June 4, 2017

4 Jun

It’s a nice Sunday afternoon.  I started my day by going to church. It was special because one of my girlfriends grandson was baptized.  He was so cute splashing the baptismal water with his hands. I also saw my dear friend Marilyn for the first time since her husband Bob died. We loved him so much and our special memory was when he went to Gulfport on a church mission trip and was able to do everything from plumbing to sheetrocking.

It was a perfect day for walking. I am ready to go back to my Miracle Mornings. I can’t believe how different I feel not doing that. I’m achy, lethargic, yucky feeling. I’m playing my internet games too much and wasting time that I don’t really have to waste.  We have 3 groups coming in back to back in the next week and a half. For me this means making sure I have packets ready and updated, a newsletter, plus sewing bowlholders, baking potato warmers, tortilla warmers, embroidering, etc. So chip chop chip I say to myself!!

Made a quick trip to Arkansas by way of Topeka and back. Thankfully I was able to take a roomette both ways so I didn’t feel totally run down. The train was packed both ways so let’s hope they don’t discontinue Amtrak. Interesting happening on the way home. About 6:30 am on Friday morning they were calling for medical personnel to the dining car. Wasn’t sure what was going on but it sounded serious. (Sometimes it means they are arresting someone for smoking or being disruptive or that someone is ill.) About an hour later I went to the dining car for breakfast. I sat next to the lady who actually revived the man in the dining car who had a heart attack and was DEAD!! She was calmly eating breakfast with her kids like it was no biggy! I think she did receive a free breakfast but I’m hoping she will get a free train ride!!! Wow.

She was a nurse practitioner and was very helpful to me regarding some questions about my Mom. The one thing I have got to do is put my Mom in God’s hands and let it all be. It doesn’t really matter what my input is anyway. I don’t know what all is wrong with her and all I want is her to be able to have peaceful days, sleep as much as she wants and not have the urge to go to the bathroom so much. It always takes me a few days to get emotionally back on track when I get back from seeing her. We had a good visit but almost fell to the ground trying to get her off of the commode which was horrifying. That part of helping her now is out of the picture since the facility nurse asked all of us to stop helping her with her bathroom needs. We’ll see how the next few weeks play out but each day I will put her in God’s hands.

Enjoyed seeing Billie and Gkids. We actually had a fun evening of hamburgers and playing air hockey and pool and pinball machines. Sadly Kyler’s bicycle was stolen from the pool a couple of days ago. Denny called the bike shop and bought him another right away because it is very important and good for him to have a bicycle. He also has a super strong lock so that will be impossible to cut hopefully.

Wondering why son KC isn’t talking to me. Always have to deal with that emotion during the Topeka visit. Jeez.

That’s it for now.


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