New Years Day 2018

1 Jan

To all of you I wish you the best year to come. I know there will be joy, sadness, passings, new babies, scary news, good news.

I always like to reflect on what I learned from the last year.

  1. To have the opportunity to be a business woman. It made me a stonger woman, maybe a little smarter but I am still unable to add. It was fun to have my own little shop and learn to sew items that customers liked. We feel blessed to have sold the park and are happy for them.
  2. To be able to be in business with my husband and succeed. It made us a stonger couple together. We had to learn how to communicate and work through issues together.
  3. I found I am still too sensitive to comments which I take too personally. After my retreat I do feel I am doing better with that.
  4. I do still find the need to have some type of job or opportunity to continue working. Hopefully my sewing ideas will fill this void.

Lastly, I hope I will incorporate meditation techniques, readings, exercise, and eating into my routine. During the retreat a couple of things happened. I found myself being a little angry at my Dad who passed away in 2008.  Nothing serious just sometimes thoughts come through. My friend Ginny was helping pack items in the house in October and we were making a Goodwill pile. I put these 2 hand carved sand piper birds in the pile. They used to be in my parents house and I knew my Dad really liked them. Ginny was about to leave and I decided to take the birds back. Forward to my retreat and Ventura Beach. Our first activity was to go find a place to sit in the sand to meditate and be still. The first 2 things I saw were 2 sand pipers running around in the waves. Then they were gone and I never saw them again in the next 5 hours I was there. I took that as a sign, maybe an apology, maybe that he is watching over me, whatever I no longer have that anger.

Another exercise we had was to bury thoughts of anger, sadness, distrust, etc. in the sand. I dug a hole and used items such as rocks, driftwood, seaweed and buried these thoughts deep. I laid down on the warm sand and closed my eyes. Thinking, praying, breathing, then I opened my eyes and I was looking straight up at the sky. There was a blue that I  had never seen before. Although the day had wispy clouds and a grayish blue, this blue was brilliant, happy, stunning, exciting. I kept blinking and it kept being there. Sadly I had to remove myself from the sand and the beach and when I got up to walk to the group, I looked up at the top of the sky and that blue wasn’t there anymore. I was definitely in some kind of mental euphoria that made me feel very happy. I have continued to have a better peace of the heart and soul.

It’s very cold and blustery here today. We had such a good time at the New Years dance and I so enjoyed being in Denny’s arms for 2 slow dances. I had fun dancing with girlfriends which I never do. Mike and Steph left today to get settled into their place on S Padre. Had so much fun with them as they stayed with us for 2 days.I am nestled in my recliner with blankies and binging on The Crown.  I LOVE IT!!!!




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