Yucky Bumps

28 Dec

Just home from Bingo. I actually won but had to split 3 ways out of an $8.50 pot. $3 pays me back for what I lost at Mahjong yesterday!

Productive day kind of. Did get my sewing and embroidery machines hooked up and my boxes unpacked and fabric and patterns organized. Also my last box showed up.  Yay.

Had new “Click Clack” delivered today. That’s what they call a futon here. It does make click clack sound when you unfold it.

Speaking of yucky bumps, I have some kind of break out happening on my back and I don’t know what is causing it. The only change I have made is vitamins. Denny keeps telling me I need to go to Mexico and see my dermatologist Dr. Carlos.  Talk about McDreamy!!. I am actually using some medicine cream he gave me last year but I’m not sure it is the right stuff. The bumps really hurt. YUCK!! Photo of Dr Carlos.


Now, am I being hypocritical discussing this handsome doctor and instead of talking about his handsome looks, I should be talking about what a great doctor he is and he really is! I must ponder this issue.

Denny may be coming down with the crud that is going around all around the country. He doesn’t think he is but as I hear him cough it doesn’t sound too great. I hope not because we head to Puerto Penasco next Friday for a week. Mike and Steph are coming in on Sunday for the night. We’ll celebrate our 20th anniversary and play golf and attend a New year’s eve gathering while they are here. The weather may or may not be great. It’s was really cold again today, not quite as bad as other parts, but cold for our area. I definitely did not bring enough warm clothes.

Have found my little drum and meditation info so let the meditating begin. Today I did 14 jumping jacks in slow motion and did a fast walk with puppies which got my heart rate up a little. We are watching the Fire Fighters series on Netflix. The women prisoners who are training to be fire fighters did 14 jumping jacks as their exercise so I thought why not!!

Ohhh Em Geee  Have a big issue trying to update our navigation on our jeep.  A real pain and I spent 2 hours today with no success. I will try again tomorrow and will call the customer service but it is hard to describe what I have going on. Hopefully tomorrow I can be less edgy dealing with it.

Okay, that’s it. Peace.  Thank you Billie for taking some hand warmers and feet warmers to help the outside people!! Also thank you Becky H for offering to help too.


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