Beautiful Wednesday

3 May

It’s a beautiful day. Feels like spring, which doesn’t happen often around here. The 20″ snow has melted, the Peaks and Sangre de Cristos are full of snow, Bendi and Jumper are back from their morning walk with Denny. We have 11 rigs in the park including a small group from Pueblo. First pancake breakfast tomorrow morning. The season has officially started. We are lucky to be in a business where we meet travelers from all over the world. An Australian couple are traveling in the country for 2 months. They also own a “caravan park” in Australia. We also have campers from Oregon, Georgia and Texas.

I’m 3 days a way from 1 month of my Miracle Morning, facial routine (where I wash my face and twice a day and apply product and maybe get rid of a couple of icky areas) and no Pepsi. It’s been an interesting experiment but I really adjusted getting up earlier than I thought I would and finally getting sleepy earlier. It does help having Zumba at 6 am twice a week. Now the challenge is for me to stay on course the next few days. My girlfriend from Topeka is coming to sew for a few days. We’ll set up in the cabin and have a little quilting retreat. Can’t wait to see her. We met at a retreat in Holton last year. She wants a little camper so she is going to stay in Yuki and see how it all feels. Our little campers are so cozy.

I want to back up to my last blog where we had a great discussion regarding sexual harassment. Wow, can you believe that all of us who commented had creepy stories. Really sad. The way my blog works is that you can actually comment on the blog and we can keep the conversation within the blog for sensitive subjects. It’s fine to comment on FB but the comment area on this blog is on the bottom of the article. The comment comes to me in an email and then once you are approved, your comment shows up on the blog.

Our friend Mona left Monday. (Remember she is wife #1). What a tremendous and giving person she is. I can’t even name all the projects she did for both of us in the 2 weeks she was here. Hopefully we will be able to repay her someday.

Friendships. They can be tricky can’t they? I have had a couple of issues crop up in the last year and still wondering the next step. Do I let it go and know one friendship is over forever or write a letter and see if it can be repaired. So much hate and anger came out of the conversation that it is a difficult decision. Still mulling it over. I’ve started a new reading called the Prayer Circle so maybe the answer will come to me from a prayer.

I’m not a deeply religious person but I do believe in prayer. I may have told this before. Four years ago my niece Juli was diagnosed with a terminal cancer. Denny and I drove to Florida and spent 3 weeks with her family to fix up their home so she would have a room to rest and recover from treatments. At that time I was on my 10th year of chronic neck pain. A week later after painting, etc. I woke up and realized that I my neck pain was gone!  I talked to Juli about it later that day.  She said she had been praying for me to relieve the pain. Guess what, that pain has never returned. That’s powerful. I do believe in heaven/ or a place where our loved ones spirits are. While holding my brother’s hand as he took his last breaths, I knew there were family members waiting for him. I have been with 5 people on their last moment and the peace in the room, the intimate last moments of knowing they can hear you, the subtle response where you know they are okay passing on. It has taken the fear of dying away from me.

That’s it for today. I’m going through my box of unfinished quilting projects to see what will be worked. Number 1 will be to prepare a quilt that will be raffled off for a donation to our local library. It is very fun and will hang in our office and sometimes at the library. Our library is so great for a small town and has so much to offer.




5 Responses to “Beautiful Wednesday”

  1. Vickie L Watson 05/03/2017 at 9:30 am #

    there was so much sexual harassment all my life, just tune them out best I can. Glad better weather there now!

  2. Roger and Judith Blais 05/03/2017 at 9:49 am #

    Jay, I so enjoy all the posts you put up on this site. Much success with your campground this summer. Peace and love to you and Denny.

  3. Maggie Fieger 05/03/2017 at 10:10 am #

    Maybe I should try your Miracle Morning! I sleep later than I ever have! I love your view on prayer and heaven. I have recently come to realize, through reading, that our prayers are always answered, just not always the way we thought

  4. Lorchrn 05/03/2017 at 11:35 am #

    If it makes you feel bad, then shake it off, even if it’s difficult, Jay. Surround yourself with the people who are good for you. Don’t waste your time again and again on negative vibes. Focus on everything that’s positive, even if that is sometimes difficult! Big hugs!

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