poor Mom with this cough, I don’t know how she hasn’t broken every rib in her little body.  She was in the hospital for 2 days but is back at her place and being taken care of. I did have another weepy moment last night because I was trying to book a flight to see her in February. I knew I had a credit so I had to talk to someone from American Airlines on the phone. She wanted the cancelled flight number, the locator number, I couldn’t find the email with that stupid info and started crying. I said “can’t you just please find the info more, I just cancelled the flight last week, “cough cough, wheeze wheeze” and voila she says “let me see if I can get that info” she got the new flight reserved with my big $75 credit.

Okay, I’m tired, binging Jerry Seinfeld “Comedians having coffee” or something. At least it is cheerful and not the little boy who couldn’t ever sleep because his nightmares killed his loved ones that I watched last night.

To everyone who is going through this illness-many blessings, get well soon, rest, fluids, antibiotics, inhalers, cough meds, whatever gives you some peace.


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