Sexual Harassement

26 Apr

I’m watching Law and Order:SVU.  It’s about news women being harassed in the work place. It brought and really weird memory.

I worked in the Printing field for most of my career. Camera operator, small presses, stripping (not that kind), Opti copy, graphic design. Back in 1979 I worked at this county office that had a small print shop. I was skinny and did not have these bad girls that I have now. Hence, I was a  braless girl.  I would come to work at 7 am before the other office people came in. There was this one man, he was like the vice president or something. He would walk into the room, say hi and put his arm around so that it touched my boob and then shake it!!!!!!!! WTF!!!!!!! Of course it was a very awkward and I didn’t know how to handle it. I also took the blame because I didn’t wear a bra but believe me the girls were only a 34 B.  Finally I went to my supervisor and told her what happened. She talked to the other bosses and I was told to lock the door so he couldn’t come in! Then I was ostracized and soon had to find another job. When I think about that now it makes me sick. How many other boobs did he shake and not get in trouble???

Feeling pretty lousy tonight. When I cough it hurts my head and my face feels swollen. I’m sure our crazy weather isn’t helping. 3″ of snow today and a big snow and wind storm coming our way for the weekend. I kind of like those big storm alerts. Makes me want to make pies and sew. Since everyone has cancelled for the weekend I should be able to do my cozy projects.

I have the embroidery machine all rethreaded and ready to do some sweatshirts, tee towels and vests. Now I need to thread the serger and I’ll be off and running if I don’t feel to crappy. Even little Bendi is not feeling well. She has a bad habit of picking up stuff on the ground. She may eaten way too much deer poop!

I took my first new prescription of cholesterol medicine tonight. My doctor says it is the best out there and it was cheap. Yay!

Peace and Out





3 Responses to “Sexual Harassement”

  1. Jackie 04/27/2017 at 12:07 pm #

    We’ve all got stories like this and I dont know why we continue to tolerate it for ourselves, our daughters and sisters and our friends? The most blatant for me was the creep at a Topeka fast food joint who waited until the noon rush to stand behind each of us with his crotch against our rears. We were all young and too embarrassed to do anything in front of dozens of customers. I quit after he did it to me, but we should have all raised hell immediately and out a stop to it and him.

    • jbirdworldblog 04/27/2017 at 1:24 pm #

      Absolutely. Maybe because in our era not many women in charge?

  2. Carol Reese 04/27/2017 at 5:14 pm #

    Be aware of the potential side effects of the cholesterol med. Hopefully, you won’t have any, but if you get muscle cramping or twitching in your legs (or any other side effects mentioned in the literature about it), report it to your doctor. I can’t take any of them for that reason. They’ll tell you eliminating egg yolks doesn’t help, but diet is working for me, and that’s the biggest thing I do. BTW, buying eggs and discarding the yolks is much much less expensive than buying Egg Beaters or pre-separated egg whites if you end up doing that.

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