Dec. 26 Brownsville

26 Dec

We have been here since Saturday, Dec. 23. Feels soo good. Still trying to calm my racing thoughts and I am sure that will happen.  I have so many things I want to do and people to see.

Today was Ladies Golf league day and it was fun to see everyone again. It was so foggy for several holes that you couldn’t see where the ball stopped. A little damp too but it felt so great to be out playing. It was an interesting round. A couple of pars, 1 birdie and then all hell broke loose. Triple bogies, double hits, in the water, yikes. Oh, well. Plenty of rounds left to play. Tomorrow is couples golf which Denny and I really enjoy. It’s just for fun and only 9 holes.

We bought a new futon divan today. Finally can get rid of this stinky black vinyl divan that came with this place. I wish my nose wasn’t so sensitive but a new divan will also sleep more company. We also have our new refrigerator delivered tomorrow. Will be very glad to have that. Hopefully we are done with major purchases.

Can’t believe that 4 of our 5 boxes of our stuff arrived today. I can’t even remember what is in them. Will unpack tomorrow. Kind of slow getting organized.

On Christmas morning I slept in due to a bad tummy night. Jumper and Bendi made it extremely difficult. It’s like having little kids yelling “Mommy mommy” when you are in a room with the door closed. First they wanted to be in bed with me, then they would want out of the room. Then Bendi was barking at the door until Denny got her to be quiet. Next, I hear a golf ball come rolling under the door, so I had to let Bendi back in. This went on a couple of times until I put the golf ball up. I finally gave up about 11 am. Bendi is happy to be here and bouncing the golf ball down the steps. Jumper is just happy.

Trying to get my mind wrapped around beginning my meditation routine, exercising, writing, etc. January is so busy that a really good routine might not happen until February. A friend stopped by and was telling me about her organic eating she is doing and how good she feels. I feel like just drinking healthy smoothies and nothing else. There was a wonderful prime rib dinner Christmas afternoon and did I pay for it. Yuck. Definitely no more red meat. Did make it to Dirty Al’s tonight for some yummy shrimp.

So…I will be blogging more. I like to write and I have missed it. When we owned the park, I felt limited on what I could talk about. The frustrations, the sadness at times, the exhaustion, but also the joys and feelings of success.

I never shared too much about the wonderful retreat I attended in California and I would like to share about the experience. I wish everyone who struggles with emotions, disappointments, sadness, decisions, etc. could attend one of these. It was so freeing for me and I will share about it in the next few posts. I am sad that the fire is still raging in the area we were staying.

Sweet Elliott story. She made paper snowflakes and passed them out to shoppers at the mall last weekend.  Love her!!!

Elliott snow

That’s it for now. Peace






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