I’m a Hummingbird

7 May


The Happiness Quilt

It is a warm overcast morning. Rain due this afternoon. I’m glad because all of my sewing projects are in the cabin right now and if it rains I can hang out over there. My friend Alicia from Topeka, spent 3 days with me and we sewed for 2 days in the cabin. It was so fun and I was able to get through the hard part of my paper piecing quilt. She and I met last year in Holton, KS at a retreat. We hit it off immediately and now will be good friends. She is a lot like me, not afraid to take on new fabric and art lessons. She says we are like hummingbirds. We do a little bit here and little bit there. I like that analogy. We were able to show her the finer things of La Veta-The Dog Bar, downtown, the beautiful snow covered mountains. She met Ricky Tims and Justin, Beth and Jonathon. What’s really funny is she is trying her hand at artistic quilts and she shows me a photo of a book she uses and it was Judith Baker Montano. I go “Hello, she lives right here in La Veta and I know her”!!!  She about had a stroke. I love little serendipity things like that. Here is another one. We were purchasing some items from Ricky and were with Heather and Justin at the shop. Heather says she’s out of printer ink. I ask what kind and I tell her I have several inkjets that will work. I was able to sell all of the inkjets that I could no longer use and that is a chunk of change.

Mitzi and I traveled to Pueblo for our first scary movie of the summer and it turned out to be that Phoenix something movie. It was about possible UFO sightings 20 years ago and 3 teenagers that went missing trying to find out if it was true. Now, I guess the story is true about the sightings but not sure if it was true about the kids. It was not scary but interesting but there is a WHOLE BUNCH of scary movies coming this summer.

Hooked up with my Ginny buddy and it is always great to get reconnected with everyone in the summer again. Now that we have met so many new friends in Texas and back here, I truly do feel we have 2 homes. Now if we could just remember to stop sending our Amazon orders to Brownsville we’ll be back on track.

I’ll be a bachelorette again this week for a couple of days. Denny and John are going to Topeka to check out the Evil Knieval museum at the Historic Harley Davidson. John is from Evil’s hometown so this will be really fun for them.

I watched the “Lion” dvd this week. What an incredible India story. Loved it. It wound me up again about my mission ideas which are about to start up. Let me know if you would like to help with any of them.

  #1. I need 50 dolls, little ones and 50 little rubber balls. These will be for the Kolli Hills clinic which services a village of women and children affected by the HIV/AIDS crisis. Dr Samuels thought it would be nice to have these items for the children when they come to clinic once a month for nutrition and medication.

 #2.  We would like lipstick, eyeliner pencils to give to the mothers as a feel good gift. These will be for Kolli Hills also. You can call me at 719-989-0614 or text that too or buellsis@yahoo.com.

I hope to have a talk here at Circle the Wagons this summer about India and my missions there.  Someone asked me why India and not here in the U.S.  I do mission projects here in the U.S. but we must remember we are all part of this one world. Namakkal is a village in Southern India. Kollie HIlls is up the mountains from there, very remote. These places no one knows about. Dr. Samuels  Don Messer works hours and have for years to help these villages during the first outbreak of HIV/AIDS when it was epidemic. They and those who support these missions are now trying to help them sustain the funds for nutrition and medication which will go on forever. It is a wonderful and loving part of India. I hope you will join me in helping these villages. Maybe you can go with me with I return there.

That’s it for now. Peace and lovekollij

Kolli Hills families



3 Responses to “I’m a Hummingbird”

  1. Kit Phillips 05/07/2017 at 12:11 pm #

    Sounds like you have been having a blast with your projects and getting together with your friends. Sure like the quilt.

  2. Deb Lancaster 05/07/2017 at 7:37 pm #

    You have soooo much talent. I can barely sew a button on! I support a young lady from our church who is in India for 4 years to teach about Jesus. I will have to ask her if she has been to either of the villages you mention.

    • jbirdworldblog 05/07/2017 at 8:16 pm #

      How cool is that you know someone else who issions in India. There are so many ways to help.

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