25 Apr


Some of you may already know that I won my first People’s Choice Award for my peacock painting at the SpACE Gallery show. I was so happy, 64 years old and my first ribbon. I’ve entered many shows back in the day, but never won so this is very special. My Cuban Dancer will be the next painting I frame and hopefully enter her in a show. I will be making notecards and canvass prints of each of them if you would like to order some.
I have had 2 rooms that I have absolutely hated since we have lived here. Our bedroom and bathroom. Now they are much better with some sprucing up. Love the new floor in the bedroom and I have made new curtains and put on a new comforter. Love it. Cleaning the shower up nicely but the stuff I use is great, but makes me another candidate for mesothelioma I’m sure. It’s a natural product but whew, it makes me cough.
Have had a really good last few days. Dale and Terry arrived on Saturday. Dale will be here this summer. Terry just visiting. Mona and Denny have the park looking great with all their clean up. 2 trailer loads of limbs so far. And….it’s howling again today. Ugh.
Have had a few campers in so I’m remembering how to run the office. It’s easy how I forget. Have actually sold a few items so I’m looking forward to begin sewing this week.
Listen up. Sometimes I either read too much or I hear too much regarding certain medications. One is Prilosec and one is cholesterol statins. For me and my GERD and Esophagitis, Prilosec is like a miracle. I tell someone I take it and they go “oh no did you know that causes alzheimer’s!!”. So I think maybe I don’t need to take it everyday. Guess what, then I feel like shit and my throat all the way down burns and it’s a horrible feeling. Now I will stay on it because all of that acid that destroy my esophagus, A couple of years ago my esophagus was black. So I will stop messing around with that pill. Next, cholesterol. Don’t ask me why I quit taking it. I was eating Fiber One for breakfast every morning for about 4 months and thought that would take care of cholesterol. Guess what. My blood work is so off the charts it’s scary. My doctor was not happy at all about any of this. And….a few weeks ago I had an EKG during my hyper anxiety attack and my heart rate was so scary looking. I couldn’t catch my breath and my heart rate was 108-130, Now, I definitely will go back on another statin that is a newer one. I am already exercising and quit Pepsi, cut down on caffeine by a zillion, so hopefully in 6 weeks my EKG will be much better and I won’t have to go to a cardiologist. Lesson learned big time. Do what our doctors tell us.
Today is Tuesday and just a few finishing touches on the house. It has never been so sparkly clean. Goal will be keeping it up for the summer.
My first small group is due in this Thursday and already have one cancellation due to crappy weather. We’ll see how it plays out.
My Miracle Morning regimen is wonderful. Getting up early is much easier but still going to bed is tough. It’s been 2 ½ weeks. Yesterday I asked Denny where I slept because I was in bed, on the divan and the recliner but not sure where I ended up!!
It’s a treat to be done with some very healthy and nurturing activities before my day starts. I love that there are 4 of us and we check in with each other.
I guess that is all for now. Peace
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